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    My Docomo 2 Mbps - FUP - 512 Kbps connection never resets!

    It's so awesome. That plan costs around 1200 including taxes and I've downloaded upwards of 200 GB for several months and still get a respectable 200-220 Kbps speed. I was forced to opt for Docomo after BSNL refused to give a single shit about fixing my connection. Talk about customer friendly...
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    1.6 MBPS speed on 2 MBPS plan

    Is this normal? According to the technician it certainly is but is it the same for everyone else using the 2 MBPS (512 KBPS post FUP) Tata Docomo Broadband plan?
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    Can't access DD-WRT interface

    This is not a case of a bad flash because I flashed my router months ago and it worked fine until today when I changed the modem connected to the router. Here's what I've tried so far: 30-30-30 reset Powered off the router for a few minutes. Connected the router to a different machine...
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    What to do when the DSL light is off?

    So for a week now, I've been unable to access the internet because the DSL light is off (not blinking). This has happened before and usually comes back on when a lineman comes to my premises and fixes it. Does anyone know the procedure to fix it? Is it because a loose cable or something that I...
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    New month but speed still 512 KBPS instead of 1 MBPS (on Home Combo 800)

    I'm still getting the post FUP speeds of 512. Tried restarting the modem but that didn't work either. Anyone else having this problem?
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    Wifi Dongle now available for Rs. 300

    Just got an alert saying the dongle is now priced at 300. Interesting findings from the FAQ page ( >As an introductory offer, from 1 June to 15 June, USB Wi-Fi Dongles will be sold at Rs 100. But from 16 June, the price will revert to Rs 300. :sad: >The...