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  1. invisible007

    can i apply for broadband plan on FTTH connection

    currently using FTTH 849 plan can i change it to broadband 299 or 399 on same ftth connection ? is that possible ?
  2. invisible007

    How to check Routing and Data usage ?

    as the title says kindly tell me how to check my daily Fiber Data usage .. any link plus i also want to know my routing .... my ip starts from 59.194.xx.xx iam on 777 plan.. what about urs ?
  3. invisible007

    Configuring VOiP settings for Uniway Router

    Installed a new Fibre connection with 777 rs Plan back 3 months , but forgot that guy to ask about calling facility , although i dont have an IP phone , is there any way to use calling / VOIP . Model name - Uniway UW- 301 VPW
  4. invisible007

    Is happy browsing working in FTTH 777 plan ?

    Are they giving happy browsing for 777 FTTH plan ....
  5. invisible007

    Lets get together and Tweet to BSNL for increasing FUP ...

    Guys u all know that recently BSNL changed the Broadband 249 Plan to 299 rs and applied 1.5gb /day FUP which seems injustice to us..:mad: whats the point of choosing 1.5gb /day in 300rs +GST , we can opt for 99 plan or 199 plan also .. :confused: This daily limit of 1.5gb per day is just...
  6. invisible007

    How to get more upload speed in Bsnl Broadband ?

    Friends iam using Bsnl 249 plan and get 8mbps in downloading but uploading speed is just 0.50 mbps.. How can i get it increased to 4-5 mbps .. ( i knw in Adsl it is not possible) But is there any way like Leased line to get more upload speeds , bcoz in my city fibre is not available.. Finally i...
  7. invisible007

    BSNL changed Service Name for Broadband Plans

    Earlier It showed something like BBG _Combo_UL_8Mbps_5G for 249 plan now they changed it to .... Check Yours .
  8. invisible007

    Downstream rate not stable

    Guys from yesterday iam seeing that my Downstream rates are not stable , earlier it was 8110 , and from yesterday its always changing 2650 or 5555 ... so i get less download speeds ... why this is happening ?? Is this problem from my nearby BSNL exchange ...
  9. invisible007

    Error while adding account on Selfcare Portal (help needed) :(

    Getting same error from past 2 months , When i click on add account and enter details it says - No such Customer is registered with us . ! Note - All the details iam entering here like Customer ID and account number are correct and i have verified them many times with BSNL care ... BSNL...
  10. invisible007

    What pings are you getting on BSNL Broadband?

    Kindly share your screenshot guys . Here is mine ............... This is the Ping i generally get ,during evening time it get increased to 100 . Plan - 249 Rs. Do mention your plan u r using ..