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    Regarding Tata Indicom's Plans

    Hullo, I currently have Vodafone as my Cell Phone Provider but their ISD Rates are very expensive specially when calling the United States or Canada from my cell phone. It is 6.40/Minute. Does Tata have any economical plans with regard to ISD Rates in particular ???? Will i be charged when i...
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    I need Positive Feedback ASAP on You Telecom in the Western Suburbs specially in Bandra West Mumbai

    Dear Friends, Good Afternoon. Please give me "ONLY POSITIVE FEEDBACK ABOUT YOU TELECOM IN BANDRA WEST, MUMBAI. I would like to change to You Telecom asap. I have tried two Broadband Providers throughout 2007 and 2008 with disastrous results and high bills to make matters worse. Can anyone tell...
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    How do i install windows xp on a compaq pc with freedos ??

    Dear Friends, Please Help me as I would like to know how to install Windows XP on a Branded Compaq Presario with Preinstalled FREEDOS ???? I would be grateful for any detailed instructions whenever possible !!!!What are the steps that i should follow ???? Regards and Thanks in Advance, Gabriel 36.
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    I need advice whether I should go in for a Prepaid Broadband Connection from Tata or Postpaid ! ! !

    Dear Friends, Greetings. Can someone please give me some quick and urgent advice. I would like to know whether I should go in for a Prepaid Broadband Connection from Tata or a Postpaid Connection from Tata !!!! Can anyone tell me the advantages and disadvantages of both ???? Which is more...
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    You telecom in Bandra West Mumbai

    Greetings. I live in a Suburb called Bandra West in Mumbai. I wish to take You Explore 700 with a speed or Bandwidth of 2 Mbps Could u tell me something about them ?? Please help me with some advice !! As, I have no one to ask for any feedback. I am specifically looking for a "Cable ISP"...
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    Looking for an Economical Compaq Presario PC with Windows XP or any Branded PC with Windows XP

    Dear Friends, It has been some time since i last posted. I am interested in a Branded Compaq Presario PC or any Branded PC with "WINDOWS XP ONLY". I AM not interested in a Branded PC with "Windows Vista" at all as many friends are having problems with Windows Vista. Could anyone please guide...
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    Queries on QP 360 AND QP 180 -- on Billing & Service in the Western Suburbs of Mumbai

    Dear Murphyslaugh, Greetings. This pertains to a confusing issue regarding billing with respect to Prepaid Plans like QP 360 AND QP 180 in the Western Suburbs of Mumbai. For Example, Once i pay Rs 1,922 for QP 180 or Rs 3,641 for QP 360 -- Do i have to still pay every month ?? Will i still get a...
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    How safe is this software to convert APE Files to MP3 Files ??

    Dear Friends, Greetings. Could someone please tell me how safe this software is to download and install ?? I have been sent some APE Files and i would like to convert them to MP3 Format !! I would also be grateful if someone could guide me as to how i go about decoding and encoding files...
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    Anyone from Bandra West in Mumbai who has Tata Indicom Broadband

    Is there any one here who is from Bandra West in Mumbai and has Tata Indicom Broadband in particular QP 360 or QP 180 -- Prepaid Plans. I am interested and would welcome any feedback regarding Tata Indicom Broadband in Bandra West, Mumbai. I specially need to know whether Tata Indicom Broadband...
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    Is Tata Quick Power 360 better than Quick Power 180 or Vice Versa !!

    Dear Friends, Greetings. I would be most grateful if someone could tell me whether Tata Quick Power 180 is better than Tata Quick Power 360 or vice versa. (The Pros and Cons) Also, if i choose either of these plans when do i have to renew them -- at the end of 3 months or 6 months or if i...