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    Safe Custody possible on Fiber?

    Since my net is coming and going since last week. I want to try the Safe Custody (waiting for JioFiber), went to exchange but they said safe custody not allowed in Fiber. Only plans available in portal are allowed. Are they lying?
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    Link is on but no connectivity...

    This started 1 week ago, net was going down for few minutes then connect again automatically. I've EchoLife HG850a but no page to find the power settings which everyone check. Is there any chance of low power for disconnection or any other reason? Please suggest what should I do, no internet...
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    ONT Suggestion - Current Device EchoLife:HG850a

    LCO don't know anything, current device is Huawei EchoLife HG850a. Product Name: GPON Terminal (written behind device) Please suggest so that I can return BSNL one and use my own. After buying, can anyone please help in configuring the new ONT? TIA
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    How to change IP in FTTH?

    I have restarted ONT 4 times but same IP, why? How can I have different IP each time I restart ONT.
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    Budget ONT?

    Want to save on ONT monthly rental, can someone please recommend me a good ONT and how can I use it? Do I need to take that in BSNL office for configuration? 1 Telephone port would be great, I have separate WiFi Router. Thanks
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    Landline/Instrument Charges? Instrument was free?

    Hi everyone, When you got FTTH, how much did you pay for Telephone instrument? Was it free? How much are the final charges for plan 777? Minimum FMC broadband plan available on Fiber is?
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    BSNL FTTH Initial Charges?

    @mayank yadav Bro please tell me step by step procedure to get BSNL FTTH. What are the charges? LCO told I need to pay for the Fiber line where long it is. 10 homes away :( How to get BSNL. Minimum FTTH plan is 491?
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    [HELP] You have exhausted your Account Balance/Credit Limit - Old user

    I have been using JIO since long time, yesterday I got this error and since then I can't use internet. Please help me what to do. I called customer care and they told to change sim slot but it also didn't helped. Helppppppppp
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    Are you going to use Reliance Jio after FREE Trial?

    I will only use till trial expires. It was very good that BSNL announced 1Mbps after FUP before JIO launch. If JIO launched earlier then I don't think they would have offered 1 Mbps post FUP. Full crap, everyone will only use 149 plan for their calls need. So basically they are saying "we only...
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    Have Lyf Mobile, How to get another free JIO SIM?

    My subscription is going to end in 1 week & they did not extended my trial so I need a new sim. Can anyone please help me, can I activate new sim in second IMEI or any trick to get and activate.