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    OnePlus 6T 📣 Prebook at Rs 1,000 to get exclusive gifts

    is anyone picking up OP6 or 6t ? review on IBF would be nice :P though it 27k 64gb was good deal !
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    OYO Rooms

    it seems like they have too many fund and absolutely no idea as to what to do with it, they have taken over pretty much every property they can get hold of in Manali and other hill stations but quality is deteriorating, i had absolutely terrible experience in my Srinagar and Leh trip with them...
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    Google Ads

    youtube adds, are more annoying right in the middle of the 3min video some lame netflix or zomato add plays !
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    Google Pixel 3 - Google Pixel 3 XL

    Pixel 3 series sure make it easy to not to buy it..
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    Huawei is now pushing ads through the System Update app on Honor smartphones

    Lol there needs to be a law against this crap and this just more reason not buy products from such companies !
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    Best forward service

    Any update on this, currently which one is cheap and secure ? I am seeing companies like myus, shop n ship popping on Google. Shop and ship auto calculated around Rs 900 and company like shoppre quoted RS 2100. I am probably gonna need one their service to get a Logitech combo from Amazon UK...
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    Where to buy Logitech Mk320/ MK330

    anyone has experience on mk320/330, if we compere it with MK 345 or MK520 ? as i might just settle for either MK 345 or 520, personally i like compact mouse like a mk 215 found on MK 320/330 series.
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    Where to buy Logitech Mk320/ MK330

    MK 345 is available in India for Rs 1899 on amazon india. Theitdepot is it reliable? I am getting, server IP address could not be found ? i don't know why Logitech has stopped it in India, UK and US both have it in ample stock !
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    Act broadband tricks to get discounted tariff

    Their plans are more discounted than Jio, currently cheapest in Delhi. Jaan logo Kya yar unkai aur discount mang kei
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    Where to buy Logitech Mk320/ MK330

    I am getting it around 3.5k including shipping from eBay, koriea. It has both eng and korien key though. One seller from Israel I had baught for 3k last month, cancelled the order after one month wait yesterday on eBay and he had 98% plus positive feedback. At it's about 6k to ship...