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  • I can't access invader's profile.

    I can't send him message. My connection is working fine as of now. Will inform if any problem occurs.
    I am getting normal speed without FUP limit. I think invader tried to get higher plan of 16 Mbps. FUP is applicable on static IPs on 16 Mbps plan. I was warned by a friend in Airtel that don't try to get 16 Mbps plan.

    invader needs to scale back to 2/4 Mbps plan to have FUP exemption. Now he'll have to get to higher CC executives to get his problem fixed.
    Spectranet broadband has been working fantastic till now. BUT, the IP address has been same since do I make them change it? I am on dynamic IP plan, but IP address is still same. Powering off for long time doesn't seem to change it.
    The connection is fibre with router (not ADSL), and they have one big adapter like equipment besides the router. How do I make them change the IP address?
    can you please tell me how to use alliance broadband internet on my phone.. its a wired connection..... i don't have a there any way to do it?
    May I know the reason for moving IBF away from E2E?.
    It was costing me around Rs. 12500 per month. I am currently paying around Rs. 2000 per month on Dreamhost.

    Just joined the forum and saw your posts everywhere advising people on their broadband related issues.

    Please recommend me a good ISP in gurgaon which gives a good plan for at least 1 MBPS unlimited (under 1000 rs PM hopefully, no FUP limit please). An added bonus would be if it supports btcaching.

    Thanks for the assistance.
    Hello there,
    I am impressed to see your online activity in this forum. I can easily assume that your reliance ADSL is working in a excellent condition. I am also willing to apply for the same in Sector 23. Do you know any Reliance broadband employee? I can contact him to get details about any local representative. I have no leads as of now.
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