How to get rid of Reliance NetConnect+

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I got my reliance netconnect+ postpaid connection terminated by August 2015 and have not been actively using it. Since then for about two times I have got postpaid bill message to my Registered No and every time I go to Reliance Web Store I get the response saying the connection was active and hence I have to pay to get terminated even while the connection status was shown as terminated in the effing reliance application of the reliance webstore. I got fed up and choked 2100 INR since last two months just to terminate the "Terminated" account. The Web store guy last month took from me a letter in written regarding my termination with all the GSM Number, address and blah blah details and gave me a bill printout confirming from next month on i.e., this month, I will not get the bill and as expected I got the message this month again to pay bill for 711 INR for the month of October. How to resolve my woes from here on? Shall I skip the bill payment from here on and upon crossing of the due date the shitty bill starts to pile up or go back again and beg the Reliance web store guys not to bill me and get some kind of closure document saying connection is terminated. The Name "Reliance" to me now has started to sound like effing irony after my experience.


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if you have done your stuff of proper termination then why care to pay bill again. let them, you have the proof. they ll do it again for free money and Reliance is known for that.
register yourself here with your pospaid dongle connection details. You could see the status. If the connection is still active. Chat with the cc from the portal itself. A ticket should be opened against your complaint, and should be closed within 3 days. You may also verify the status of your complaint after three days.

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I had the reliance netconnect+, visited their outlet to get the dongle and for the activation. Once it was done, registered in their portal and done everything via that. Opted for ebills, paid the same online, requested termination in 3 months via chat and was promptly closed in 2 days (Just got a call asking the reason for termination).