MTNL 3G connection problem


Just purchased a new MTNL sim card yesterday (3G activated) and have topped up with a data plan of 9 gb for a month. We mostly use this sim in a 3g modem/router (so called MiFi). On the first day, the 3G was working fine but today, it just wouldn't connect, neither in 3G mode or in GPRS mode. The device when used as a modem is connected to the PC via a USB cable and can connect to the net via its software. The connection settings are taken as per the MTNL website. Even when used as a router it won't connect to the internet on any device.
It worked briefly in the morning for half an hour though. I put the sim in my mobile phone to check and saw that i had the same problem. 3g and GPRS wouldn't work. All the settings were correct.
The problem still persists. Thought I'd ask here to see if anyone else faced the problem before putting a complaint on the mtnl website.