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    New show from CBS starting this fall starring Josh Holloway ' Sawyer' from Lost fame looks good from trailer
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    New series from BBC one starts 17th oct, could turn out to be a good one.
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    The Raid: Redemption

    Holy mother of Christ, if you have not watched it , see it rite now, this must be the most violent, action packed [ good mind blowing action] movie ever made. this is one of those movies which change the action movie scene forever like Police story 1 in late 80's and Matrix in late 90's did ...
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    Tails : The Amnesic Incognito Live System

    As the tile says this what you need for your privacy needs on net, it's a live distro , bundled with all kinds of goodies, best part nothing is written on hdd but only on ram after a shutdown , everything is wiped clean and you can carry it in your pocket :D
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    U.S judge Savagely Beats His Daughter For Illegal Downloads

    well this sick bastard def has to be thrown in jail and stripped of his position, this story is heating up on net so tweet , fb, etc just spread it.
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    India Wants UN Body To Run The Internet!! wtf

    another brilliant proposal by Indian govt to somehow govern the net, as they have now realized that companies, ppl not inside Indian borders our not covered by Indian law so involve UN , a failed body on it's own just controlled by some countries. India formally proposes government takeover...
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    World's 1st Petabyte Rack Server

    This is totally orgasmic
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    Pakistan Officially Bans All Encryption Online

    yep , you heard or rather read it right , no vpns, evpns, no ssh tunnels or infact no ssh or sftp or ftpes or ftp over ssl/tls and it gets better no https !! i never thought any govt can be that stupid but they have proven to be . how long before Indian govt tries to follows this foot step , all...
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    The Tunnel [2011]

    I don't know we many users here knew about the The tunnel, it's a movie funded by internet users by buying 1 frame for 1 usd, the entire was was funded this way and was released on the web for free. The Tunnel - Home you can download the movie from their site , no charges and it is a good...
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    Set up openvpn server on linux os [ debain ubuntu]

    Openvpn is free vpn server solution , i.e if you a have dedicated server or vps with root power you can install openvpn server and use that to push your Internet traffic , your isp 's IP is then not used but you go behind your server ip and all traffic is encrypted , a very handy tool to bypass...