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    HP Ink Advantage Multifunction

    I have HP laser 1020 printer..Might get HP deskjet 1000 single function printer.. Yes CISS is very useful if your usage is high,also refilling the tanks are quite easy&self explanatory ..Could you tell how many pages you would be printing in a day? CISS is your best bet.
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    HP Ink Advantage Multifunction

    If you are looking at refilling carts,better look at MFP to which CISS can be installed..There are many youtube videos telling how to install CISS for HP printers.. Same goes for canon printers..Also if your usage is more,then i would suggest laser printers&toner refilling is cheap...The...
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    150mbps 802.11n wireless router for under Rs. 1500

    Though he could try upgrading his firmware to dd-wrt,it might help..but that depends on version number of router...
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    How to Open a Tax Free Term Fixed Deposit ?

    My parents have an account in a coop bank,but they have stopped issuing declaration forms with out pan number...So anyone without PAN card will not be allowed to fill form 15g/h?
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    Vodafone makes national incoming free for Rs 5/day

    Ok..I thought they have launched it recently,will be making an offical announcement..
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    Vodafone makes national incoming free for Rs 5/day

    Vodafone is much better in pricing...Look what mtnl is charging to avail free incoming while roaming.. Ridiculous pricing i say.. :nono:
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    How to Open a Tax Free Term Fixed Deposit ?

    Well i was thinking of the same,but i remember filling pan card details for my mother&source of income was filled as no income..So if i open a FD in her name will TDS be applicable??
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    Which Operator will you choose once MNP come into place?

    The reason i shortlisted since they both have good rate cutter plans,also the on-net plans are too good..Though am not sure about network..
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    Vodafone Bonus Cards

    Yup, you are right,it was a mistake,am using the rs34/- bonus card which gives local calls at 40ps/min..Am still remembering the older rates. :tongue:
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    Which cooking oil is good for health?

    saffola gold using for many years,thinking of trying rice bran oil..