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  1. lucifer

    Dodgy Charge in JioFiber Invoice?

    Anybody knows what is this charge in JioFiber invoice?
  2. lucifer

    Reliance #JioFiber: How accurate is data usage reported by the service?

    Jio is doing scam in data count, I guess. Yesterday, I used harldy 3 GB data but MyJio app shows 9+ GB
  3. lucifer

    Reliance #JioFiber : Low Upload Speed to Facebook/YouTube

    Anybody else getting very low upload speed to Facebook and Youtube? I am getting just 4-5 mbps. I did a few speed tests and found that upload speed is low to almost all overseas servers except those hosted with hosting providers like OVH ( Hosting providers peer with all big ISPs of every...
  4. lucifer

    JioTV app on Reliance #JioFiber Broadband

    Hello guys, does JioTV app works with JioFiber or it still requires a Jio SIM to be inserted in the mobile?