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    price of keypad membrane

    LAST year mere i ball keyboard ki kuj keys work nhi krti thi to mai care centre gaya to unhone keyboard open kiya aur ek rubber pad change kardiya. unhone use memorance kaha tha. now again kuj keys work nhi ker rhi aur ab meri warranty bhi khatam ho gyi hai. kisi ko pata haius paad ko exact kya...
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    IN RESIDENT EVIL3 GAME, I FILLED space with equipment like (lighter, knife, S.T.A.R.S card, ink ribbon......) now i have to pick S.T.R.A.S key to open next but i can't pick when i try msg come u cant carry more items. help me how can i pick or how can i leave non use items
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    Can we rewrite on writable CDs?

    my question was not that can we write on rewriteable cd again, question was can we write on readonly cd agian or not. answer is no. thanks for all. i have so many waste cd and dvd. so just i ask that can we write on readonly cd again or not.
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    Can we rewrite on writable CDs?

    CAN WE edit or delete data(like we did on rewriteable cd or dvd) from only recordable cd/dvd. may be by changing cd/dvd permissions, by login as administrator . it can happen or not????
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    Best Antivirus Application - Suite

    well he also said that he has patched it up properly and shit like that. but his attitude is not really going to help him on this forum. U WITRE in earlier post in dis therad MSE and PANDA CLOUD are best and are very high rated freeware antivirus. MSE is totaly freeware and is too gud and i...
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    Free sms site for long sms

    Any instant messenger should work fine on mobile internet :-\ you can also try apps like Whatsapp. WHATSAPP is for mobiles is it work on pc bcoz i use net on pc not in mobile. i hav lava usb broadband stick in which i insert bsnl sim and access net and speed of net is 15 kb to 30 kb
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    Free sms site for long sms

    here is the thing. this question has been asked several times before so you can search and find already suggested services. sms services are disappearing largely because they do not work on dnd numbers. and the remaining ones like to add an advertisement at the end of the message. you are...
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    Free sms site for long sms

    WOW everyone suffer from same disease like i. out of 106 vistors no one knows about any sms site
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    Free sms site for long sms

    i m finding sms site from which i can send at least '200 character sms' to my friends but i did not find a single one. i was used site2sms who support 220 chractrs but now they reduced from 220 to 145 chrctrs. so i decide to find new but cant. from last few days i search many sites on net but...
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    GPRS pack Rs.98/- reivsed to 1.25GB

    rs.98 for 3gb data in bsnl ye kon see jamaane ka offer bataya hai aapne and in vich state. 98 me 2g data nhi milta 1.25 GB and u r talking about 3g