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    TATA to tatasky

    After days of complaining to TS about not receiving signal, the issue has n't been address yet, so i need a good DTH currently i am looking at airtel , i have a sony hx925 55 inch tv to suggest accordingly. Thanks.
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    TS account confusion.

    Hello,Is there some offer going on for TS? recently i have been credited with 200 then again 200 Rupees? or am i missing something?Thanks.
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    Tata Sky DTH: Interview of the CEO Vikram Kaushik

    Guys, watch the interview of the CEO on channel no 100, the CEO says TS will try to launch HD channel before Commonwealth games, so many be sports channel will be expected to go HD soon. time to buy a new HD tv :)
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    TS+ Software upgrade!

    Got software upgrade this morning, the banner has been bloated unnecessarily nearly half of the screen :(, any way it is for 2 sec...
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    Tata Sky DTH: Disappareance of channel at night?

    Has any one noticed almost half of the channels disappear around 1.30 am, flashing "set top box not receiving signal" but during morning all channel are present, it is me or happening with all you.Thanks you
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    Tata Sky Plus DTH Reset and format?

    Hello, how can i find the option of resetting the box and formatting the hard disk i am unable to find that options..Thanks.
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    Tata sky plu STB

    I just got install tata sky plus STB, a week back, i am seeing some fine diagonal black lines, which are more visible between switching channel, any one experiencing this? may be my STB is faulty.Thanks.
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    tata sky plus set top box fan not spinning problem

    i have just bought TS+ stb, i see a fan at the rear, the problem is it is not spinning? my guess there is some thermostat control, does any one here have the same problem? does the fan on the rear of your TS+ STB spin?Thanks.
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    TATA sky help!!

    Hello, i am from mumbai it is raining heavily in mumbai from 4pm, so i have virtually lost connection from TATA sky, but occasionally when the rain stop i only receive few channels like discover, fox...any solution for this?please thanks.
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    What should i do?

    i am tired of this D link 502t it served me well for 3.5 year, and this april problem is really taking a toll on it, so i have decided to change this modem, so what should i do? should i apply to mtnl to change it? and which modem is MTNL suppyling now? or i should get a modem from outside...