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    MTNL New Plans - What about speeds of existing 550 Unltd Combo and 995 Unltd Combo

    With regards to existing 550 Unltd Combo and 995 Unltd Combo, especially the former 550 Unltd Combo - will the speeds be increased to 1 Mbps? The press release or the website doesn't state that and also if these plans will be discontinued or existing customers migrated to newer plans.
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    Unable to access modem page of Dlink router

    Hi all, Recently, I've been unable to access my modem home page by entering in the address bar of my browser. Despite entering the default username and pass as admin, access is denied. Can someone please help? Thanks in advance!
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    How to surrender MTNL Modem in Mumbai?

    Any idea guys? Thanks for your inputs in advance.
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    Replacing Dlink 502T Router to Wireless Router through MTNL

    For Mumbai:Replacing Dlink 502T Router to Wireless Router through MTNL. Is it worth it? How can I go about doing this? Will a call suffice and their lineman come and change it?Thanks!
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    MTNL Broadband: Switching to Xpress Combo Unlimited Plans?

    Hi all, Is it possible to switch from normal MTNL landline plans to Xpress Combo Unlimited? I'm currently on Plan 699 (Local Unlimited) and plan to discontinue owing to increased mobile usage. Also, for MTNL Landline tariff change, does the local call center help (as in broadband switching...
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    Set up MTNL Wifi at home?

    Hi all,I have a DSL-502T modem and would like to set up a Wi-Fi at home to access Wifi via Android and iOS devices. Obviously, this would mean changing to a wireless router from MTNL Mumbai? Which one do I get from my local MTNL in exchange? I believe, the rental cost for wired / wireless modems...
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    Movies Now HD on Tata Sky coming soon?

    Wikipedia lists Movies Now as Channel 23 & 361 for Tata
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    Tata Sky HD+ Software Upgrade

    HiI read in a different forum that SW version of Tata Sky HD+ now indicates the version date as August 9, 2011.Can someone please confirm if their HD+ STB has got the software update?Thanks!!
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    Message barred while trying to Porting out from Vodafone Prepaid

    Hi allMy friend is a VF Prepaid user and had chosen to port out when MNP was launched (Jan 20, 2011). They offered him free minutes to retain him which had to be consumed within 2 months. He was asked to sign on a VF letter headed page, which mentioned that he has withdrawn his porting request...
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    Port out of Reliance CDMA / GSM disabled by Anil Ambani's Reliance ADAG?

    HiOne of my friends who wants to port out of Reliance CDMA receives a message: Default not configured.He sent PORT(space)(10 digit Reliance CDMA) No to 1900.I suspect foul play here, since they would obviously want to prevent port outs considering they have already lost many customers to other...