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  1. humm

    airtel dth set top box replacement

    I have the dth from 2009... the remote is perfectly fine. The dth set-top box has a problem. I have mailed airtel let's see what happens next!
  2. humm

    airtel dth set top box replacement

    Why you want to replacement? Explain Remote sensor at the dth doesn't respond sometimes.. lately it doesn't respond for days.
  3. humm

    airtel dth set top box replacement

    Anyone here has any experience with airtel towards set top box replacement? What do they charge? Do they give you new set top box...
  4. humm

    NO Airtel DTH for me..

    Any one from Kharghar here?
  5. humm

    NO Airtel DTH for me..

    I wasn't able to successfully install Airtel DTH at my place due to Line of Site problems etc.Can someone point out a number of the local cable operator at Kharghar to me? I need my cable installed in Kharghar, Sec-7I'l be glad if someone can help me out as I am tired of finding someone at Kharghar.
  6. humm

    Which Package Do You Use ?

    i keep changing.. 64 - 128 - 256
  7. humm

    Sify New Client Ver 3.22

    but same times.. i lov to see whats the new crap software of sify, so i do use it sometimes. whenever i use it I am suprised to see sify des something irrtating. now i get something popup
  8. humm

    How to purpose a girl?

    so true. :D
  9. humm

    What Type Of Ip Address Sify Gives?

    dynamic online IP address and static lan address - (can be changed on request)installation 500/- (depends on your area)I am a sify user from last 4-5 yrs. :)
  10. humm

    Testing A New Forum

    y dont u try out a asp based forum?