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    News from Uttar Pradesh

    Do you vote? Perhaps you should write to all parties - INC, RJD, TMC, AAP etc - to form baap of all gathbandhan and then go for vote appeal, I'm sure people of India are smart enough to make a decision. If I go by your logic, everything was introduced by INC in India including CORRUPTION of...
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    News from Uttar Pradesh

    Voters in UP are stupid? A certain Raja Bhaiyya has also won. That too by 1 lakh vote margin. No issue with that?
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    Sudden suspension of BSNL services

    @Sai: I used to complain through self-care portal but I was once informed by CC executive that complaints must be registered with them through phone because online registration of complaints on Twitter or self-care portal don't reach exchange/appropriate authority in time.
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    BSNL Reduced speed itself?

    These links are not working anymore. Self-care portal is also down. If you manage to access those links, user id displayed at the top will be incorrect.
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    BSNL Reduced speed itself?

    The earlier links for checking FUP usage is not working. The only way now is to check it on self-care portal. Broadband speed at my end has also decreased a lot and several complaints has yielded no result. I have mailed appellate, so let's see the response.
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    BSNL to give 0.75% discount on e-payment of bills

    Yes getting the discount.
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    My Vodafone app does not let you access the app unless you approve m-pesa account creation

    The thing with Vodafone is that outrage almost has no effect on them. They will call up, say that we will look in to it and then vanish in thin air.
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    BHIM UPI App

    People should read & try the app because going berserk over security & what not. This forum is full of negativity post 8th Nov '16.
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    Reliance JioMoney Merchant Solutions

    I wonder if this thread would have been made if this was done by anyone else except Ambani or Adani. I too was complaining about the quality of service being provided by Jio but I noticed that the situation is now better. OT: Linking Modi with decisions taken by Ambanis, Adanis etc is...
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    One Rank One Pension

    Source He is coming ON-AIR at 9 pm.