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    Be Updated With All the Products, Like Openbox/Skybox, Dreambox etc...

    Hello All Now you can be Updated with latest products and Prices in market on this website DM 800 Pro - 10,000/- DM 800 SE - 13,500/- DM 500 HD - 11,990/- ALPS 801A Tuner(M version-Made In Japan - Plug n Play) - 1900/- DisEqc Switch 8x1 - 750/- DVBHD 2080P DVB S2 HDTV TV...
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    Espn HD free on Zee Dish TruHD DTH with pictures

    Most of the people feel that by just buying a dreambox they are good to go, but there are other costs involved as nothing comes for free. You are right friend. Its very expansive and for only satellite lovers, not for home users. It involves too much expanses like DM box + LNB + big dishes +...
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    How to setup DYNDNS in WA3002G4

    Thanks for the info
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    How to setup DYNDNS in WA3002G4

    Hello AllI have WA3002G4 Type II WI-FI modembut I am not getting the settings for Dynamic Alias option and even NAT option.Pls help me Thanks
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    Please help me out

    You will get it in just 20-30 Rs maximum 40 can get it on any telephone equipment shop.and you need not to say any just tell him to give two way splitter which will connect direct to telephone line.For Example:in, input line you have to attach two wire of copper line.and other hand you...
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    Please help me out

    BSNL is giving spliiter which inputs a pin and output two pins but i m saying that buy a splitter in that direct line wires will attach and output will be two pins (one for modem and other for telephone) or call me on +91 9828090902 or catch me on messenger at 9 PM to 10 AM...
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    Please help me out

    This is the problem of line, i had the the same problem when i take the connection. i changed my whole line.One more thing use direct 2 way splitter instead of given by BSNL.means main line in(in Splitter and two line out one for modem and other for telephone)Do this your problem will get solved...
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    BSNL Introduce three new 256kbps plans

    Now a days a average computer user's usage is upto 1 GB Minimum, then whats the mean of these plans ?
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    -- link removed -- Updates

    How can i buy the -- link removed -- a/c i live in Rajasthan
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    BSNL Broadband: Virtual Server or Port Forwarding ZTE ZXDSL 831 AII

    i have find the way of PF in ZXDSL 831AII follow this link go to advance security then port forwarding Thanks Naagendra