What is the “Fair Usage Policy?”

Disclaimer: There has been little official confirmation from Airtel about the “Fair Usage Policy” (FUP), and the information given below may be inaccurate / subject to change.  We advise you to contact Airtel on your own accord, and ask them to furnish you with complete details about the new policy.

While details are sketchy, as Airtel has not been the most forthcoming about the details about the “Fair Usage Policy” (FUP), Here is the policy as published by Airtel on their website:

As of date, there is no definite confirmation from Airtel as to which regions the FUP applies to. Users in South India have reported slower speeds purportedly due to the FUP. However, as Airtel has not made any claims to the contrary, we will have to work on the assumption that this is intended to be a nation-wide policy.

Is Airtel Fair Usage Policy implemented in your city?

21 thoughts on “What is the “Fair Usage Policy?”

  1. bubusam13

    Do you thik us a fool. The speed you are providing is already not enough. And now, instead of increasing speeds, you are reducing it by 50%. If this is the case, we are switching to other service providers.

  2. bubusam13

    Do you think us a fool. The speed you are providing is already not enough. And now, instead of increasing speeds, you are reducing it by 50%. If this is the case, we are switching to other service providers.

  3. jener

    This is ridiculous.It’s exactly like those crappy isps who have data limits in unlimited plans.Is airtel going the local cablewallah-net way.Pity

  4. varun

    simply back out from their service…there are hello lot of ppl providing net. use their’s….airtel sucks if they do this !

  5. vijendra

    i think, who made this policy, immediately resign him from his job because there is finest way to solve this problem is Huge up-gradation is needed in their infrastructure. and because I’m using Airtel mobile office in which I’m getting 2-3-4kBps speed instead of 15-20kBps From 6months and introducing this policy, confirmed, they have Bandwidth issue that all time I’m asking to them.

    i think Airtel indirectly saying that some of users using extreme Bandwidth with 1mbps(128kBps) or any unlimited users who paying for unlimited broadband experience and they are beating Airtel Bandwidth Infrastructure, with respect to our very limited Bandwidth infrastructure we introducing “Fair Usage Policy” .

    i think, they are thinking that they can fool Customers as well as TRI with above subject.

    And one think, They publish this policy on their website without TRI confirmation and which means they don’t respect TRI Authorities and their policies for Broadband. e.g. In one of News Channel, in interview with From TRI person, He said TRI is planning on reducing SMS Tariff for Customers and He said, we also got opinion from working operators into the Subject, They said “Market is aggressive don’t need any suggestion”.

    I hope MTNL within 1/1.5year they will roll out FTTH in INDIA with minimum speed 100mbps at cheapest rate.

  6. Vipul

    Lifetime Joke Indian ISP’s already charging too much its better they should close down to retain creditability in Indian Market.

  7. LakshmiNarayanan

    This whole thing is ridiculous.

    The frightening thing is that Airtel was in forefront with this ridiculous policies and others followed suit.

    1. Charging for SMS with premium charge on festive days. Instead of upgrading their infra they made people to stop sending messages.
    2. Ridiculous charging for GPRS/Mobile office connection speeds and all other mobi providers took Airtel’s charges as the benchmark.
    3. And another new thing they started now is Airtel Digital TV which costs a lot helluva more than other players when introduced and some of the other DTH providers has increased the charges there after may be bcoz of this.

    Pray that this doesn’t happen in broadband too.

  8. Ramesh Balakrishnan

    The moment i got to know about this , I called in airtel and requested disconnection.. Now.. I have signed up for tata broadband @ 1103/- / month.. unlimited 384 kbps…

    1. jithu

      Dear ramesh,

      i want to take a new broad band connection….. pls let me know more about the TATA plan…. Basically i was planning to get a airtel connection…. Hearing all this i am planning to rethink my decision

  9. Sen

    Airtel’s is just following Telstra’s footsteps and we are beginning to experience what has been going on in Australia for years.

  10. Roshan

    This is very bad…. we are already not getting much speed and if they add limitations. i will leave them if this happens.

  11. Prankur Sharma

    The so called ‘Fair Usage Policy’ is in reality very UNFAIR to the users.
    And instead of leaping forward in the broadband service airtel by following this policy is taking steps backward

  12. Prankur Sharma

    If Airtel wants to put download limits why is it selling its plans as unlimited in the first place??

  13. Arun T P

    I think the best way to stop the network congestion Airtel is claiming to suppress net freedom is to stop using Airtel broadband. That way, we can save them the extra burden of hauling us around.

    Fair Usage Policies in all ISPs are symbols of regression. BSNL also have started their ULF plans, giving the reason that the rural push will be strenuous on their bandwidth backbone. Improve your shabby infrastructure and stop using home users as scapegoats.

  14. Arun

    This IS bad. I changed my broadband connection for a couple of months to cram for the exams and when I ask Airtel exec to revert it back to the original he was like,”TRAI regulations have changed.” After so-so GB limit you only get a bandwidth of 256 Kbps. I was shocked. And its unfair. Period. I have to wait to watch online streaming videos. X-( Goddamn you Airtel! What happened to you?

  15. Asad Khan

    Bharti Group is the most "chirkut" group in telecom industry. I being a Deputy Manager with a Telecom MNC know this inside out. Without information these guys will creep your mobile balance, cut off your broadband speed, I don't know what's more in the queue.

  16. Lawrance

    I only had it installed after their FUP because of their robust maintenance service, my data limit used to end in barely 4 days after the cycle after that for the remaining 26 days, I had to suffer with 256kbps where watching videos on YouTube is only a dream.
    Lately with great hesitation, I installed a new connection from some other company and I can tell you service from every other company is the same besides I am living free without being choked by the FUP, no limit and less cost for higher speed compared to airtel.
    If you are having problems, just change it, airtel has started to lose customers for their baseless FUP


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