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    post your latencies/speed

    this is a survey post your latency,download,upload speed results do your tests only from - The Global Broadband Speed Test note:tests should be done from singapore server goes mine post your package details also mine is 384kbps unlimited Rs699 per month prepaid service...
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    speed problem

    i am facing speed problems after i got my modem changed from MT841 TO SIEMENS C2110 TYPE1 as my previous modem had gone faulty after a electric current speed is please help me.what should i do.the line man says that my telephone line is pc is also ok.then what could be the...
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    today is the meeting about ul plans

    my friend talked with JPSINGH again he told that the meeting for speed increase of unlimited plans has been fixed on 1st june 2007.he also assured that finally a decision will be taken.:yahoo:
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    What Is The Salary Of Cmd?

    i want to know what is the salary of cmd bsnl MR A.K SINHA.can anyone tell me?just for query.because he dose not do his job properly.itne din to uske pithme maran ne chabuk mara tha isi liye broadband aya aur 2mbps bhi laya.
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    why cant bsnl provide these speeds?

    being such a vast company why bsnl is selfish of speed see this is 384kbps unlimited for Rs699 ONLY and heres BSNL unlimted for Rs900 i am asking the question again why this injustice?i am not promoting alliance i want to know the answer why bsnl is cheating us.
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    does anyone have courage to ....

    this is the office telephone no of CMD BSNL MR A.K SINHA Location: New Delhi, India (+91-11-Tel No.) Phone (Office) 23372424 DOES ANYONE HAVE THE COURAGE TO RING HIM AND TELL HIM ABOUT THE INJUSTICE DONE TO THE UNLIMITED PLAN HOLDERS AND...
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    BSNL users to get IPTV service soon

    The users of Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd (BSNL) broadband in the twin cities will soon get Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) over phone lines. The new services are slated to commence on May 17, the World Telephone Day. "Using Asynchronomous Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) - two plus...
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    Sigma Broadband Proposed Tarrifs

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    tarrifs updated

    Alliance Broadband Services Pvt. Ltd. check and see how LNSB[LAHORE NIGAM SANCHAR BHABAN]MATLAB BSNL is looting us
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    superfast speed at unbelievable rate

    alliance broadband is now offering 384kbps unlimited for rs699/month the speed test results are what do you guys say now? this is true news now does anyone has an answer to this?now i have proven bsnl the no 1 cheater the speeds are constant using my brothers account 384kbps unlimited...