How to bridge the following connections and other questions ! Pls help

I have
1. BSNL EVDO 750/- UL plan Speed - 1.8 Mbs constant
2. Reliance 3G 197/- 30 GB plan Speed - 4 - 14 Mbps ( Miniumum in evening )
I had bridged the following connections (mine brother did for me)
Basically he did EVDO Modem + wifi router ---> Repeater wifi ---> connected to me via wifi
Other 3g wifi router ---> repeater ----> Connected to me via ethernet

Note --> I used repeater because i don't good speed's indoor , so modems are present in terrace .

But now I recently got another Cdma Rev b sim Maharastra circle sim .
3. Reliance CDMA 149 /- 30GB Speed - 1- 4Mbps in day and 6-7 Mbps in Mid-night
I have a Mts Rev b unlocked modem.

So , basically I want to bridge all the above connections without any further investment .
These are the devices which I have
Sierra 595U - BSNL EVDO Connected to Tenda D303 wifi router cum modem. then connected to repeater ( Binatone wifi router in Repeater mode )
ZTE MF 70 - Reliance 3g Connected to Reapeter ( Binatone Wifi router in repeater )
MTS Huawei EC306 - Reliance CDMA Connected to TP-Link MR 3420
Spare devices available
Bsnl Teracom wifi router cum modem

What I am thinking to do
I want to use BSNL teracom router as bridge but i am sort of one repeater ( because bridging requires all routers to be near to each other as we need to connect all the router to bridge via ether cable).
Q1. Is their any way that i could bridge all the connections in repeater itself the retrasmit all bridged connections via wifi .
Q2. Is their any way by which I could control the bandwidth coming from each router because only evdo is truely ulimited .

What speed I could expect if i bridge all these connections
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