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    Online gamer and Heavy downloader switching to Tikona from Airtel - Advise needed

    Hi All, I am from Bangalore and have been a customer of Airtel for so many years now and have been mainly using it for online gaming and heavy downloading along with browsing. Ever since FUP was introduced I started my dislike for Airtel as it started to affect my download requirements. I need...
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    Can i use 2G pack under 3G speed?

    You might be on a zero rental 3G plan where you are charged as per usage. Check with CC.
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    3G data not valid in 2G network?

    Anyway, to answer your question, when your phone can only achieve EDGE (2G) speeds due to their 3G coverage not being available in that location, your data will still be counted as per the plan, so long as you're not roaming. The only difference is that instead of being relatively nice and...
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    3G data not valid in 2G network?

    99 views and no replies?
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    3G data not valid in 2G network?

    I was about to activate 375Rs 500MB 3G data plan. But I learnt from CC that plan data usage is counted against 500MB only when using 3g network. When using 2G network the data usage is charged at 10p/kb. This is ridiculous. Vodafone doesn't have 3G in all places and indoors the 3G signal is...
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    HD DVR recording issues with HD content

    Hi, I am a HD DVR user. Whenever I record HD content or pause live TV and playback them the Voice stutters and so is the video. SD content recording also faces the same issue but a lot less. Any other DVR users can post the experience here with recording? Regards, Sateesh. ---------- I am...
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    New d2h HD DVR user.. Few doubts

    Hi,I just recently got installed d2h HD DVR connection. Have few queries.1. How do I know that my STB is MPEG4 version?2. I am not getting surround sound (DD/DTS) in any channel. Not even in HD channels. I have connected the STB to my HT using SPDIF connection. I only get stereo in all channels...
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    BSNL 3G sim bought in Bangalore does not work in Gujarat

    what is meant by 256/128K sim?
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    What do I need for a new BSNL 3G sim connection?

    awesome. thanks dude. what is FRC? full recharge card? First Recharge Coupon. :: BSNL 3G :: Prepaid also I am guessing BSNL uses UMTS 2100mHz for 3G frequency? Yes you select UMTS option in your handset. Most 3g handsets supports superior network speeds which is HSDPA also known as 3.5G. I...