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    Siti Broadband - Idle Logout Issue

    How can I prevent Idle Timeout on my Cable Broadband connection? I am a user of Siti Broadband which is a cable broadband ISP. The biggest gripe I have with this service is that if the connection remains idle for 20-30 mins, I get logged out and I have to re-login through the 24Online Client...
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    Vodafone Advantage Plans Any Good?

    I was just browsing through *121# checking for offers, when I saw an offer for Vodafone Advantage Plan 599 The plan consists of 750 mins (local+STD) + 200 SMS (Local+NAT) + 1GB 3G Mobile Internet Just wanted to know your feedback about such plans. Should I consider upgrading to one of these...
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    LCO Ripping me off?

    On My Account > Invoice, I see that the invoice in my name has been generated for Rs 1122 but the LCO is charging me Rs 1520 I am on Siti 1Mbps unlimited plan. Can any other Siti user tell me how much they are charged for a 1Mbps plan, am I being ripped off by the LCO? Thanks
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    Getting more than allotted bandwidth on speed tests

    So I have a Siti 1Mbps plan. On, I get speeds of around 1 mbps all through the day. But on other checkers, such as and I get D/L speeds of nearly 8 Mbps Any idea why this is happening? Thanks
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    Cheapest Call to UK Mobiles - Suggestions Plz

    Hello friendsJust wanted to know what is the cheapest way to call UK mobiles. Vodafone charges a whopping 8-10 rupees for minute and even though Aircel has an ISD pack, it doesn't cover UK mobiles.Kindly share your suggestions. I don't mind if it's a voip application as wellThanks
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    BSNL Broadband Messed Up Again - High Packet Loss

    BSNL Broadband services have been messed up again. I have been having extremely low speeds and DSLReport tests show a high packet loss. I cannot even get a page to load properly despite reloading 8-10 times This has been happening since last thursday. Anyone else affected in Calcutta?
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    Moved to D2H from TataSKY - BIG MISTAKE

    I had been a subscriber of TataSKY HD since the time it was launched and decided to move to D2H because of few HD channels and exorbitant pricing of the former. Just got a brand new connection for Videocon D2H HD today Upon reviewing the picture quality of Videocon D2H HD, I am thoroughly...
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    Drastic change in BSNL routing

    C:>tracert Tracing route to [] over a maximum of 30 hops: 1 2 ms 1 ms 1 ms 2 * * * Request timed out. 3 12 ms 9 ms 11 ms 4 12 ms 10 ms 10 ms 5 11 ms...
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    DNS lookup problem

    I have been having this problem for the last couple of months. All of a sudden I would lose connectivity of internet, even though the ADSL and other lights on the modem stays steady and even when logged into the modem, it says connected. But I constantly get the error DNS Lookup Failed I have...
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    Unable to login to My Vodafone post redesign

    So vodafone got a fresh new design, but I guess this change came at a cost for its customers. Since the new design got online, I am unable to login to My Vodafone account using my login information, it worked fine with the old design. I tried resetting my password, but even with the new pwd, it...