Airtel Broadband FUPed Users: Would you be interested in a data based plan with high speed connectivity?

I am working on a document that I would try to deliver to senior representatives in airtel.

The basic idea is to present an alternative to fair usage policy that suits us and might interest them as well.

It has become pretty clear that the smallish broadband user base is not a major concern for them and they are not affected by this small group of so called power users who have been protesting against the Fair Usage Policy.

The basic idea is adopted from Hayai Broadband. Pay per GB plans. Not Pay per MB but Pay per GB and at reasonable prices.

From what I have read and heard, airtel should not be making loss if they sell bandwidth at a rate higher than 10 bucks per GB. So here are some of the speculative proposed plans that I would like to send them:

100GB for 1500 bucks
200GB for 2800 bucks
300GB for 3600 bucks
500GB for 5000 bucks

The basic idea is that we would like airtel to offer us alternative plans similar to these that are not based on speed but on data transfer.

These plans would feature no specific speed limits. We would however like to have a minimum expected quality of service (supposedly 1-2mbps minimum at any given time). It would also be very nice if these plans can be sold with an expandable validity… for example… the 500GB pack would add 3 months to your validity. A 100GB plan would add one month. And so on. We would be able to buy a new package whenever we need it. Think of it as prepaid broadband.

The question is… how many of you think that it is a logical alternative to what we have today. Packages based on speeds and restricted on data transfer. That seems to be working out for no one around here.

12 thoughts on “Airtel Broadband FUPed Users: Would you be interested in a data based plan with high speed connectivity?

  1. @XNRiX

    Nice idea Sushubh , But i have a 512kbps and i am power user .. i pay around 1500+ Rs currently and use around 100Gb + , the problem here is other countries are much more cheaper , my brother is in ?UK and he is paying 25+Pounds for 20MBPS Unlimited package , no FUP involved… ie he is paying around the same 1500 Rs and getting a whooping 20MBPS while i am gettting not even a decent 1 MBPS ..

    For too long we have been paying for a underservice and the proposed plans (from above ) dont do any justice to growing consumption of internet .. We are entering into world of skype , IPTV , and pluggin in numerous devices now to net ..(Ps3 , x10 , LAptop ,etc ..) , so i think they should provide us a decent 2mbps UL without any fairplay for 1500Rs … its time .. we cant still accept what they throw at us for very overvalued service …

    connectivity based on usage is good .. and i wont mind paying a extra few hundreds for extra speed … but not for extended data… let the speed be fixed for powerusers …

    better plan would be more divided variety …
    1.) CAT 1 – small users – a decent 512 kbos with 1-2GB limit for 400-500 Rs or even less would be good
    2.)CAT 2 – DAta Based users 100 GB @ 5-10 MBPS for say 800-1000 Rs would be good and they could top up on data plans as u said
    3.)CAT 3 – POWER USERS Based on DATA – 300-500 GB @ 5MBPS for 1500Rs would be good (debatable though)
    4.)CAT 4 – EXTREME POWER USERS Any fixed speed starting at 2MBPS with Unlimited data .. for below 1500RS and costing upwards for increased speed would be better plan

    When countries are moving towards near 50mbps speed , we have to beg these buys to provide 2-5MBPS for 1500RS …

    Sorry for the long reply… hope its useful while framing ur letter sushubh

    – Urs Siva

    1. Sushubh Post author

      what you are suggesting is what we have. airtel has no plans to change what they are currently offering.

      what i am suggesting is totally different. the concept put forward by hayai.

      your suggested plans are similar to what we have been asking for ever on the forum. not going to happen.

    2. Sushubh Post author

      what you are suggesting is what we have. airtel has no plans to change what they are currently offering.

      we are looking at the problem from a totally different angle… let us pay per GB of data transfer without any restrictions on speeds.

    3. mgcarley

      1. Seems about what you get now, and is excessively priced.
      2. Why restrict both speed and download? One or the other. Pay-per-GB would be better and offer more flexibility.
      3. Again, why restrict both speed and download?
      4. This one *should* actually be possible.

      But here’s my thoughts on what these could be, based on the technology Airtel has available to them now and what they are rolling out:

      1. Data plans @ line speed = Rs150 for ADSL line + Rs20/GB or less.
      2. Flat-rate ADSL starting at 512k, prices starting from Rs750, and up to 20mbit/s for sayRs4000, subject to feasibility. Intermediate tiers could be 2, 5, 10, 16 mbit/s.
      3. Data plans @ line speed = Rs300 for VDSL line + Rs20/GB or less (where available).
      4. Flat-Rate VDSL with 30, 50 and 80mbit/s tiers priced at Rs5000, Rs6000 and Rs7000 (where available).

  2. @XNRiX

    but when other countries are giving 20mbps so easily , we arent even getting a half of it .. we are paying a gold price for over valued internet … they should give 5mbps UL without any FUP for <1500RS … its almost now 1 year or so , i am paying 1.5k for 512 kbps ul … this is totally insane… and they are profiting / looting from us..

    dont take me wrong sushubh , why do u think that they will ever listen to our letter ?

    1. Sushubh Post author

      i had another conversation with them. this one was a total disaster. i have lost all hopes from airtel. i am waiting for my own connection to get FUPed now.

      mgcarley makes so much sense when he talks about how he plans to sell broadband to us customers. airtel folks on the other hand are still stuck on the old mantra. pay more for more speeds.

      1. @XNRiX

        wht really happened to Mgcarley iniative ? didnt govt approve ? sushubh , airtel owns majority of the fat pipelines coming to india , so they wont budge under our pressure …we have even seen BSNL sometimes routing thru thier pipelines… thats how big they are … if they are currently profiting a load from us .. why should they even listen to us ? more over business wise speaking , they have entered AFrica and thier investment are all coming from india (indian customers ) and i dont think they or any other ISP is going to listen.. and with 3g scam and other things ..who knows whats to come ?

        1. Sushubh Post author

          mgcarley is active on the forum. still facing the regulatory hurdles i believe.

          anyways, he knows about my conversation with airtel and is happy that hayai would be able to easily snatch away top end airtel customer base because they are getting frustrated with the company!

          1. @XNRiX

            I think he has to go expose the company .. i mean , if he is facing problems because those idiots wants bribe or soemthing … he should come out and tell as ratan tata did.. with current scams in the face of congress , he has more chance to nail the corrupt officials…

          2. Sushubh Post author

            what he is facing with is something any new business would face here in india. there is no particular movement against him in general sense.

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