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    BSNL Broadband UT300R2U power button problem

    Hello everyone, I was having problem with the power button on BSNL modem UTStarCom UT300R2U. The modem would not switch on when power button was pressed, or it would switch on and after sometime it would turn off again. I searched for a solution on the internet, but couldn't find one. So, I...
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    Suggest a Point and Shoot camera for 8K...

    Guys please suggest me a point and shoot camera for 8K.....Not biased towards any brand... and no problem even if its bulky..... ---------- What about Sony DSC-W630 Point & Shoot..Anyone using it..? Sony DSC-W630 Point & Shoot: 16.1 Megapixels: Camera Review, Price in India, Compare:
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    Which email provider do you use..?

    Hey guys.....I just want to now which email provider are you using and also their pros and cons...Also tell me if they provide free IMAP and POP3 services..
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    Poison in your toothpaste..??

    Guys after watching a video of Rajiv Dixit that our toothpaste contains Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS)...which is a poison..I googled it and found that infact its poisonous (although there are conflicting views)...So, I shot a mail to the Colgate Pamolive India and asked about the safety of the...
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    Does BSNL provide an email account ..????

    I have a bsnl broadband connection with 750ULD plan...My IP starts with I think BSNL provides some kind of email account also..correct me if I am wrong..How do I access that account..??
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    We Were Soldiers Once... and Young

    Just ordered from flipkart... We Were Soldiers Once... and Young 0345472640: Book: Harold G. Moore (9780345472649) Just waiting for it desperately...
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    Anyone who had been to Bhopal for SSB..???

    I am going in for SSB interview at Bhopal....anyone who has seen the obstacle tasks there..??? Also how are boarding and lodging arrangements.,....please let me know...
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    Are blood sugar monitors accurate...?

    Guys I am really scared...My father was testing his blood sugar using Johnson & Johnson Blood sugar monitor....Seeing him...I also checked my blood my surprise I found it was 111 (fasting)....Well I am not overweight and just 21...Do you think they are accurate..? I'll again test it...
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    Change over to 850 ULD from 750 ULD..??

    Guys I have 750 ULD plan on my BSNL broadband.....I am planning to change over to 850 ULD....What do you think..Is it worth to pay Rs.100 extra for 2Mbps upto 8Gb..??
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    GPS software for Nokia E5

    Hey guys....I have a Nokia E5 which is supplied with the Ovi Maps and I have installed Google Maps on it. But I need a software which can save the route on which I am traveling and then I can see it on Google Maps. I searched for it and the only alternative I found was Nokia Sports Tracker and...