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    My Docomo 2 Mbps - FUP - 512 Kbps connection never resets!

    It's so awesome. That plan costs around 1200 including taxes and I've downloaded upwards of 200 GB for several months and still get a respectable 200-220 Kbps speed. I was forced to opt for Docomo after BSNL refused to give a single shit about fixing my connection. Talk about customer friendly...
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    Tata Docomo Broadband in Pune

    I have the same plan. It's been great so far. No downtimes, or maybe just one and that too probably because I was hogging the entire bandwidth for quite a long duration. If there are existing Docomo broadband customers around you, ask the guy for free installation. That's how I got it done :)...
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    Static IP improves service drastically

    Would getting a Static IP improve connection provided by other ISPs?
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    1.6 MBPS speed on 2 MBPS plan

    Update: I shot off a mail to Tata to increase the downstream line rate. Got a reply from them saying that they will send an engineer to my place to take care of the request. Now I'm wondering how do I explain what needs to be done to the engineer. I'm not sure if would understand all this...
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    Delhivery News, Updates & User Experiences

    Technically, you aren't allowed to open the package before payment. Maybe some do allow it, but I don't think Snapdeal does and definitely not on COD. You can only check for damage from the outside (look for any dents, scrapes on the package). You can also check if the tape is broken. If it is...
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    1.6 MBPS speed on 2 MBPS plan

    Damn. Does this mean that after I across the FUP, the speed would be similary lesser than 512 kbps?
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    1.6 MBPS speed on 2 MBPS plan

    Downstream Upstream SNR Margin : 22.9 9.5 db Line Attenuation : 7.5 1.5 db Data Rate : 2048 1018 kbps Attainable Rate : 12720 1056 kbps CRC : 0 53 Is it good?
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    1.6 MBPS speed on 2 MBPS plan

    Is this normal? According to the technician it certainly is but is it the same for everyone else using the 2 MBPS (512 KBPS post FUP) Tata Docomo Broadband plan?
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    Can't access DD-WRT interface

    This is not a case of a bad flash because I flashed my router months ago and it worked fine until today when I changed the modem connected to the router. Here's what I've tried so far: 30-30-30 reset Powered off the router for a few minutes. Connected the router to a different machine...
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    What to do when the DSL light is off?

    Yes, the phone has a dial tone. I checked the distribution box too but had no idea what to do. It's just a sequentially numbered grid of some sort with wires twirling all around it.