6 thoughts on “Our feedback to Times of India regarding Airtel Fair Usage Policy

  1. teamdemo

    can this be added to the doc?

    So maybe nixi should be axed in the first place by making another new interconnect company that will charge a flat fee of say 6-10 lacs per year instead of a month. Another point is can the isp's which justify the FUP policy have any proof that a small amount of people downloading and saturating their own phone lines (since most of internet in india is adsl, there is no way we can saturate another persons line) , are actually making such a difference to their networks that they have to resort to fup's? That means they are using extremely bad network management policies or products or have no bandwidth capacity and are resorting to blaming the consumer for their service deficiencies. Most isp's have a contention ratio of about 20:1. Can they prove that 1 person downloading continuously for a month at a fixed speed and fixed bandwidth allocated to him makes any difference to the other 19 people who may or may not be downloading data? Have they published any findings in a report yet if they have done so?

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  3. Nishant

    Airtel was gr8 until now…I am gonna switch to MTNL if they dont quash their so called “Fair usage Plan”,

    P.S.:- This might be very bad on sales & stock market for airtel, may be the old saying, “they are hammering on their very own feet”

    Airtel is gonna have a worst future !


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