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    BSNL FTTH in Lucknow?

    Has anyone used BSNL FTTH in Lucknow? It is not mentioned in the list of cities on BSNL page ( Source ). So is it available? How easy is it convince Babu's to install it? Please share the installation experience, cost and broadband experience. Note: I cannot switch because the number is with...
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    Unable to access http websites on BSNL Broadband

    From today afternoon, I am unable to access http websites and pages. E.g.- able to access cricinfo(https site) but unable to access scorecard and stats (which are http). Not sure if related to complaint by IFF. Anyone facing similar issue? Location-Lucknow.
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    Unable to change tarrif plan on selfcare portal

    On BSNL selfcare portal, after accepting the terms and conditions, In 1st step it asks you to select your own plan and even after selecting keeps asking to select it. Any ideas on how to proceed. I am not the only one facing issues. Pan India problems. Looks like Baboos want their chai-paani...
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    Replacement for Nokia C5

    I had bougt a Nokia c5 in 2009. After smartphone it has always been my backup phone. I am looking to buy a replacement for it Should be: 1)Candybar 2) Primary Camera-2MP 3)Long Battery Life 4)Durable 5) Atlest Edge Supported 6)Music player and FM Wish: 1)Nokia/ Microsoft 2)3g 3)GPS Price up to 10k
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    512 kbps Broadband Speed Applicable date?

    TRAI/DOT had recommended 512 kbps broadband speed for Broadband in NTP 2012.Is there any date for the above speed to be applicable on broadband providers?Because in my knowledge there are still briadband plans with 256kbps speed.
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    New Broadband Plans ???

    I found about new BB plans on BSNL website .:COMBO BB Unlimited:. Is this applicable now in UP(E) ??? Can anyone give proper details about it ???