Blinded by Chaos


I guess we all read the news papers everyday. we are all then familiar with scams, murders, rapes and what not. is this desensitising us. are we getting blind. lets take the mill fires for example. so many shut down mills mysterioulsy burn down in rapid succession. everyone knows tht. but no one really cares. who benefits... no one really cares. the mills are then ceremoniously sold to high bidders and its scrap is sold too, what the workers get is diddly squat in the name of compensation and wages that were supposed to be in their pockets and bank acounts since half a century. are we actually that stupid. broadband companies loot us in 'broad'daylight (read sify), extortionists run rampant. local corporators and mla's spend more money on butt kissing gigantic hoardings rather than the road that we use. rapists turn turtle and blame the victims for alluring them... sheesh. is there a solution... its high time we start looking.-- whacked a rickshaw driver the other day because he bumped a middle aged lady and had the cheek to come out of the rickshaw to check the damage it took. a kick in the shin and a blow to the back of his ear put him back in and on his way. a coupla other drivers saw his and apprehended me. i now have a police complaint lodged in andher (e) and the cops refuse to hear my case because of the union. well i have ome political clout too and am gonna use it. first hearing is on the 28th of june. any comments appreciated. was it the right thing to do!?? i dont know... it dosent feel bad tho! :unsure:


hmmm maybe what you did was right man.. :D your case ya the rick driver was at fault.... but then so many times you see people crossing roads as if it belongs to their family.. and if they meet with an accident the drive is beaten up and arrested .. why?? cause the victim was careless enough to cross the road even when there were vechiles coming.. sheeessh.... anyways.. about the other stuff.. .. people here are voice thier opinions as individuals... i would talk some sense, you would, someone else would. and later on we`d forget this thread ... we need a collective voice. a voice of the for eg.. what happened in mumbai proved the pathetic attidude of the gov towards civic welfare.. everyone`s angry, frustrated.. dissatisfied.. and eveyrone has an opinion..but the problem is its not collective.. its not in ful force which would put pressure on the gov.. to do something.. you can take the example of alm`s.. there are few and far between but they are making a diff .. its time people stand up collectively. otherwise the situation is not gonna change....i do remember when there were floods when i was a litte kid... that time my parents brought me home from schoool.. on tuesday i came home on my own.. except that fact, nothing else has changed :( .. its high time now though..