Chevrolet Aveo in India from General Motors


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GM has had an interesting ride in the Indian market. They came in through the Opel brand with the fantastic Astra. It was followed by Corsa and its variants. In the later days, the company found little volume so they introduced the famous Chevy brand in the form of Chevrolet Forrester. It was followed by Chevrolet Tavera and Optra and now the latest news in is that they might be considering bringing in the hatch and saloon versions of the Chevy Aveo to the Indian market!

A lot of it is based on their buying the Daewoo brand, which sold the awesome Matiz car in the Indian market. It gave GM access to many potential best selling vehicles to the American automotive giant which are optimized for the Asian markets. Indian auto magazines have reportedly received a lot of scoop shots of the Chevy Aveo being tested on the Indian roads and a 2006 launch is quite a possibility.

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