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The big question is: who will be the Congress-Dalmiya compromise choice? Re-entering contention is Ranbir Singh Mahendra, a minor Congress politician, son of former Haryana chief minister Bansi Lal and old Dalmiya groupie.  ‘‘Dalmiya has offered to back Mahendra,’’ said a cricket official close to him, ‘‘arguing that since Jaitley is out, there is no reason for the Congress to back Pawar and overly politicise Board politics.  Two others names doing the rounds are Rajeev Shukla and Kamal Morarka. While Shukla is ‘‘less than keen’’, Morarka is described as ‘‘Dalmiya’s stalking horse’’. Currently BCCI vice-president, Morarka will stand if only to ensure the Dalmiya camp doesn’t go down without a fight.  Dalmiya is unwilling to accept Pawar because he is upset with Zee Telefilms’ open canv@$$ing for the Maharashtra politician. Zee’s abortive bid for the BCCI cricket rights has caused a lot of bad blood. ‘‘Zee wanted to effect a coup,’’ alleged a cricket functionary, ‘‘dividing the BCCI down the middle and unseating Dalmiya.’’  In the fog of war, it is difficult to tell perception from paranoia. Even so, politicians are taking the BCCI battle very seriously.[/b]

Chautala's son just might become the next BCCI chairman... s*cks.

To get Pawar out, Dalmiya bats with the Congress

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