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    Delhivery News, Updates & User Experiences

    I'm satisfied with Delhivery. Ordered from healthkart on thursday night, product reached me on saturday afternoon.
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    Is Tata Indicom Broadband Good for O9 Gaming ?

    I googled O9 gaming thinking its some Indian clan, or famous Indian server. But holy shit, you meant O9 as in Online. Possibly the worst abbreviation/chat slang.
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    Narendra Modi is the new Prime Minister of India

    Comparing sex with animals to gays. Lol
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    Is Airtel International gateway down?

    Yeah, my airtel connection has been acting weird couple of days too. Couldn't connect to servers on haxball, facebook won't work properly etc. Today the same happened but it was cuz of usage of Google Public DNS, I shifted to automatic dns and it worked fine.
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    Liquor to compensate for low power tariffs in Delhi

    Holy crap ! 600 for Royal Stag? It costs like 200 here and it's the worst one. lol
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    Liquor to compensate for low power tariffs in Delhi

    Seems right to me. next step, legalize marijuana! :)
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    Airtel Broadband likely to soon offer 512kbps post FUP on all plans

    I'm getting 512kbps here in Chandigarh, post-fup. Seems like they've updated the Punjab region. :D
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    Fivenet: Major problems accessing the web