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    do not allow the user to install applications

    another thing you can check is steadystate from microsoft: Windows SteadyState - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Windows SteadyState
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    Default gateway ip of Huwaei modem changed

    go to control panel->network connections and right-click the lan properties and then tcp/ip set it obtain ip address and dns server address automatically.see if this works..
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    problem with multi-user

    you're welcome..
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    problem with multi-user

    try changing the wpa group rekey interval to 0.(refer to wireless 2 screenshot)
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    need help for sharing files between wifi and lan connected systems of same modem...

    since you're using vista open network and sharing center and enable: discovery 2.file sharing 3.allow pcs over the network to view filesand turn off password protected sharing. once this is done enable sharing in the folders.make sure that all the pcs are on the same workgroup and then...
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    How to prevent your PEN drive from VIRUS

    thanks robdale.i'm doin this on my pen drive now.
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    partitions on windows xp problem

    if that does not work use a partitioning tool like easeus partition manager.
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    How the speed variation

    true the speed varies too much.even they admit it when they give a range starting from 256 kbps to 2 mbps:hysterical:
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    System Restore

    that's why i'm it possible?
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    System Restore

    is there any way to recover a system recover point that has been deleted.i want to restore my pc to how it was a month please?