den boomband 72 hours of downtime n counting


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If you can live with more than 72 hours of downtime then be happy to choose den boomband. Its not been more than 20 days of connection and I am facing this problem. The 100 Mbps wont work as you wont have any connectivity and the technical team will work from morning till evening and your connection will not be rectified even when they would give you a TAT of 5 hours. The technician will stop attending your calls as he has no idea what to do and after 6 pm he will start picking up ur call saying we are finished for the day and your problem will be resolved tomorrow morning positively and the same routine will start next day.

The CC is the worst bit, they will droll out the routine words which they have memorised, they will start with english and finish up with hindi as they cant even form a sentence in english leave aside speak in english. The supervisor will always be busy and if you get to hackle the executive to transfer your call, then you can hold a call for even 1 hour.

I have emailed their senior management but they seem to be least bothered, so if you want to get through this ordeal get DEN BOOMBAND for your home.


So, there is no difference between Hathway and Den. Both are pretty useless when it comes to customer support and unreliable connection.