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    new policy no pings allowed

    Hello, If anyone who using nextra broadband service kindly post there results, me only or everyone who is using nextra From one week I'm not able to ping any domain other then google DNS and As per nextra broadband technical team they disabled the ping service and we are not...
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    ynetworks - Y-NET

    anyone heard about new ISP ynetworks?
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    Tikona OutDoor CPE IP Access

    How can i access Tikona Outdoor CPE its telenetsystemsDOTcom brand which is installed. Tired with and CPE---->
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    It's True...Channel Pro Stole the YouTube Channel

    Elric Phares, founder of the 20-year old tech publication It's True...Channel Pro Stole YouTube & Fired Me - Please Spread This! - YouTube
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    Help Post WiMax Ping and Latency Test and and Pinging with 32 bytes of data: Reply from bytes=32 time=74ms TTL=55 Reply from bytes=32 time=82ms TTL=55 Reply from bytes=32 time=81ms TTL=55 Reply from bytes=32 time=80ms TTL=55 Ping statistics for...
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    On 5th August purchased new Vodafone 3G USB Stick K3770-Z [including SIM] with Rs.850\- Per Month Rental. - Allowance : 5 GB Monthlycan we use 3G Activated SIM for both Calling and SMS service enabled. As per confirmation from Customer Care they told SIM is activated for only Broadband usage not...
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    WiMax Antenna Option

    Can we use our own Motorola WiMax Antenna with Reliance Broadband to gain more Stable Frequency or we bind to Telsima 2150 only?
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    New 4Mbps Plan Unlimited Uploaded with
  9. flame

    Snmp trap 3

    kindly explain, my internet disconnect for 2 seconds. using Satic IP and Sterlite 300AX ADSL modem 1/5/2011 20:21:54> SNMP TRAP 3: link up 1/5/2011 20:21:54> Quick bridge not allow multi-channel 1/5/2011 20:21:54> bridge only stop 1/5/2011 20:21:54> SNMP TRAP 3: link up 1/5/2011 20:21:54>...
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    MTNL Delhi Broadband Down

    Anyone facing downtime from NewDelhi MTNL janakpuri Exchange. Telephone number 2533XXXX