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  1. kramkumar

    How is battery life on your phone running on Reliance Jio compared to your previous operator?

    I am using Jio sim in Redmi Note 3, I don't find any battery drain issue.
  2. kramkumar

    Reliance Jio has extended the Preview offer to all 4G Phones

    I got the sim on 22nd of this month. But till date I did not receive any message. I personally visited Reliance digital two times, but no use.
  3. kramkumar

    Chrooma Keyboard

  4. kramkumar

    Chrooma Keyboard

    My Infocus M530 says this version of the application is not compatible.
  5. kramkumar

    Broadband Surprises with Airtel (Free upgrades for everyone)

    I got 30 GB more on my 8 Mbps / 40 GB plan
  6. kramkumar

    Windows 10

    Installed Windows 10, I do not find any major changes.
  7. kramkumar

    Lenovo A6000

    I have one in my cart. Anyone need it ?
  8. kramkumar

    Lenovo A6000

    I got this phone delivered today. Did not test the functions, I will use it as a spare phone. Looks good, light weight. I am currently using Panasonic P81, another light weight phone.
  9. kramkumar

    Xiaomi Redmi Note

    Redmi Note available without any registration now.
  10. kramkumar

    Xiaomi Redmi 1S

    Delivery confirmation received. Will send you the invoice today