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Not kidding. There is a group messaging app with the same name as the doomed Nokia gaming phone.

n-gage on the App Store
n-gage messenger - Android Apps on Google Play

n-gage is the first 360 degree Lifestyle Chat App that let’s you connect with people anytime, anywhere. Message and Video Chat with your friends and family, no matter which social app or device they use, whenever you want... from a single app!

Video or Phone Chat with anyone who uses WhatsApp, Hike, Facebook Messenger and many others with our unique cross platform functionality. Arrange 1-to-1 or group video chats with anyone regardless of whether they have n-gage. Set a date and time, and invite up to 10 friends to join!

n-gage has 10 unique privacy features! Set up a Private Area or a Private Gallery to store all your sensitive contacts, messages or images. Send password protected messages with Safe in case your friend is not using a private area. For messages that you regret sending, use Extract to retrieve them from the other device. Have fun with Blink, send messages that self destruct at receiver’s end after the time is set. Full Encryption of messages on device and in transit, Scramble your chat’s to stop people reading over your shoulder, Stop your friends from Copying, Forwarding & Emailing your messages, Disable Screenshot and even the ability to put yourself into Stealth Mode so you only reveal yourself to who you want!

With a host of personalisation features, n-gage allows you to express yourself. You can change the look and feel of your app by using App Makeover as often as you like to reflect your mood. With Chat Makeover you can set a different theme for each friend and group to express your emotions.

You can enrich your messages using other personalisation features such as n-Stickers, n-Cards, Doodle Plus, Image Plus. What’s more? You can also nudge your friends by using “Tap”.

So, don’t wait for your friends to download n-gage, Video Chat, send personalised n-Stickers, n-Cards, doodles, images or just text messages even before they join n-gage. It has never been easier.

Frustrated with constant Group messages? Find it difficult to follow the conversation?
Now you can organise your group chats according to different topics. With n-gage groups, create multiple conversations under one group. Now be a part of only those conversations you are interested in. Leave just a single conversation without leaving the whole group! You can create groups up to 300 participants.

n-gage is more than just an app, it’s your lifetime companion. Download and n-gage with your friends and family now.


The video showcasing the features actually gave me a headache.

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