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  1. David Winters

    A friend had suggested that I sign up to Airtel for my internet connection. Having seen this editorial on Airtels ‘plans’, I will not be changing to them until there is a definite statement from them to support net neutrality.

    1. admin Post author

      frankly speaking airtel remains the best of the lot we have here in india.

      too bad they are taking steps which ruins it all for them and for me as an airtel broadband customer.

  2. Vipul

    Great efforts to show this Video. I take it as “Tuglaki farman” and this way Airtel will vanish from Indian Sub-Continent.

  3. Jyothirmayee

    I had a pending payment on Airtel mobile bill. What does Airtel do, they go ahead and call one of my contacts about the bill. #1. They shouldn’t be calling someone about a friend’s mobile bill. #2. How did airtel get access to that number. I clearly know that at my time of registration I did not provide that number as backup or anything. I demand Airtel for a follow-up. All they do is apologize for a privacy breach and they cannot even commit to take action on whatever happened nor commit that it won’t happen again.

    Airtel peeps into every call u make and every website you visit. Someone should sue them.

  4. Rudra

    As it said … Spread Awareness … Make sure everyone you know understands why net net neutrality is important …

    1. admin Post author

      awareness is just the first step. we need to ensure that the companies do not get away with any thing that goes against the principles of net neutrality.

  5. equark

    Vodafone and probably many other mobile phone service providers also contact numbers you’ve frequently talked to if they don’t receive payment of their bills for an extended period of time. So Airtel is not alone in that. BSNL/MTNL may be an exception, I don’t know about them. I assume it is standard industry practice for private mobile phone service providers. About the morality of this practice, well, would you rather have yourself known to law enforcement agencies?

    You mention that you had a mobile phone connection with Airtel. Assuming you used that connection for making calls, you used Airtel’s network to make those calls. As soon as you made a call on your phone, Airtel got to know the number and time of the call and related it with your identity in their database. Similarly, Airtel also got to know about every SMS, Internet usage and other things for which your phone used Airtel’s network. So they have all these records about you in their database. Moreover, they are required to keep these records by law because they provide a lot of clues to law enforcement agencies.

    Suing Airtel or any other communications service provider for keeping records about their customers won’t help you because they can’t avoid doing it. They are /required/ to do it /by law/.


    I. am of the opinion that Mr.Mittal may not be aware of the unfair trade practices of airtel like this sort of halvening the internet speed etc., Likewise another unfair trade practice in airtel mobile pre-paid balance showing depleted balances every day even without talking which many airtel customers would have been noticing. This happens if recharging is done for higher denominations in which syphoning off rupee by rupee from time to time even without talking that goes unnoticed since the balance cannot be monitored from time to timeon due to our other day to day avagations. This is one of my repeated experiences which prompted me to device a method of mine by recharging with lesser denominations that can be easily monitored by me. Incidentally I wished to mention this lapse of airtel on this platform. This may be the gimmics of the Marketing and sales chiefs of airtel without the knowledge of Mr. Mittal but just to appease their boss with instantaneous higher revenues which may not last except landing into permanent loss of revenues if customers come to know the pulse of these unfair trade practices. Losers are not we the customers who are at liberty to switch over to any other beneficial service provider while airtel will have no other choice except switching over to loss of clintele/customers with resultant doom. U see how BPL, ONIDA once giant business concerns doomed due to uncompetetive and unethical managerial practices.

  7. vijesh

    ya…and u ask for the huge usage bills they say u got to take a detiled print out and that costs u 75 , and u protest they would suggest a pdf file do ?…. .see all these private companies r her e to make money. When now we are getting a taste of this ” Open market ” system. Why i recently had a arguement with a Big-bazaar security , , the funny thing is they wont let u take a big bazaar purchase with u when u enter a big -cinema multiplex ..neither the big -bazaaar counter agrees to keep it saying the counter is only for ” outside Items” …what logic ?!? cant we see a movie after doing a purchase ??????

    1. admin Post author

      well the situation sucks everywhere i agree. but net neutrality is something that is bigger than the petty problems we face on a daily basis. and we need to deal with it now.

    1. admin Post author

      we agree. it shows why the internet is under the threat and why we must protest against the big giants corporations to save it.


    In andhra pradesh airtel introduced a new internet tariff some two three months back at 30 paise for 50 kbps (mobile internet)suddenly switching over from rs.15/-tariff for 24 hrs.,which I tried and to my utter dismay and shock i found that it usurped average a rupee per minute , thus rs.150/- for about one and half hours of opening the internet. This immediately prompted me discontinue the airtel internet and i think whole andhra would have tasted this bitterness by now and disvcontinued airtel wireless internet. when i enquired airtel , they have no answer and even technically they are unsound of explaining giving confusing statements. This sort of gimmics should be taken care of at top level and even to be monitored and discouraged by the owner of airtel himself instead of taking the things for granted which will ultimately turn into peril of airtel gradually making way to other competitors. I advise AIRTEL top bosses first of all review their schemes from time to time as to how are they working linking with their revenues on new schems vis-a-vis old schemes and to desist cheap unfair trade practices to keep up their GOODWILL and retain large CLIENTELE.

  9. iimaguest

    For those who watched the video, it is time to act for you.. I mean YOU, the one reading this post RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW.

    Today’s internet itself shows us the way to prevent attempts against net neutrality. The tool is AWARENESS. If most people know what NET NEUTRALITY means and more importantly, what it means to THEM, BEFORE content filtering is enforced by the Big Companies, WE can change this.


    Just imagine that you can no longer read reviews about what to buy, what is happening and the TRUTH from people’s first hand info. Just imagine the internet becoming just another TV.

    ATLEAST our GENERATION SHOULD NOT FALL FOR THIS! Not like the Print! Not like the radio.

    What can we do:
    1. Link to articles on this topic in your Google Talk / Orkut / Facebook status message.
    2. Talk to your friends on what they think about this policy.
    3. Simply spread awareness!

    It is in YOUR hands!
    B R E A K T H E C Y C L E ! ! !

  10. SUMIT

    AIRTEL behave like a robber to its customers, both in prepaid and postpaid services. Do you know when you get you broadband and telephone bill, the discount which is subtracted from the amount is also taxed.
    I mean the discount received is also axed by airtel which is wrong and action must be taken.
    please take look at your bill!


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