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    HAs hathway reduced unlimit hours on 512kbps plan???

    the site link i posted gets crumbled up becoz its new site with same name of this site from there the problem started btw i confirmed in mumbai they have refused this news...but dont b surprise if it comes...... start taking details of airtel broadband in you area..they coming with good plans...
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    HAs hathway reduced unlimit hours on 512kbps plan???

    Well on another forum 2 guys mentioned that hathway has changed the 11 pm to 9 am unlimit structure to 12 am to 7 am structure....i havent got any respond yet frm hathway...but frm 14th dec my logs havent been 2 ppl mentioning the looks a bit fishy..any idea guys??i...
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    Mtnl gprs in mumbai??

    How is it...i mean what speed do u guys get in kBps???Is it better than mobile office of airtel????
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    finally came away from hathway

    well u try to bargain abit...becoz jus for 600 more buks u get doouble so u can say now u reduced the cost or ull pass to other.....i think now 256 plan shd be cheaper....
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    finally came away from hathway

    nosh for 1600 buks per month u get 512kbps monthly unlimit..may b 1760 with taxes......for capped connectuion yup they r the worst to trust..better be on 8 to 8 plan and use Mo or NOp frm airtel for day usage
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    Hathway is a fraud...

    Vippy i m from chembur and i too faced same problem..and my net was dc on 30th oct noon time.....when i used to call they used to say enggr will call bak never late time they will say acct disable talk to madam tomm morning next day madam enggr checking and again no call frm them...
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    512kbps Or More Unlimited At 1000-1500

    naa i meant ppl gettin gr8 speed suddenly saw a gr8 downfall...but now i heard again many ppls gettin same speed and its going like testing stuff....but do hope we too get atlest 256kbps unlimit for less than 700......this hathway gives 256 kbps for 1120....and 512kbps unlimit 11pm-9am, for...
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    Airtel 2mbps ?

    lol broadband basic defination is 256kbps speed..........but we live in reality that company offers somehoursof that speed and call theirplan as broadband..lolBtw in short bsnl/mtnl was bolbachan stuff as of such...unless an unlimit 2mbps plan is out.......dun expect stuffs frm other...
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    512kbps Or More Unlimited At 1000-1500

    well dude..except mtnl no one coming(esp arirtel) with exciting plan........Also except download limit ppl no one now getting 2mbps type speed......The night unlimit ppl were getting upto 2mbps speed for 3-4days now bak to normal.....And nowthe same ppl getting max of 128kbps...
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    BSNL: 2007 is year of broadband in India

    ahh its better we request...bsnl since u going to offer 2mbps..and we know it will b capped..........plzplz plz...give us 1k ard whole day........i think u wont have any probs as we r asking for less than half u we sure even that wont...