Locked out of DSL modem (messed up ACL configuration) - HARD REBOOT


Hi guys,

Wish to share my experience with a messed up configuration of my UTSTARCOM WA3002-g1 Wireless DSL modem.

I was tinkering with the WiFi settings, when I accidentally deleted these ACL (Access Control Listing) entries :

Index Active Secure IP Address Application Interface 1Yes0.0.0.0ALLLAN2Yes0.0.0.0WebWAN
This locked me out of the modem configuration.
Now I could just surf the web but could do no more with the modem.

The problem was solved after hours of googling, when I stumbled upon the following line in a pdf on MTNL website for another modem from UTSTARCOM, (http://mumbai.mtnl.net.in/triband/htm/utstarusrguide1.0.pdf) :
Question: How to load the default setting after incorrect configuration?

Press Reset button and holds around 15s to load the default configuration.

The modem’s default IP address:

The default user name and password for WA 3002-g1 is admin/admin.

After this exercise, the modem reset itself completely and I could log into the modem successfully again. (using