I have raised more than 10 compliants on their grievance page/ helpline/ local gst office email id.. They are closing compliants after giving incomplete/ irrelevant replies...

It is very difficult to reconcile..... They do not share data with us and it is not possible to check every bill with every vendor about their filing date.

Very bad design and even poor implementation.


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About 3-4 months back my complaint was not resolved either. They kept on giving same response even if I sent many screenshots proving them wrong that their reconcilation has error / mistake.

But then I got lucky and they extended the due date. Then I didnt follow up.

And when this time due date came close.. I thought ok lets file even if data they are showing is wrong and pay 5000Rs out of my pocket.

But bingo...when I checked return again they had reconciled the data properly and my problem was resolved on its own.

So definitely there was a bug in their system but the customer care had no idea and the new update that they must have launched resolved the issue for me.


GST Council meet key takeaways: Tax sops for hospitality industry - The Economic Times
  1. GST Council approves proposal to hike rates on caffeinated drinks from 18% to 28%, plus additional 12 % compensation cess. Aerated drinks shall no longer be under compensation scheme.
  2. Council approves proposal to cut rates on hotel tariffs. Rooms with tariff Rs 7,500 and above will now be taxed at 18%. Prior to the cut, the GST rate on this category was 28%. GST on rooms with tariff between Rs 1001 and Rs 7,500 now stands at 12%. No GST on tariffs upto Rs 1,000.
  3. GST on cups, plates made from flower, leaves and bio-friendly material has been reduced to zero from 5%.
  4. GST on goods under Chapter 12 which includes supplies to railways has been hiked to 12% from 5%. This is without refund on the accumulated input tax credit (ITC).
  5. Compensation cess on petrol motor vehicles with 10-13 person capacity reduced to 1%, while on diesel vehicles it has been reduced to 3%. Before the cut, the compensation cess was at 15 per cent.
  6. GST on marine fuel cut to 5% vs 18% earlier.
  7. Uniform rate of 12% on woven / non-woven polyethylene bags.
  8. Exemption from GST/iGST is being given on import of specified defence goods not being manufactured indigenously, it's being extended only up to 2024. Supply of goods and services to FIFA & other specified persons also exempted for Under-17 Women's World Cup in India.

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