Tata Docomo is Cheating me, maybe more people too

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Tata Photon Max
This is the email i sent to them. please have a read so you will know what they doing to their customers.

"Hello im back again with same issue. guess what? i found that tata photon is cheating me with proof. im using tata photon max 30gb plan. during may my connection speed is capped to 500kbps, i complained about it and got no help from you guys. all you guys told me was its because of increased number of customer in my area. i know this is not true because i have tested another tata photon dongle in same room multiple times, in which it gave over 2mbps speed at that time. so i figured that you guys capped my speed because my family use internet almost all the time so it creates network conjuction.

After that i decided to leave tata to some other provider, but i decided to try one old trick to restore my speed. i just stopped paying that month bill, then my connection was barred. i paid the bill then magically my connection speed got restored to 4mbps. for over a month till an hr ago before my connection gets barred i was getting not more than 500kbps but suddenly after 1hr paying the bill i got my normal speed, sounds like fairy tale right? but its not, these are the proof i found that you guys cheating me. Then again i thought it dont happen again and continued to use the dongle. it went smooth for 1 and half month, but now again you guys capped speed to 500kbps, i also tested other device in my room again which gave over 3mbps speed all the time. this time im not going to do the same trick again. if my speed in not restored to normal, im moving to airtel 4G."

p.s. im not even half way to my 30gb data, before anyone thinking of that.
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