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New Profile Posts

  1. mohit.anfield
    mohit.anfield diablo221
    Shobit - 8700441375
  2. xstarm
    xstarm Julesbgoes
    Did u complain to bsnl regarding dwonstream and upstream line rate?
  3. kirti07
    kirti07 nitinmits
    kirti dot khurana 07 at gmail dot com
  4. netuser101
    netuser101 Sushubh
    ab to gurgaon se Gurugram hogaya.. hun to koe flipkart voucher me interest dekhaoo lol
  5. demonicult
    demonicult Sushubh
    So the XF2 update has happened? Everything looks new and shiny.
    1. Sushubh
      nope. still a long time away. just changed the default theme because the previous theme was giving issues. you can switch to ad-free theme from the bottom left option.
      Sep 1, 2017
      demonicult likes this.
    2. demonicult
      Ya I just explored those options. Checking out the FA theme.
      Sep 1, 2017
    3. demonicult
      The xF2 ad-free is nice and quite compact. I will try this out for few days.
      Sep 1, 2017
  6. Sushubh
    Added a new theme for regular users. It is based on the default theme of upcoming XF2 update.
  7. xstarm
    xstarm shyam Joshi
    What bsnl plan do u have? and may i know what is ur downstream an upstream line rate ?
  8. aniladivishnu.2000
    comes online almost every day
  9. aniladivishnu.2000
    discuses about Internet
  10. siddharth248
    siddharth248 sriyans
    hi how did u set up ur wifi router with excitel ..i cant seem to connect mine..its still working with mtnl but not with excitel..
    its netgear d500 n 150