We have been protesting for a long time against the airtel Fair Usage Policy.

Now that the company has launched their 3G services, there has been a need to criticize their crappy 3G plans which also feature a fair usage policy of its own.

The best plan on offer is worth Rs. 2000 that gives you 3G speeds for around 14.5GB after that your connection is dropped down to 2.5 KBps. Yes. 20kbps. This is even worse than that of their broadband plans where the lowest speed on offer is 256kbps.

Check here for more details on their crappy 3G plans.

Anyways. Another airtel customer has started a campaign aptly named SAY NO TO AIRTEL. They are specifically targeting 3G and we support them in that. FUP remains a common problem. Whether in broadband or in 3G.

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