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  1. jakas

    Hero Recharge - Upto 20 GB means???

    saw this on vodaphones prepaid recharge page dont understand it all :(
  2. jakas

    How to convert Vodafone Postpaid back to Prepaid?

    Do they VODAfONE do it easily or is it a big hassle ?
  3. jakas

    Safe custody max 6 months or 1 year ?

    His safe custody for postpaid at a max of 6 months or 1 year ? All operators say 6 months but vodaphone site says 1 year Rs. 50 pm + 12.36 % service tax If anyone knows please let me know.
  4. jakas

    Airtel 3g in Maharashtra and Goa ?

    Does it work ? I have a prepaid sim but 3g not recharged just using it as a normal sim to call and text. I could do a 3g recharge if I know it works in Pune and Goa
  5. jakas

    Can I port from Reliance Pune to Vodafone Goa?

    Reliance number of Pune can I port that to Vodafone goa ? Or do I have to do it in pune? Note: Its the same circle
  6. jakas

    Is TATA photon plus 2g or 3g ?

    My device TPP ( tata photon plus ) is 2 years old is it 3g or 2g ? Do I need to upgrade it to another stick to get 3g ??
  7. jakas

    Tata docomo live support works

    Tata DOCOMO Chat Just tried it as needed puk code and it works so hope this helps someone
  8. jakas

    Tranfer of ownership

    My prepaid connection is not on my name . I would like to have it on my name. How do I go about doing it ?Thanks
  9. jakas

    How To Check Balance on Airtel Mobile Prepaid Connection

    Yes how to check sim prepaid balance.I have forgotton the number #..... or whateverThanks
  10. jakas

    Airtel Mobile PREPAID FOR NRI Suggestions needed

    I got an airtel prepaid in December last year valid for 1 year, went out of India and came back again in Feb 2007 and recharged it.Now I will visit again in September and again recharge it.But after this visit I wont visit for a year I want to keep same number so I can recharge it in september...