Petition against Airtel Fair Usage Policy

Are you affected by airtel Fair Usage Policy?


Mr. Sunil Bharti Mittal
Chairman & Managing Director
Bharti Airtel Ltd.

Dear Mr. Mittal,

This is in reference to the new “Airtel Fair Usage Policy” that is purported to be implemented by Airtel Broadband on its unlimited broadband Internet plans. While your company has failed to inform its customers and has failed to give notice of this change in policy, news of this new policy has spread over the Internet like wildfire, solely to your detriment. As we understand it, this policy seeks to place “caps” on ‘unlimited’ plans after which a subscriber’s speed would be halved/reduced for the rest of the billing period.

We, the undersigned, are loyal subscribers of Airtel Broadband Services. We have come to appreciate the quality of service provided by Airtel, and this quality has not gone unnoticed. Typically, we are people who others come to for advice when it comes to computer and other technological issues. We have (till now) proudly recommended Airtel Broadband wholeheartedly to any and everyone. Some of us even work in the IT industry, and have recommended Airtel’s services to our employers. Some of us are small to medium business owners who use Airtel Broadband at our offices. Some of us, in fact, are even shareholders of Bharti Airtel Ltd. Also amongst us are other concerned citizens who feel that this draconian policy serves as a dangerous precedent for Internet Service Providers to start controlling the Internet and dictate how consumers should use the Internet.

We, the undersigned feel that this policy, under the garb of “fair usage” seeks to essentially place limits on ‘unlimited’ plans and is one that will wipe away all your goodwill in the market in one fell swoop. We feel that this is a tremendously regressive move towards Internet usage in India. As it is, it’s a shameful situation that our country, which is world-famous today for its Information Technology industry, has some of the slowest broadband plans in the world. While the world is upgrading to Gbps connections from Mbps connections, Airtel and other ISPs are still content in feeding the Indian consumer Kbps connections, and now believes that it has to even degrade those outdated plans. To add salt to the wound, policies such as your “Fair Usage Policy” now seek to drive the last nail into the proverbial coffin and seal India’s fate to be technologically inferior to most other countries, including other developing nations.

Unfortunately, one badly thought out policy will shatter your most valuable marketing asset – word of mouth recommendation.

I hope you can understand that the Internet is the most powerful tool in the world today, connecting multi-national businesses (such as your own) as well as supporting the freedom of speech of billions of democratically inclined people around the globe. I hope you can appreciate that the message your “Fair Usage Policy” sends out is that, “We are fine if consumers use the Internet for e-mail and light browsing, but how dare you use it for anything really useful.” I hope you can further appreciate that the Internet today offers a myriad of services that are bandwidth heavy, but go towards increasing the power of the internet exponentially. For your information and convenience, we are listing a few such services which would directly be threatened by your fair-usage policy:

Video conferencing/telecommunication – Not only is video telecommunication important for families that are spread over the globe to keep in touch with each other, but for companies to conduct job interviews as well as conference calls between different branches spread across the word. It is also quintessential for students who are enrolled in e-learning courses to virtually ‘sit’ in a classroom.

Video streaming is increasingly being used as an educational tool enabling a person sitting in any remote corner of this country to get the latest cutting-edge education. In fact our very own IITs and IIMs offer such educational videos which require a very high speed unlimited internet connection. In addition, it also allows the common Indian student to enroll in online education courses from universities and institutions around the world. For example, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, which is undoubtedly one of the finest and most renowned educational institutions worldwide, offers such videos and programs through its “MIT Open Courseware” website. I hope you can appreciate the value in our country of a student sitting in a village being able to read lecture notes and watch videos of actual MIT courses.

Distribution of legitimate software – You would be well aware of the cost advantages of using the internet as a distribution medium by companies making software. Progressively, more and more companies will sell their software products at a cheaper rate (or even free!) but only so long as the end-users (i.e. your customers) have the ability to download large installation files without the apprehension of being penalized for doing so. You would, for example, be well aware of the emergence of Linux as a formidable Operating System, which would never have happened if it was not for the collaboration of tens of thousands of users, downloading huge distribution files every week, which was possible only because of an “unlimited Internet.”

Legal distribution of movies, music etc. – You would be well aware of the tremendous potential of the Internet as a marketplace for both independent artists offering their art for free, as well as for big studios who have realized that the internet has immense potential as a marketplace. The success of iTunes, Netflix, and other online media services, only serve as a reminder that online distribution is the future of the media business. Apparently, Bharti Airtel Ltd. feels that India should be denied this opportunity.

Work from home – The Internet today enables millions of people to work from home by connecting to and collaborating with associates and clients all around the globe. The work from home formula is so successful that not only are people capable of earning livelihoods working solely from home, but many multi-national companies are encouraging their employees to work from home as it not only makes them happier, more productive, well-rounded employees, but also saves the companies millions of dollars every year.

Connecting businesses – The Internet today enables businesses abroad to productively collaborate with businesses in India. In fact, without the Internet, the BPO, KPO, LPO etc. boom would never have reached our shores. Companies and firms abroad cannot have a meaningful commercial interaction with India in terms of back office work, without the presence of unfettered high-speed broadband internet.

VOIP – As you are well aware, VOIP is emerging as a technology in the mainstream with a tremendous potential to revolutionize the telephone industry. Curbing download/upload speeds virtually renders this technology useless.

In short, the Internet today stands as the single largest tool for commerce, education and entertainment.

We respectfully submit, therefore, that your “Fair Usage Policy” is unfair to anyone who wishes to use the internet productively, and is fair solely to your own profit margin (as it allows you to give the consumer up to 42% less download capacity than before while charging the same amount). We feel that it is an excuse for Bharti Airtel Ltd. for not ensuring the adequacy of its network infrastructure or upgrading it in order to support the services it purports to offer. It is merely a thinly veiled effort to sell a donkey to a person buying a horse.

We, the undersigned, therefore pledge that, should Airtel not rollback and discontinue this “Fair Usage Policy” within 15 days of receipt of this petition:

We shall discontinue our subscription to all Airtel services.

We shall discontinue, with immediate effect, recommending Airtel to all friends, acquaintances, relatives, businesses , etc.

We shall make all efforts, including the use of mainstream media, to educate Airtel subscribers and shareholders about the regressiveness of this policy.

We shall initiate all legal action against you in the competent courts of law, solely at your risk, costs and consequences.

You may kindly note that this petition is being presented to you in the utmost good faith, and as a sign of our loyalty to your brand (which unfortunately is fast eroding). The goodwill, which you have so painstakingly built over the years solely through excellence in service, compels us to appeal to your better senses before taking the aforesaid measures. However, being informed consumers, it is our intention to communicate to you that this policy is entirely and wholly unacceptable to us. Not only is it bad in law, but more importantly, it is bad in taste.

We would be grateful if you could kindly take the appropriate actions, and channel your efforts towards improving the broadband scenario in India, instead of condemning it to the dark ages.


The Undersigned.

We the undersigned ask you to sign our petition.

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369 thoughts on “Petition against Airtel Fair Usage Policy

  1. Gowrishankar

    100gb on a 1mbps line is ridiculous! Airtel was uptil now top in service and top in plans. And I have gone to extreme lengths to recommnd Airtel broadband to anyone in search of a net connection and if anyone had TataIndicom , I would make it a point to give my best sales pitch for them to switch from tata indicom to airtel(having experienced both I had become an Airtel fanboy)…note the tense “HAD”. Today I was shocked when someone told me taht Airtel had come up with its fair usage policy! I must commend you on one aspect that you partially maintained your professionalism in implmentation of this policy, while other ISPs resort to cheap tactics like port blocking and disabling torrents to frequent disconnects, atleast you came up with a policy. But I say partially because you didnt inform anyone of this policy.The thing is today you are probably ruling the roost and you will probably escape without any serious bruises currently, but the goodwill you had created will take a serious hitting and once a new compeititor comes up, we will have no qualms in shifting base.Even though I have heard that tata indicom has improved drastically, my imprssion of my ex-isp remains the same, I wont go any where near it. Whereas your service and zest for customer satisfaction as an ISP has been so strong that when it came to choosing a DTH service, I went for Airtel again. You have built a tremendous base, please dont start the downfall of the only brand in India that I personally vouch for.

    1. Lucky Boy

      I use an old plan, so this policy does not apply to me. Just confirmed from customer service. Just wanted to rub it in B)

    1. bharat

      dude we dont hav option, thats why they r messin with us



      bsnl-government-what to expect

      etc etc

  2. Surit Doss

    Switch to Dataone enmasse Airtel is playing dirty elsewhere too, especially in the high end mobile handset business.

  3. Rohan Bhattacharya

    This cheating in the name of FUP absolutely no sense to me. One way we are saying that the internet speeds and its pricing is enhancing each day, but such policy announcements only make us feel laid back and discouraged. Such acts should be highly penalized by TRAI…!

  4. Biswadeep Mishra

    I have 2 connections. Airtel and BSNL.
    While Airtel was my main connection, BSNL was a backup one !

    I used to love Airtel, but now, I am thinking to PERMANENTLY switch to BSNL.
    Are BSNL people are better than you ?
    NO, but they dont tend to cheat us !

  5. Abhinav Anant

    I agree with Gowrishankar’s thoughts. I was an Airtel customer and there services were really very good, when I shifted to another town there was no Airtel landline so I opted for BSNL (customer service sucks but the download speed is fantastic). The thing is, I recommended Airtel to many people and now after hearing this “fair usage policy”, I feel sorry for that.

  6. Raghavendra

    I too have 2 connections; BSNL and Airtel
    While Airtel was my main connection, BSNL was a backup one !

    I used to respect Airtel, but now, I was thinking to PERMANENTLY switch to BSNL, for which i have already informed the Airtel to disconnect their services, henceforth….Guess what, they called up to apologize and since me being an ‘elite’ customer they would roll back the Fair usage policy, in my case!
    BSNL customer care is not up to the mark…but mark my words their speed is awesome!
    And, most important one,BSNL DOES NOT CHEAT THEIR CUSTOMERS!
    I dont know how many ignorant Airtel customers are taken on long rides like these!!!!!!
    Wake up Guys,
    Grahakar Jaago! We need to fight it out…or else we will go back to the 56kbps zamana while the world has reached the GRID speed internet.

  7. Jafsi

    Well its been almost 8 years that i waited for airtel to have a BB line in my area…
    all these years i wondered whether in airtel’s area coverage priority list, my area lies somewhere below the ”FORESTS OF AMAZON”

    ….now in 2009 they came into my area and i was really happy ….but when i heard abt their FUP…then I thought that my wait is still not over…

    Now i am waiting for something like TELEDESIC (Teledesic is a global “Internet-in-the-Sky” that will provide broadband and Internet access, videoconferencing, high-quality voice and other digital data services through a constellation of 288 satellites with a dish type antenna) …

    ONE day i have my own antenna and browse the internet just like Tata Sky…

    till then …


    Sapna toota hai to dil kabhi jalta hai. Haan thoda dard hua par chalta hai

  8. vini

    hey guys dont blame these poor chaps ….. they are not doing anything wrong, everyone takes advantage of loop holes in the system and they are doing the same, u see the TRAI people are not tht upto date tht they can keep their points and view infront of these big companies…. these TRAI people are fools i suppose tht they are still not doing anything about it.

    in other countries speeds are increasing and in our country they are reducing it… hahahaha… these companies are making a fool out of customers… blaming all of us for their poor infrastructure and trying to come out of it by paying as low as possible…. thnks a lot

  9. Anand

    Curious…… alrealdy their speed was slow and it forced me to change to BSNL, now it seems they are putting a cap on their unlimited customers? CHARMING!

  10. Avish

    If everybody starts using some other service (& stops using Airtel altogether) then only I think the “Fair usage policy” will change

  11. ajay

    completely against tradition, the bsnl service appears to be the best! a refreshing & pleasant change indeed.

  12. Fucking Airtel Broadband Service Chennai

    I applied for a broadband connection.
    While filling form that fucking airtel agent told will get connection in 3 days.
    If it is Reliance or Tata will get connection in a day.
    hmm… ok… 3days….
    After 3days also there is no response from Airtel.
    I called my agent to ask about its atatus.
    He was not picking my call.
    Then i wrote a letter to & nodel officer
    I wait for their response.
    But there was no use of that.
    Next day many times i called my agent to get connection…
    He picked up my call and said some problems….
    Connection will give on tomarrow…
    I told no! i want today itself or cancel my request…
    He told ill give you manager mobile number.
    I called his manager..
    And started a conferrence with manager and agent.
    Finally they told please wait for a day also.
    hmmmm…. I told ok.
    Next day…..
    I started calling that agent….
    Same response…
    Not picking my call…
    I have tried arround 6 hours…
    He picked one of my call and talked me roughly…
    That was ‘Today also cant give connection’
    I called his manager… he told wait..
    let me check with him
    i told …ok
    after 30 minutes i have tried to reach that manager…
    he switched off his mobile….

    This is the current status of Airtel broadband connection…………
    No Time sense….
    Fucking customer service….

    That manager # : 9940196072
    Agent # 9003390633

    Posted by
    Salsan Jose

  13. happy546

    Change your ISP to BSNL. It may surprise you but they are the cheapest yet most responsible Govt service provider !

  14. Kiran


    what the hell is that FUP in Unlimited connection…? if you implement it then it is a limited connection so better remove the FUP or Change the name of the connection as LIMITED CONNECTION.

  15. ShAnKeY

    xxxx Indian ISP’s speeds.Instead of increasing speeds ,they are increasing prices and introducing this Fair Usage Policy SHIT!

    I was a huge supporter of airtel but now i say -“F**K AIRTEL”

    Increase Speeds i.e. 256kbps should be replaced by 512kbps+ ,512kbps by 1Mbps+ ,and FOR THE LOVE OF GOD STOP CAPPING DATA TRANSFER PER USER BY INTRODUCING THIS FAIR SHIT POLICY and if you want to cap data then limit it to 60gb for 256kbps user and 150 gb for 512kbps users.OTHERWISE YOUR ISP WILL SHUT DOWN SOON.

    Airtel Broaband User
    New Delhi,India

  16. Abhijeet Gupta

    I got Airtel Unlimited yday because Mtnl speed was little slower n lslighly inconsistent. I am a delhi resident , so don’t know FUP is applicable here or not here. I am a heavy user ( average 45GB download a month with 256 kbps speed) So i’ll test it for this month. If affected then Airtel will be a one month thing only. Its my way of protest. Remove FUP or i’ll remove ur connection. Plus i’ll spread its bad word around, its the price Airtel have to pay for Unfair Usage Policy.

  17. Jotinder

    I have been using Airtel’s 256 unlimited connection for the past few months and on an average I end up downloading ~60GB in a month. I loved my Airtel connection and advised everyone to buy one too…
    But the Fair Usage Policy ruined the party and now I advise people to stay away if u really wanna take advantage of unlimited broadband usage…

    Sole reason for me taking unlimted connection was the freedom that comes with it.. no restrictins and no need to check ur usage on daily/weekly basis…

    Its not only unfair but illegal for a company to advertise a plan as UNLIMITED only to apply caps on it later… I feel totally cheated and want to drag Airtel to the court and make them pay for the agony they caused to me and to other Airtel customers with their UNFAIR FUP.

    I have already started bad mouthing Airtel broadband as my way of protesting. I am very active on number of internet forums and also know as a geek in my locallity, so a number of people take my advice before buyin an internet connection or nethin even remotely related to computers…
    After I heard of the FUP, I have already taken minimum 5 potential customer away from Airtel and I assure you I will continue to do so untill they do away with their FAIR SHIT POLICY.

    I am pretty sure there are thousands of technologically advanced users like me using Airtel Broadband and many people must be coming to them as well for advice… imagine if all of them start bad mouthing Airtel broadband… Airtel will be out soon enough…

    Airtel must be aware of the advanteages of mouth to mouth advertising…

    Airtel people dont you dare think… U can screw us… WE CAN SCREW U TOO!!!!

    I pledge if this policy is not removed soon enough… I will go to great extents to ensure no new customer join airtel broadband and also try to make existing customers to move to other ISP’s…


  18. Bhavin

    This FUP term makes no sense. Isn’t it fair to use the bandwidth you paid for. Many ISP’s are improving. Anyone with such terms will tend to lag behind, but there is a risk all adapt it. So we need to do something legally, i request all of us should send complaints to respective ISP’s, go through the complete procedure and then make a complain at DOT and TRAI. If someone can file a PIL, you have all my support.

  19. Dhruv Gupta

    Airtel is testing my patience. i recently got a business connection at over twice the price and all in the name of being a commercial connection. the speed sucked and when i called them to cancel- i got three callbacks asking me whey. then they were willing to even give me a home connection. i bet when i call them to cancel on account of FUP they will cancel out FUP also. i agree with the writer here who said they’re just trying to make more money out of the same bandwidth- in what way is this fair and to whom? why charge people for an unlimited connection then?

  20. sgy

    It is interesting that till today I can not get any information from 121 about FUP. Even the girl calling from main office in Mumbai had no idea what I am talking about. Interesting.

  21. Shreeraj S. Dabholkar

    Putting Download Restrictions on Unlimited plans defeats the purpose of Those PLANS entirely.

    And their claim that it is for the overall betterment of their service makes NO sense as they modify/remove the policy as for customers/areas as per their convenience.

    Airtel has given me the best Internet speeds so far downloads/streaming/online-gaming but seeing it apply such an abomination of a policy really sickens me.

    DISAPPOINTMENT is a staunch understatement.

  22. Santhosh singh

    This is really Unfair.
    Unlimited should be unlimited as it says
    Paying lot of rentals and not getting desired speed & data is rediculous

  23. pradeep

    This ***stard mittal needs to be taught a lesson by us consumers. lets all disassociate ourselves from anything that is airtel.

  24. S S Nagpal

    I have taken Airtel connection no. 05224003632 from 13-8-05 since the launch of Airtel in 2005 in Lucknow , we have been given GOLD NEW PLAN with the promise that we will get very high speed in internet but in use it was so normal we were not satisfied ,it was so normal as BSNL NETONE ,After some time Airtel Mktg. Executive Zeeshan Khalid visited us & promised us to migrate our plan into SPEED PLUS COMBO at 256 kbps (unlimited )broadband speed on Rs. 500/- charges . we changed the plan accordingly ,Mr. Zeeshan have filled the form and given us Tarrif plan chart which shows Rs. 500/- for 256 speed,, but when we received bill it was for TOP UP plan again I have been cheated by mktg, executive . we have complaint for the same & Airtel Rishab Jain (9935592989) visited our office & received complaint letter on 21-12-05 .mr. Jain have also said that he will correct our plan ,but it was not corrected again Airtel Ajay Dubey have visited our office and received complaint letter on 8-2-06 , we have been informed that I will get speed 256 kbps @ 699 pm , I have accepted this since june 2006 than you have been charged Rs. 699/- +taxes but I have been cheated by Airtel marketing man again and again . Now I have come to know that we have been given 128 kbps speed
    we are shocked to know that Airtel is selling plan in market for Rs. 599 with 128 kbps
    speed & 100 calls free & they are charging to me Rs.699 with 128 kbps speed without any calls free ,
    whereas there is no such as 699 tarrif plan Airtel are selling .we feel cheated
    by AIrtel

  25. Aditya

    That's why India has been awarded 115th position in world's internet speeds. What the hell could we download if we are limited to a 10 or 15GB per month? A lot of services like video conference, installation of softwares need high speed internet with no or higher possible download limit. The money companies have been charging for so called "unlimited" connections is not at all worth paying. They are making profits and we are losing our money and patience. Please roll back the fair usage policy on all the internet service providers.

  26. Saptarshi

    To the web master,


    Could you also please write a petition against TATA Indicom Broadband's Fair Usage Policy?

    Thanks and regards.

  27. SUMIT

    AIRTEL behave like a robber to its customers, both in prepaid and postpaid services. Do you know when you get you broadband and telephone bill, the discount which is subtracted from the amount is also taxed.
    I mean the discount received is also axed by airtel which is wrong and action must be taken.

  28. Peter S

    Great. India is a Third World country and the internet here costs more than it does in the First World. Thank you, Airtel, for making sure that India will always remain a Third World shithole.

  29. Grib

    No crap … man even with a normal connection it is really slow … now i fell like going to the pass with a 56k modem.

  30. Anshul Sood

    Its not fair on part of Mr. Mittal, he should be shamed of cheating people of their rights, money minded and controlling the internet world. Even though the speed of Airtel doesn’t match the speed assigned to individual subscriber.. all that we get to hear is that 512/8 = 64 so that’s the download speed.. dont know how far its true.. its upto us internet fraternity to stop exploiting of our money interms of internet usage which we all have rights for.

    1. Jatin

      You are absolutely right Anshul, it is 1/8th. I have a 1MBPS Airtel connection, and the actual speed is a max of 128kbps. I called 121 on Airtel landline, and they said that it is correct. We are already paying a lot for the so called highspeed connection, and now this nonsensical fair usage policy, which is totally cheating by Airtel and amounts to UNFAIR policy all the more as their sales calls the downloads UNLIMITED.

      1. Nealo

        @ANSHUL SOOD(Computer Illeterate)

        Hello man….first brush up your knowledge about speeds…
        Internet speed always measured in bits per second….
        But in our downloads we measure speed always in bytes per second….
        1bytes= 8 bits

        there is not a single ISP in this world who quotes speed in bytes per second…
        so dont complain…..learn something….

        1. Anshul

          Nealo (most nerdy creature in the world)

          I’m not a techie person as you are, nerdy! Are you here to check the illiteracy of registered users or just trying to deviate the topic ? What do you have to say about policy doesn’t that tickle your dead brain cells ? ps don’t try to behave like rotten up chicken embryo cell, pecking out worms without knowing what shit you take it from.

          1. Most nerdy creature

            u dont need to be a techie to know ur broadband speed….u r a failure coz u thnk sum1 who knows abt broadband is a nerd….
            i had no intention make u feel like a failure……ur home work… up to find more about embryos
            nyways look around the world…..fair usage policy is everywhere……it was created by the world class ISPs like verizon,comcast,sky

            nowhere on earth u get a completely unlimited connection….

          2. lordoftheweb

            Dude, talking about his lack of knowledge on the speeds is one thing. Shut up after that. The FUP from Airtel sucks. They are reducing already slow speeds at high costs. And halving it is not the way to go. And the customer is not informed about it.

            If this happened in US, aritel would have been in deepshit with lawsuits. Indians will, as usual, remain fools.

  31. Prashanth

    Guys, I was so fed up of this Fair usage policy from Airtel. I switched to BSNL. No FUP crap here.
    Works like charm. I advice you to do the same.

  32. Varun

    This is not crap …It is for real …maybe you haven't received the window that tells you about the activation of the so called "fair usage policy" when you use a significant amount of bandwidth…also as far as i know this has been recently implemented dont count your previous records ..

  33. AKS

    What is the issue guys. 100GB should be good for pretty much 99.99% of the users in India. And how much porn are these guys downloading anyways. 100GB should be enough for that.

    Anyone running a business should go for a higher QoS and pay more.

  34. Akash Game

    i didn't know about this policy until the day i found my speed reduced to half (crawling 128 kbps), than i contacted CC ,

    we all should go in court…. `they says its unlimited, but in reality its all so limited.

  35. disappointed guy

    i switched from airtel last year when its was 1.50 per min std.

    to docomo 0.01 per sec any whre in india. airtel is probably managed by traitors. they have brought in this FUP to drive out existing customers out.

  36. xxxxxxxxxxxxx

    F**k the fair usage policy, India is getting worse in this age of internet. where the world is going and where are we ? You all broadband providers should find a shame on you. This is a brat policy. India is highest taxed nation in this world. Why indians suffer all the times at the hands of these politicians. what are politicians doing ? They are finding the limits to F**k indians. Remove these politicians and bring new government is my word.

  37. airtelcustomer

    How can we complain to TRAI about this ? Airtel is misleading consumers saying packages are unlimited, while they actually have limits.

  38. saravanan

    I am using air tel products like post paid mobile, DTH, Broad band and I am planning to REMOVE these services very soon.. due to very bad customer service

  39. satish patel

    this is ridiculous. I only came to know about this when I reached to that level.. Airtel, this is not done..

  40. Manoj

    This in no means is acceptable. Not happy with airtel’s Fair usage policy… sucks…….very soon you will have lot of people switching their ISP.

  41. j.ram kishore inder

    i too support this petition ! i have been airtel customer for past 4 years ! currently i am using 1mbps plan unlimited ! because of this fair usage plan , now my speed has been reduced to 512 mbps ! this is not fair at all for an existing customers ! in abroad most of them r using 8mbps speed ! but in chennai i cant cross 1mbps speed itself for home use ! i am just unhappy with airtels decisions ! they r just killing all good will customers ! they have not even intimated me ! this is not F A I R at all ! technogies have been improved a lot in INDIA !

    Airtel please show some respect towards the customer and not commit daylight robbery like this.Otherwise sadly many of us will change to BSNL and trust me airtel this is not going to be a strategic move for in the long run as you will suffer more than gain in the long run.

    NOT F A I R , THIS IS NOT F A I R AT ALL ! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Rupender

    These new FUP limits are just ridiculous and should be removed or atleast increased to the older limits of ~100GBs. I have already reached 80% of the new limits within 3 days of billing cycle. These stupid limits mean we can't even watch videos or play online games forget downloading anything .. if the FUP is not relaxed we'll definitely have to change service providers …

  43. ruble

    I have an airtel 1mbps connection which became 256kbps within 4 days of billing cycle. I work from home a lot and thus the heavy usage but now thanks to this new absurd FUP i can't do anything. This definately needs to be removed if airtel wants to keep their market share of customers.

  44. lordoftheweb

    The worst thing was I was never informed about this. Suddenly I was getting 256Kbps speed instead of 512Kbps.

    Quitting Airtel if this continues. Even giving up my two Airtel mobile numbers.

  45. RameshJha

    I am using Airtel 512 Kbps connection-unlimited plan ..While I was browsing a message suddenly came up–You have spent 80% of AFU policy..I don’t like these meaningless AFU will not be removed then I am going to Quit Airte

  46. Madhav Sud

    Oh my god… a 15GB FUP on a 1mbps connection and after that , a drop to [b]256kbps[/b]?!! Airtel, are yu retarded?? do know what 15GB is?? I'll be on a 256kbps connection for half of the month now… atleast get it around 40-50GB FUP soon enough or im out as yur esteemed customer!!

  47. Himanshu Gupta

    Airtel Sucks Big time…i support this petition…Airtel owners Do something or else you are gonna lose most of your customers…

  48. manav chopra

    This ‘fair usage policy’ is unfair. First of all when a customer service representative from airtel calls he/she does not mention anything about this policy and begs us to upgrade our connections. Why should we pay such high prices for internet if we cannot get that speed for the entire month? stop trying to control the internet.

  49. Santosh

    WTF is wrong with you people ??!!
    You act like you own us for providing good service, but we returned the favour by spreading you brand name in broadband (word of mouth works a lot in IT industry).

    If you policy will not change, I will definitely change my provider.

  50. Nimish Mehta

    I hold Airtel broadband connection in Pune since beginning stages of your operation. But now I feel even after spending respective amount for my 512 Kbps/ 1 Mbps connection fair usage policy is causing me problem. This is quite upsetting me as other providers are giving same speed with less amount without any fair usage policy then why Airtel is doing it, is it because we are loyal customers.

  51. Anand

    Airtel u suck now. your "Fair Policy" is just simply unfair. If Airtel does not change its policy i will change my broadband provider, my cell number and even DTH connection….
    guys we can do 1 more thing, just make a community against Airtel FUP on facebook so that we can join it n we can show them…..

  52. Amandeep Sohal

    FUP sucks and should not be implemented, i with all my friends will say not to get an airtel conenction, cause their fuck up policy will not fuck us.

  53. rohi

    i support this petetion!!!!!!!
    this is a fair deal by airtel….giving a shock of change in policy to its customer in between without any notice.

  54. MACH

    A couple of thoughts on this issue.

    It seems Airtel's reason for the ''Fair'' Usage Policy is as follows:-
    ''A very small number of customers use an excessive amount of the network bandwidth, to the
    extent that it can impair the experience of others. The intent of Airtel's Fair Usage Policy is to
    provide the optimum internet experience to all customers.''

    If there it's a ''very small number'' of customers that use an excessive amount, then why punish the majority of your customers?

    Perhaps Airtel should, invest in improving its infrastructure than place the burden on its customers.

    Also what is it about the term unlimited, that Airtel does not seem to understand? When a customer opts for one of your ''Unlimited'' plans- no amount is considered excessive! The term unlimited is just false advertising.

    Can anyone tell me the real reason Airtel is doing this to its customers? Is it to improve their profit margins? Greed? I would like to hear some theories as to the real reason…

    Airtel has caught its customers unaware by pulling this bait and switch. Needless to say, I will raise awareness of this issue by informing everyone I know about this. I used to recommend Airtel to my friends and colleagues, now I won't.

    If Airtel does not roll back this policy, I plan on discontinuing my service soon. Hopefully there are other ISP's out there who know the meaning of the words, unlimited and fair.

  55. Pranjal Shrivastav

    One dirty fish can ruin the whole pond. If all Bharti Airtel wants to play is filthy, it's our duty & an urgency to remedy the users from this disease destroying the Bharti Airtel's market share & presence. This needs to be done on the World Wide Web level i.e. on international level, so that the users around the globe could come in terms with this dirty fish, the Bhart Airtel. This will aware the users globally regarding the misdeeds carried out by Bharti Airtel & will help in opposing Bharti Airtel's present & future launches in the global market. Our combined efforts & participation to destroy this fascist policies of sick dictators like Bharti Airtel is the most needed step today, leading towards the complete vaccination of the rest of the market from this deadly virus. A distress call from the home country of this sick big fish will keep the global users & governments away from allowing Bharti Airtel in their domestic markets & thus closing the doors of Bharti Airtel's global expansion.
    Back in home it's a must that we aware the present & prospect user's(which aren't many these days) of Bharti Airtel about the cunning behavior of this company who is cheating on them one way or the other, directly or indirectly & also how important it's for us, we the people of India, to keep the other sectors of service providers healthy from this disease known as Fair Usage Policy which is word perfectly unfair & a white lie in it's every meaning & every stance.
    These steps will lead the Bharti Airtel & all such dirty fishes to either reevaluate their service norms or totally vanish from the scenario, both of which are essential & beneficial to the healthy service provider & end user relationship as well as the development & expansion of high quality fair services.
    The above mentioned will take some time to grow in colors but it's a sure shot permanent remedy. Put your act together people, make your appearance fir the cause on social networks, international forums & place distress blogs all over the internet against this fascist Bharti Airtel Ltd.. We are sure to join hands with users around the globe with similar distresses & we'll sure find an excellent remedy from those who already had defeated it's sibling diseases.

  56. Sourabh

    This is ridiculous. I thought Airtel Broadband was the only service provider with some ethics but i was again proved wrong.
    I think after seeing this "Airtel's Fair Usage Policy" lunacy its time to move to a different provider.
    This clearly shows the intent of the provider. Today its "Airtel's Fair Usage Policy" tomorrow it would something else.

  57. santhosh

    This is rediculous.!! how can they cheat on us… i was browsing the net 2 days back. Suddenly i got this stupid warning.. " you have used reached 80.pc of download limit according to fair usage policy" i hate this… i am in 512kbps plan… but suddenly it got readuced to 256 today…

  58. Sai Ram

    I believe Its been a lot more than 15 days from this petition, no change at all. Sad! I would like to meet the person/ team who thought of this Policy to be helpful. the "undersigned" will know what I will ask them :D

  59. vengatesh.n

    I signed for airtel because they said 512 Kbps unlimited ……I was so happy because a great customer support and uninterrupted internet so it was a great added package so i bought it….Days went they asked me to upgrade to 1 Mbps where they said they are just going to increase 100 bugs…It was so catchy….I never know that i was walking towards the trap. I accepted for the plan. One fine day i got a call that airtel have introduced Fair usage policy that the maximum download limit is just 100 Gb for a month. I was obnoxious…I was very badly disappointed….I called up customer support where they said "Sir you may not be use this 100 Gb completely….Before it comes to 100 GB the next billing cycle will come"…..Who are you to say this well you got me subscribed for unlimited plan and now you are saying it is just for 100 Gb…..Even if you are going to say 1000 time's hunny …Or customer is god nothing is going to change here for me.I have just got pea nuts for my money. Then i got nuclear bomb after 3 months My speed was reduced to 52 Kbps from 120 Kbps.i called in a customer support representative kept repeating the same stuff like a parrot” i am so sorry for the inconvenience”.I was pissed off because that is not going to fix my issue. Now I got a message for airtel if you are not going to lift this fair usage policy which is not fair actually ….We customers will show you what is fair. This is certainly not a joke. We undergo such a pain in our asses…..Change it or we will change our provider.I am sorry for a filthy language

  60. vengatesh

    I signed for airtel because they said 512 Kbps unlimited ……I was so happy because a great customer support and uninterrupted Internet so it was a great added package so i bought it….Days went they asked me to upgrade to 1 Mbps where they said they are just going to increase 100 bugs…It was so catchy….I never know that i was walking towards the trap. I accepted for the plan. One fine day i got a call that airtel have introduced Fair usage policy that the maximum download limit is just 100 Gb for a month. I was obnoxious…I was very badly disappointed….I called up customer support where they said "Sir you may not be use this 100 Gb completely….Before it comes to 100 GB the next billing cycle will come"…..Who are you to say this well you got me subscribed for unlimited plan and now you are saying it is just for 100 Gb…..Even if you are going to say 1000 time's hunny …Or customer is god nothing is going to change here for me. I have just got pea nuts for my money. Then i got nuclear bomb after 3 months My speed was reduced to 52 Kbps from 120 Kbps. I called in customer support THEN I CAME TO KNOW THAT THEY HAVE REDUCED MY LIMIT TO 30 GB. Without informing the customer How can you change the plan. Do you think that customers are stupid. Representative kept on repeating the same stuff like a parrot” i am so sorry for the inconvenience”.I was pissed off because that is not going to fix my issue and moreover that script was irritting. Now I got a message for airtel if you are not going to lift this fair usage policy….We customers will show you what is fair. This is certainly not a joke. We undergo such a pain in our asses…..Change it or we will change our provider.

  61. C.Srinivasan

    Hope Mr.Bharti Mittal can not achieve his vision to make airtel as the Most Admired Brand in India.

    I felt that I cheated by Airtel in the name of FUP, while the Broadband Line of my CybeCafe's [with 8 Nodes] Speed downgraded to 512kbps from 1Mbps by his morning and this FUP implemented without any prior individual/public notice, as mentioned in this appeal.

    Shame on Bhati's Business Style;

    TRAI should seriously listen to this appeal and the replies towards the need of the nation….

    1Mbps [02.07.2010 to 19.07.2010]
    512Kbps [20.07.2010 to 01.08.2010]

    1. operamaniac

      are you using a home package for commercial purpose?

      that is pretty much illegal.

      and this is one of the reasons why airtel is forcing FUP for home customers.

      home packages are not designed for commercial usage like cybercafes.

  62. Marcus Santiago

    I happen to buy more bottles of Pepsi than my neighbors do. Does this mean that after the fourth or fifth bottle of Pepsi, I should be handed empty bottles and charged the same price for them? Because after all, I'm consuming more Pepsi than my neighborhood, surely that's not fair on Pepsi, right?

    I have been a fiercely loyal customer of Airtel for many years now. As the petition says I too am a geek to whom friends come to for advice on what internet connection to get, what kind of phone or laptop to buy. Until now I have always wholeheartedly recommended Airtel. I use the 1 MBPS plan and I work from home. My work necessitates that I download large amounts of audio files, teleconference, video chat, and download podcasts and video podcasts as well. Needless to say I depend on my internet connection nearly as much as I depend on oxygen.

    The Fair Use Policy is insulting and deeply worrying for reasons that should be self-explanatory. Abusing the word "unlimited", Airtel literally expects us to pay good money for broadband, and then not use it. It's akin to being handed a car but told you can only drive it one kilometer a month, and then saying that you have unlimited use of the car. Or akin to my Pepsi example above.

    By the end of this month I'm switching to Reliance, since they appreciate and respect their customers and their customers' intelligence far more than Airtel and have no FUP policy. The sad part is, it still makes me sad to leave Airtel, who were until now without a doubt the best ISP in India, period.

  63. Raj

    I reside in Chicago and I am here on a vacation. I subscribe to Comcast over there and the unlimited plan there too has a limit. However, the limit is 250GB/month which is quite sufficient even for heavy downloaders like me. Here, I realized that the 4Mbps plan here has just 25GB of FUP limit. I hope you can raise it to 75-100GB at least initially and then in the next increment you can match the international standards.
    [2Mbps internet is a fundamental right in Finland now. We can at least increase our FUP limit.]

  64. nishanth

    i was a loyal customer of airtel and was also planing to take there dth..not any more because of FUP …airtel sucks they cheat customers..saying unlimited plans but its actually limited plan,,..nishanth

    1. bsin

      Don't even think about it. Airtel Digital TV is worse than Airtell BB. Charges are more than most, except probably Tata Sky. Plans changes at their sweet will. Picture quality is nothing near to what is advertised. Better ask local cable wallah for settop box. If you live in a place where it rains a lot, Airtel Digital tv is a strict no no.

  65. Vinsor

    Its not fair on Airtel. They have to either increase the Download limit to 150GB.. or remove the fair usage policy..

  66. Ashesh

    To be very honest I don't think this petition is going to make a difference. Airtel is a typical Indian business (at least it seems to be that way now) and it is only interested in acquiring assets all over the globe and leaving its existing customers high and dry.

    I wish someone in the top level BSNL management sees this as an opportunity and kicks Airtel out of the market once and for all.

    To Mr. Mittal, your FUP is a huge joke. And even if you revert back to your original policies it will still have done the damage. You've shown us the true face of your company and that trust can never come back.

    I used to recommend Airtel to my friends but now I'll make sure I don't. Tomorrow you're going to acquire assets in Pakistan and introduce another usage policy just because Bharti is having trouble affording all the acquisitions.

    I'm not going to be your customer for very long and once I'm done with your company, that's pretty much it for both of us. ;-)

  67. Varun Chadda

    When I signed up for their broadband plan, there was no mention of this "Fair Usage Policy" scam. They cannot retroactively enforce this policy. This is illegal. If they try this stunt on my account, I am going to simply switch over to Tata's Wimax, it's better and does not have the assbackward policies like airtel has.

  68. Nathos

    FAir USage Policy Sucks! period..

    Why do this When Airtel Broadband was Becoming “The Best” in Our Country and The Only One I Think is Worth Comparing to American ISPs Which Are Superiror ofcourse!!

    I Still REmain Ardent Airtel User be it DTh or Braodband or Mobile Services..

    Its infuriating that Airtel has Done this and Whats more Bothering is That they never Cared to Inform any Users WTF???

    Remove this Policy Airtel.. We Love the Company and Would Like it to Be the Best of All!!

  69. Charlie

    Airtel is getting mad now days and I guess the management is in a plan to giveup the Airtel telecomm services, both the mobile and ISP connection is getting worst and their customer service sucks none of their agents wants to help the customers.
    Now this FUP, is something that is implemented to cheat the customers, if I am paying for something and I should get it, if my speed is reduced so as my bill, if they are not going to work on this I will giveup airtel

  70. Achin

    We are 4 persons using laptops to connect to internet. We do study for entrance exam , watch videos on youtube.
    But FUP , for us means we can not share a bigger download speed. We wanted to share 1 Mbps line between us ,but FUP says we have a limit of 20 GB . Now this is funny. They want us to buy individual modems and think it will help reducing network congestion

  71. Jyoti

    THis is a total betrayal of trust displayed by Airtel. Well, once they start losing people's faith on them, God bless thier business in India. Im switching over to BSNL ASAP.

  72. kapil sethia

    This is too low by any standard, i think they should rewrite there corporate policy and moto " that we will do anything and everthing to make more profits"

    any way whats the meaning of unlimited if you have cap on usage

  73. Gautam Sirish

    Hey My Life is totally addicted to Internet :| I Download more than 4GB per day :|

    That's y i installed AIRTEL UNLIMITED PACK :| But u Backstab us by using this F**king Rules x(

    Don't ever continue this :) Better Take this Backand keep just like old times

  74. @SRK_IS_GOD

    I so wanted to get an Airtel UL Broadband for my home & office but this FUP ( Fu** the User Policy ) prohibited me to go for them.I applied for a Reliance WiMax 1mbps UL Wireless Broadband connection for only 1900/- with no FUP.I will seriously wish that all of Airtel's broadband customers will switch to Reliance.When Mr.Mittal see that he's loosing market share to Mr.Ambani , they will be forced to remove this Fu*** policy to regain the market share.

    I would suggest , give them 30 days.It's enough to change a policy for any ISP.And if they don't remove the policy then we will all switch to Reliance or BSNL.They need to learn a lesson & we can give that to them on their faces by discontinuing our connections.Otherwise i do not think they will ever give a damn about our petitions.We need to make sure that we won't be using their Broadband.Only then they will be starting to rethink about their policy.Thank You.

  75. Akash

    What a load of tosh by Airtel guys…Just wanna milk out more money from us eh? if this continues we should snap our broadband connections at the earliest opportunity..

  76. Syed Jamshed Ali

    I don't know why the hell always we customers have to suffer?
    First they recruit stupid customer care executives who can't even construct a proper sentence in English and lie most of the time to complete their calls, then there are network problems, cable problems and now this stupid policy!
    How the Hell can it be called an UNLIMITED PLAN when there is a limit to it? Why do we pay for an unlimited plan and then be limited due to some stupid policies??

  77. aswin krishna

    UNbelievable AIRTEL………can't you inform about this FUP………..shit… wat other fuckin job u hav other than informing ur loyal customers….u r gonna lose a lot of customers…….

  78. Ratish

    Fair usage policy ? cmmon ! First of all these buggers dont inform us of anything. Why the hell should the usage be restricted when it says "UNLIMITED'. BE FAIR to the Customers ! that's what they should be doing. And does this FUP thing even work work . My internet usage was very very low this month and still i got to see the trash page about this FUP, I am an 'Unlimited' customer.

  79. ideamonk

    I was told about 100Gb limit once the connection was fixed to my home. Where the F is the transparency. And the plan list proudly shows “unlimited” these days with no star markers to tell buyers about hidden limits.

  80. abhijeet

    completely unfair !! its like an unlimited buffet with limited good food !!! eat crap after that !! will u go 4 such a buffet???

      1. Sushubh Post author

        well FUP is a problem. no matter how large or small the limits are. internet is becoming a powerful medium and restricted access is not going to be benefit either the service provider or the customer.

          1. Sushubh Post author

            what kind of commercial use? who runs a cyber cafe at home?

            and if an airtel sales person is selling a home connection in a shop, it is airtel's fault not ours.

            airtel folks can easily report any user running a home connection for commercial reasons. this is for them to handle not us.

  81. AirtelSucks

    This is utter BS by the ISP that is one of the most trusted and most consumer-friendly.. Infact the best costumer service across all businesses.. They call me more than once to check if my issues are resolved.. :-)

    That said, they are trying to take advantage of the good will they have… When I opt for an Unlimited plan, I do so becos
    1) Its my wish..
    2) I need to download lots of things like Docs, Videos, Apps etc…
    3) I need no limits..

    Also as many have said.. I was never knowing this until I was redirected to a page which said I was using 20 % of my FU limit etc… Its only when I saw Beware show on CNBC TV 18 did i come to know how i am getting cheated…

    If Airtel is so hell bent on applying FUP, then once I use my quota of FU for a month, they should charge me only for the lesser speed rate that .. ie. if my limit gets over by 15th, and I am given 256 kps instead of the original 512 kbps, then from 16th onwards i should be charged only for 256 KBPS.. so if my BB plan is 899 for 512… then i shud be charged 450 for first 15 and say 400 for the next 15.. a total of 849 Rs and not 899.

    If airtel wants fair n/w usage, then make the billing fair too… else I am pulling out my BB connection soon..

  82. Rahul

    I object! This was not communicated to me when I purchased the service, otherwise I would not have bought a so called “Unlimited” Plan. This is utter bullshit. I am switching to another ISP if Airtel does not do anything to revert this ridiculous policy.

  83. Nitesh Gupta

    Dunno what airtel is upto, it is continuosly making a fool of all its customer, it just reduced the fair usafge policy to 20 GB!!!!!! what a joke, just made a calculation regarding the amount of bandwidth that can be used in a month

    Speed in KBPS Download that can

    be made in 1 month

    64 158GB

    96 237GB

    256 633 GB

    512 1266 GB

    NOw compare that to 20 GB!

  84. rahultheinvader

    Why were we not communicated first? How can it be fair then!! This is hypocrisy.. I am using Airtel broadband for the last 6 years. Always recommended the same to my friends. This is not just justified. An Explanation is demanded!!

  85. Sourabh Nagpal

    This new Airtel fair policy sucks big time……I used to recommend Airtel to everyone who asked me for a new broadband connection bt now i m thinking to shift to MTNL cos of limited speed provided by the Airtel…….n i think der many of Airtel’s exising customer would change their service provider cos if we are paying for 512 kbps per month den we should get this speed for whole month…….Airtel should either withdraw its unlimited plans or BULLSHIT fair usag policy

  86. magesh

    We have not been informed by Airtel about the fair usage policy. Suddenly I am getting a pop up in the middle of my browsing that I have reached 80% of the fair usage. This clearly irritates the customer and Airtel will definitely loose them. The purpose of us taking an unlimited connection(in the plan name itself u have mentioned UNLIMITED) is to enjoy unlimited browsing and not for counting each bit & bytes we use.

  87. Charanjeet Singh

    airtel started to suck !! ……….m gonna subscribe some other broadband provider ………..

  88. Amit

    This policy is just nor fair how dare does Airtel roll out without giving any notice then call centre also sucks their plans are expensive compared to MTNL. AIRTEL company better reveamp this if it does not want to have many disconnected users. MTNL has nice plans only problem is unexperniced service people which just handle modem pc connection side they are not too good. But MTNL is cheap & best connection in Mumbai

  89. ajay

    this is reallt fucking up compare to BSNL student plan

    before reading this i always worried about my Bill bcs we get more charge than usall what we expected and also my net get fucked after ever few weeks

    it must be corrected

  90. Parthiv Shah

    Airtel is sheet….They should upgrade their own infrastructure and equipment rarther than reduce customer downloads / speeds, .We are paying the same amount so i am going to cancel the airtel connection and looking for another ISP.

  91. Deepak

    We pay for a 2Mbps plan and should continue to get the same speed. This is not 'fair' to drop the speed to lower levels that will not serve the requirement of the subscriber. Very 'unfair' to the customer who pays extra for better speed.

  92. Soumya kumar

    Not fair….i changed from bsnl to airtel just for the sake of services!!!…bu now its further decreasing my speed!!…makes me think i made a bad decision!!!

  93. Atma

    I fully support this petition.

    I was proud of being an airtel customer, and recommended airtel broadband to many of my friends. But thanks to this fair usage policy, this policy is gonna help airtel make losses as I’m gonna discontinue using it and spread the word how “unfair” this fair usage policy really is.

  94. logan

    LOL you guys suck. Net speeds get doubled first noobs, then after enough usage get reduced back to what you jews were already paying for. jeez you guys are so old you should go back to snail mail.

  95. vishall

    i dont like "Fair Usage Policy"!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I have been a loyal customer for more than 4 years, but THIS is totally wrong!
    512kbps unlimited plan is not a unlimited plan.they cut the speed 50percent!!!
    we dont know why is happening!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    airtel customer care failed to inform!!
    totally failed!!!!!!!!!!!!
    this is totally loottt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this policy is loot for loyal customer!

  96. rajan

    Mr. Mittal from legal aspect cannot do it, FUP is just a tarn, Airtel has equally bad and used network purchased second hand all over the world, I will change over to BSNL

  97. Vinayak Sharma

    Any of you guys noticed that Airtel is now hijacking your browsing session, randomly for last two days it takes me to this is very very annoying as whenever I am doing something important like a credit card transaction or submitted a long written article all get lost as the browser takes me to that page.

    I am seriously considering a switch.

    1. Paras Chopra

      Yeah, hijacking of browsing session is *REALLY* irritating. It is simply unethical I’d say. Why the crap do they need to do that. Can’t they simply email?

      Wonder what kind of dumb product managers they have got. How can they treat customers like nothing.

  98. Gurpreet

    This policy has degraded the service a lot

    and the trust that people had on Airtel is dampened by this policy , the kind of service that i am experiencing right now is

    well below that we were using in the past and i strongly oppose the ” fair usage policy ” , whih is nothing but another business move to increase thier revenues

  99. Aditya Bajaj

    This is bad bad I get this stupid message all day this is cheating

    I want my network restrored to how it was

    We use this for our business and we spend hours everymonth looking at this stupid message

  100. Vijai

    Its slap on the Airtel System, being into such level and playing hidden tricks like this will heading down the Airtel to drain, you cant cheat trusted customer like this … at least a prior intimation would have given last impression … ever since i am using i do love Airtel but seeing current business tricks, Airtel would definitely took their realize the facts (down time started) … There is lot more to aim and gain .. don't ever think reached to No 1 and leaving peoples concerns just like that — "Every drop in the ocean counts"

  101. ankit

    i am leaving airtel for this reason only and will be back only if airtel removes it what is the meaning of unlimited or infinity lol i think airtel for got about it we need these petition about the fair usage policy

  102. A. Bathrudeen

    to all bloggers,Set a dead line date to Mr. Mittal for the rule out of this plan.If he didnt do tht then we disconnect our connections.Mr.Creator of this blog – pl set a date

  103. A.Bathrudeen

    UNfair usage plan….any one pl set dead line date to MITTAL to rule out this plan.On that day we disconnect our airtel connection.Mr blogger pl set a dead line date

  104. ABU


  105. Prasun Deb

    When the company becomes more important than the customer, this is what can be expected. yes I think the protest should be loud and clear. why not have it raised in parliament as well! Airtel should understand that business is not a set of gimmicks, there was no necessity to make a grand public announcement to upgrade all to twice the speed through press release etc. had they kept the business simple and added new higher mbps plans, it would not have come to this. had they further reduced the existing rates even marginally, they would have earned our respect. today Airtel stands as a mercenary in our eyes, who is interested in themselves first. i vote in favor of sending the petition to Sunil Mittal

  106. Parvase

    Airtel is losing sheen as well as good customers because of this. I have seen new techniques like lots of special offers proposed to customers who file to cancel their broadband connection. The policies itself are not the same across all customers. It differs based on the category of new/pre-bsnl customers/customers-who want to cancel their connection. etc.

  107. Dev

    Agree completely to the things stated above. This is like cheating! We get the unlimited plan, paying higher than the normal plans and this is what we get! I feel like I have been cheated! And the policy was nowhere in picture when we got the plan. So why does it apply to us?!

  108. Manan Bhatia

    Airtel has gone mad! It should remove this FUP OR else everyone will unsubscribe from this and would spread the word that airtel is useless now! How can they call a capped download unlimited? IF ANY AIRTEL STAFF IS READING THIS THEN REMOVE THIS OR ONLY U WILL SUFFER!

  109. A. Ranganathan

    I am subscribing to Airtel from April 2003. Of late I was noticing my Monthly Bills were going higher. Now only I come to know that they have introduced new (un)Fair Usage Policy which is not a reward for loyalty, but a penalty. I will soon terminating their connection if Airtel do not restore what has been our rights all these years.

    A. Ranganathan (

  110. partha

    Freaking scam. There Telcos do not want to increase their capex. Hecne they are resorting to these sort of nonsense.

  111. Udhay

    For more than 2 years I am using Airtel.. For some few days now the internet was very slow,.. mine in 512 unlimited..And the internet always goes to the useless fair usage policy page.. Now only I came to know of this policy by searching in google..fortunately found this blog…
    Airtel sucks.. they r cheating us..What is the time limit we have to wait for this policy to be removed if at all..Is this petition sent already..
    Please blog owner put the date limit in the petition itself, so We can wait till that and go for an alternative,.. mostly thinking of BSNL now..
    Thanks for initiating a petition like this..Hope Airtel comes to their senses soon…Long live internet…Lets see how Airtel lives..

  112. Udhay

    And Adding to my previous msg, I request the blogger of this petition not to wait for more no of signatures.. U send this as soon as possible, and U can send the added ( after u send this petition) signature and comments, on a later date.. and do so on..thanks for ur efforts..

  113. Jeyanth

    Airtel SUCKS SUCKS SUCKS!!! i havent crossed the FUP quota but airtel reduced my speed.. the showed me that ill get back 1mbps in next billing cycle.. its been 4 days since my billing cycle started… NO MAIL can work.. even a service engineer came to my home and he can do nothing… AIRTEL just gets our money and do nothing.. the customer care ppl who dont know local language(tamil) are disconnecting the call.. later they spoke to me and then did nothing..!!

  114. pj1234

    i am gonna unsubscibe artel broadband…once i use to suggest people to go for airtel broadband and today airtel has shown its real face..apni aukat dikhadi airtel ne..

  115. vishal

    either upgrade your equipments or don't give ulimited palns….simple as that…some people take unlimited plans for a reason

  116. Ruchir

    same thoughts from my side…

    i have been a subscriber for over 4 years and now for the first time i have to think about switching my service provider

  117. Falesh

    Wow, 15 GB limit on 1mbps? Its like saying, hey, we'll tell you how to use internet and take all your money, what are you gonna do about it?
    Stop scamming us Airtel! Change the Fair Usage Policy. I have always believed in Airtel. I've recommended it to all my friends and family, but now I feel cheated by it. If Airtel does not changes its FUP soon, I'll discontinue all services from Airtel and will advice all my friends to do the same.

  118. mohan

    It takes many years to build trust and develop rapport with the customer, while we were recommending airtel to our friends and relatives, we never realized airtel will stab us in the back with its FUP.. its absolutely unfair? the best option left for us is to find another isp provider and cut our relationship with airtel…:(… it will hurt airtel now but “every drop counts”, it will make a big difference to airtel in the long run…

  119. paras

    what have you done airtel ….its undoubtedly considering the best few days ago … but now its undoubtedly the mess

    you are not suppose to play games with your customers ……

    may be you played well …but you know that the consumer is the king of the market and always will be

    and know its our turn we'r gonna give you a spear with no reversal … we are going for bsnl the best……

    at the end its all your fault airtel ….

  120. aman

    fucking shit this is, i got my laptop and my wifi changed because of this shity thing. How is this possible . A stoop to 256kb/s from 1mb/s . i thought my fuking laptop's age has come. Im shifting to MTS hopefully , in a few days now

  121. ananjai

    Utter bull shit, I'm paying Rs 3000 a month for a 2mbps connection. just to end up using 1mbps for most part of the month.
    Screw Airtel.

  122. Crazycroc

    I was just sent from 4mbps to 256kbps within a week! This connection has a 12GB limit after which it becomes 256kbps. Insane. Down with Fair Usage Policy I say.

  123. Vinayaraj MV

    if they want to charge for usage after a particular data consumption, never name the plan as unlimited plan, just mention the plan with its usage limit and tell the consumer that they need pay extra usage. TRAI should make some regulations on aitel's fake advertisements.

  124. Shad Rizvi

    Airtel had been good all these times, thus grown out of proportion. Now, Airtel needs to be cut down to size. Shun Airtel (Bharti) products!

    And, no point in writing to Sunil Bharti Mittal. He feels he has grown too big to care for small voices. I had sent an email to him on his personal Email ID about my woes. I got a response well after 24 hours from his office. Its over a week and my woes have only increased.

    Now, this FUP is a criminal decision, especially, since it was not communicated to the customers till the bandwidth was curtailed.


  125. Ashish

    SHAME SHAME SHAME!! SHAME AIRTEL……. This seems to be a small grocery shop, nota corporate…. DESERT THEM…DISCARD AIRTEL NOW

  126. Aman

    And the monopolistic attitude is showing. What happened to the promises Mr. Mittal. We the loyal customers of Airtel feel cheated and disappointed.

  127. Rahul



    If I ever come up with the illiterate cunts in the board meeting who approved of this I will personally punch you in the face and break your teeth.

  128. !ceM@n

    I am not paying full amount for shitty service , because some M !@#$%^& ker calls it a fair deal .

    Sunil Bharti Mittal you are a f@#king noob. I love playing online games and you are cutting services and expect to be payed in full

    you noob chicken . Play dota with me I’ll f@#k you 100 times.

  129. Sundeep Kumar

    Airtel's Fair usage policy is not fair at all. This could bring them much revenue but they may lose many potential customers. I used to be with their service prior to this shit happened .

  130. aman

    15 GB is nothing????? Y THE FUCK DID I OPT FOR AIRTEL, my 15 GB finishes in within 3 weeks, then this shit goes down to 256 kb s Wtf is the issue?

    1. Avadhut

      my 15 gb gets done in less than two days. then for the remaining 99% of the time i am stuck with 256kbps. What was the whole point to pay for 1mbps if 99% of time i use 256kbps?

  131. Santosh

    I used to respect airtel very much but now they have shown their true face. money eating demon airtel is giving false promises. they are cheating customers like giving limited plans in the name of unlimited plans. instead of getting 1 Mbps in night i am getting only around 450 kbps. this is cheating. we customers are paying money we have the right to ask for the speed we have applied for. if airtel is restricting customers in the name of fair usage policy why the hell do they get money from us every month for the stolen bandwidth??? AIRTEL don’t try to cheat us. we customers are not fools. if airtel is enjoying a popular position in market it is because of customers like us. we dont want any of this fair usage policy bull shit and all. just give us

    my old true unlimited connection. that is what i am paying money every month. if airtel continues this scam we customers will start a campaign against airtel. we will tell people to avoid this FRAUD AIRTEL company and its false promises.


  132. aakansha

    Why limiting the unlimted plan? Are we fools that we buy such a high price plan and then get a scam like this ? I am surely and will look for better plans than this now coz i don't like companies who make blind promises to increase its own interest .

  133. Chandan R

    I've been Airtel broadband customer for 7 years now, even when i moved to different cities, my choice for internet would be airtel without a twitch. The FUP just hit me today on, my limits are over, and my speed is down to a minimal, and i feel like throwing up on Airtel. I don't understand what they were thinking by coming up with such a retarded plan, and i hope this will cost them a lot of customers, that may force them to revoke this plan. What i don't understand is when other countries are increasing their internet speed, what's going on in India? We're definitely moving backward now. Now my youtube videos take forever to load, and surfing the internet feels more like a pain. I live with my friends and we have 6 computers here, how the hell are we supposed to use all that on a minimal speed. I've always recommended people to take airtel for broadband, because the service was outstanding. But the FUP just blew all that awesomeness away. I'm a person who needs the internet a lot, for youtube, for music, software, etc. Now with this blasted speed, even video conferencing has become pityfull. I don't even know if this petition is going to help, corporates have become too powerful in our world now, don't know if common people can change rules if they are not fair to abide with. But I'm just writing this anyway, because I wanted to vent with you guys. If this is the way our country progresses, I think I will leave the country.

  134. Arul

    Hello Airtel,
    you may have your reasons, They may be reasonable…..but we are unreasonable people,only unreasonable people go for UNLIMITED, if we would have been reasonable people we would have chosen much cheaper, 2gb limited, rs.300 plan.OK….the purpose I am paying rs,1390 or something is I am never supposed to be held back at any level….we really do want to be unlimited….UNLIMITTED without any caps or policy on it…..SO airtel….Don't do this…it's very reasonable and we won't stand for it, if it goes on we may take some very unreasonble decision…

  135. Vaibhav

    These Sick bastards are truly punishable, I lost 16 GB data in just two days with a 512kbps conn. , now it reduced to 256 again…Why bother to give 512kbps in first place damn your Foolish Usage Policy….

    1. bharat

      16? they fuckin told me 10 then slashed my limit to 3 and i was slashed back at 256 kbps in just 2 days, same here buddy, but difference of name in fraud

  136. Kaameshwar

    Why do they even call it a UNLIMITED plan, if its gone gona have Cap of 100 gb or so per month. And when i contacted the customer care to get the details of my 1 mbps downloads details, they gave me a lame reason that their systems are slow so they are not able to access the necessary details. How long will the customers be robbed like this? And why do such things happen only in our Country? Shame really for such cheap tactics by the company and the in ability of the government to support such practices.

    We need to teach these people lesson. Should do something

  137. perspex

    i am a proud and happy owner of airtel broadband….and im very happy with my 2 mbps unlimited connection…so what i have to tell airtel..THE best company ever is…..F__K OFF YOU STUPID MOTHERF__KERS…..stupid d__ks…..fair usage policy?…GO F__K YOURSELVES and you stupid F__Ks dare write on your site UNLIMITED CONNECTION? make it limited b__t__ds..F__KING LIARS C__TS F__KERS and you fair usage policy limit is also so F__King irritating…i F__King feel like shoving my bettle modem up all your a__es…HOW THE F__K AM I SUPPOSE TO LIMIT MY DOWNLOAD TO 20 MOTHERF__KING GB WITH A 2MBPS CONNECTION…U F__KING TELL ME YOU B__T__DS…F__KING C__TS IF YOU HAVE TO DO THIS…then make the limits something like 100GB FOR FAST CONNECTIONS LIKE THIS….F__KING BASTRDS….im so pissed that i dont knw which F__King slang will take the pressure out on you UNCLE F__KERS. B__t__ds we are F__King wasting 1400 per month for a F__King 20gb limit and you raandis are playing HIDE AND GO F__KYOURSELVES in ur office. So airtel…..QUOTE ” F__K YOU” UNQOUTE

  138. eurobrands

    Really annoying policy. Airtel should better act very fast and change this. Sounds like a joke: unlimited plan and you get a message saying you reached your limit?:(

  139. Saurabh

    Before putting the cap on download speeds and defending them saying that they are also present internationally, I, first demand them to give the comparative speeds as present globally at the corresponding prices…!!

    Delhi, India

  140. namit

    airtel fucks i m going to close my airtel connection from today only and will want somebody to recommend me some other isp

  141. Avadhut

    Been a word of mouth publicist for Airtel fixedline broadband for over years now. But this "fair usage policy" is unfair in all respects. In my 1MBPS unlimited connection, I end up finishing my 15GB cap in less than 2 days. So for 99% of the month I am ending up experience 256kbps connection while I pay for 1MBPS connection! What's the point? Why should I pay for 1MBPS when in 99% of daily monthly experience I am actually using only 256kbps connection?

  142. Karn

    A drop from 4 mbps to 256kbps…are u freaking kidding me??
    What's the point of having a high speed plan when u cannot even download at that speed for 10 days…
    u are basically charging 1499 to download 25gb a month??…by the time someone reaches 30gb the month gets over…
    Stop trying to cheat the customers or atleast reduce the speed to a decent amount which does not not involve us waiting for ages for something to download…
    you cant even watch a video on youtube without pausing it for 2 mins.
    and live streamin is also not possible…
    what is the point of paying so much and not being able to download…this is just ridiculous…
    I have been an airtel customer for a long time now and have always told everyone to buy airtel..but if this is how things are gonna work from now on.. I don't think i'll continue with my own connection let alone recommending it to someone else.
    And i am pretty sure that is what other customers are doing too.

  143. Karn

    A drop from 4 mbps to 256kbps…are u freaking kidding me??

    What’s the point of having a high speed plan when u cannot even download at that speed for 10 days…

    u are basically charging 1499 to download 25gb a month??…by the time someone reaches 30gb the month gets over…

    Stop trying to cheat the customers or atleast reduce the speed to a decent amount which does not not involve us waiting for ages for something to download…

    you cant even watch a video on youtube without pausing it for 2 mins.

    and live streamin is also not possible…

    what is the point of paying so much and not being able to download…this is just ridiculous…

    I have been an airtel customer for a long time now and have always told everyone to buy airtel..but if this is how things are gonna work from now on.. I don’t think i’ll continue with my own connection let alone recommending it to someone else.

    And i am pretty sure that is what other customers are doing too.

  144. RaNJiTh

    I made the smartest decision of my life and i unsubscribed airtel today. I was not aware of the fair usage policy no one said a word about it as well and it all started when i was watching a documentary regarding area 51 and then the final part started to steam a bit lower

    " I was like wtf? connectivity problem once again? "cause the installation was before a month its already fucked up with the binatone modem. Nevermind that nor i cared because they have fixed it right away i loved them for that

    but i am a youtube addict and i transfer over 1 gb of data per day and then i realized that it was not more than 15 or less days my speed has dropped to 256 and the results from speedtest was not pretty


    I am not going to pay a 20$ hard earned 20$ for this bullshit speed!

    Goodbye airtel. Keep losing customers and thanks for the my airtel my gift reebok watch! the customer wins in india!

  145. ravi kanth

    This is a very disgusting thing to cut the very purpose of internet and that too just becoz they can't expand their own infrastructure. It is definitely a decision making time.. Mr. Sunil Bharati Mittal.

  146. Manish J.

    Untill few days back, I was really happy and content with the level and quality of Broadband service provided by Airtel in Karnataka. I have been a loyal customer of Airtel for 7yrs now. I have even suggested this service to so many friends and after all this, today i noticed my speed was downgraded to half speed????

    On one hand they say, UNLIMITED download and on ther other had they placed a CAP on it? After paying so much money, we are treated as 2nd class citizens and at the worst part is that they dont even send a Official Announcement to the customer. Since last night, I had made several calls to Customer Care and even escalated to thier managers on this mis-information and altering of my plan without my approval???

    After so much heated discussion with Airtel CC, I feel a need to look for a new ISP provider. It was a good run for past 7yrs, but this new policy change on unlimited plans is UNACCEPTABLE. I feel disappointment and betrayal from the Airtel. My only wish at this point is to remove this FUP limit before it destorys Airtel customer base for good.

  147. Chandan R

    this is sad. i cant use the net on a 256kbps speed. lol must be a joke. i'm going to disconnect my connection. F this policy! anybody has any good ideas on what new conn to take for 1mbps. i live in bangalore btw.

  148. Satisfied Customer

    In Bangalore, been quite satisfied with Airtel Broadband until they chopped my speed to 256kbps,today;and just 6 days into this billing cycle. It is scandalous in the least and and so today, I came across this FUP and I just wanted to tell the multi billion dollar owner of Airtel to shub 256kbps up their…….

    India is not moving in the direction of importance in the world because of policies like this, but on the contrary, in this crucial moment of history in our country, I think Airtel has succeeded in regressing the technology by at least 5 years with this scandal.

    I am discontinuing the service (Airtel) immediately as I refuse to sit silent while being scammed.

    Anyone is free to offer another alternative service provider whose sole objective is not to screw its own customers

  149. Neal

    Dam AIRTEL, i am paying Rs1099 for this unlimited connection , and now You are imposing this rubbish FUP and decrease my internet speed to 256kbits……………..NOT FAIR……….

  150. Nish

    Imposing a reduction in speed is one thing, but offering absolutely ridiculous limits in this case, is a cheap ass move!

    Getting rid of my connection, at the end of this month…

    I pray for the day when you will start losing customers at an alarming rate. Good luck!

  151. krupashankar

    what is this, i am the user of this broadband from last 2 years with unlimited plan, now they are applying this fup plan, yyyyyyyyy i think they want to close thier bussines, this is silly, and stupid, if they are not remove this plans i am dis connect this connection.

  152. VInz

    Seriiouslu people.. this is fu*king retarded move.. Maybe some sh*thead suggested this FUP, maybe he meant Fu*cked up plan… Better they remove this shit before they lose customers.

  153. Abhinaya

    This is why i changed to Airtel because you guys said there was no FUP !!! im probably going let go of my airtel thing.

  154. Sampath

    I sure am going to stop using AIRTEL. It is a stpuid scam by these money sucking people. Am switching over to BSNL immediately.

  155. vajrakrishna

    At the very least, if they want to introduce a Fair Usage Policy, they shouldn't implement it during the middle of a prepaid plan you have with them, as the plan was purchased under certain agreements. They cannot change the agreement midway. At the very least, they can say that after the current plan you are on expires its purchase, then all further unlimited plans will be on fair usage policy. Otherwise, this is a blatant cheating of the consumer.

  156. Jatin Wig

    This is ridiculous I understand the need for a fair usage policy but the limits are not set properly

    100 GB is nothing the limit, if any, should be somewhere around 250 GB

    like other ISP for eg comcast

  157. Raaj

    I can't believe this! they are not doing anything about it…they know people dont have time for changing and installing the new connection hence they're doing this…BUT NOT ANYMORE! i am switching to MTNL TRI Band.

  158. anil

    If any other service provider listening then they can easily get customers by giving good services , airtel is useless company.

  159. jelostalins

    This policy is 'Unfair Usage Policy' by Airtel…. What is the meaning of UNLIMITED plan… are those in iirtel making fun of its customers…. have to fight those guys…. iam in 512 plan and now i cant even do any of my regular work…. do they think they have customers who take anything for granted, say goodbye to airtel… iam going to do that….

  160. Nitin Chauhan

    I will cancel all my connections , I have around seven connections … Today itself …… it a conjob …. cannot even check mails the speed is so low…. Will migrate to BSNL , the most trusted one….

  161. einstein

    It is because of people/zealots like us that that unfair practices are sometimes curbed and sometimes stopped. And it is upto people like us to continue opposing unfair practices not because we want to be great heroes to be applauded by all but because we dont care one hoot whether unfair practice gets established or fair practice prevails. It is because we dont allow prejudices and upbringing to cloud our judgement. We tell the world what we think is fair and unfair keeping in mind that my thinking may be incorrect and flawed and may be unacceptable to others. But I will do what I like to do. I will continue to tell everyone what I consider to be unfair and accept whatever punishment life throws at me and enjoy life as much as I can. One thing I will never do. I will nver be untrue to myself.

  162. jimil patel

    i used to boast about to my friends about my connection…
    also suggest them to change to airtel…
    fair usage policy screwed airtel ! if airtel continues to do so, it will drop of peoples invaluable trust and reliance on the company !
    now i feel even bsnl is better !

    they have a tagline about “impatience” but impatience till you use up the first 5-10gigs ? thats just eating up the ice-cream very fast instead of doing it slowly and then tell you that we provided you a great speed ! it sux ! if airtel is willing to hold on to its customers,,,has to drop this crappy policy out !
    Peace !

  163. sai gopal

    Dear sir,

    This is to complain about Raman sharma (officier sales) bharti airtel services

    limited,342 new jawahar nagar jalandhar.He was polite at the time when we went

    for new connection of airtel broadband as soon as we had new connection then

    now this airtel employee is spoiling the name of airtel so this is an urge to

    higher authorities he is not returning my neccessary documents . he is not

    responding every time when i call him then also he doesn’t accepts my calls

    every time he gives excuses if recieves.And regional office is also having

    casual approach to my problem because of that original rent agreement i am

    facing many problem as i am not able to submit my address proof to many places .

    and you will be astonished to listen that after i received the call from customer care i am still unsatisfied because i still not received my original documents from that airtel employee.

    my connection on the name of sai gopal .

    complain of irresponsible employee-Raman sharma

    phone number of raman sharma- 9876617971

    my phone number-01814617740,my account number-16167513

  164. Piyush Balasaria

    It does not augur well. I have been a airltel broadband loyalist myself just because of good quality of service and getting atleast promised speeds in kbps on unlimited plans. FUP is a shocker coming from a company like airtel, lost my faith in airtel.

  165. Imran Kazimi

    I would also prefer a truly unlimited plan. Imposing a data transfer limit at which the speed gets reduced, makes the plan useless for anything apart from mild web browsing.

  166. Aady

    This is so ridiculous on Airtel's part and this policy was never told before. Airtel is going to loose its old customers for such crapy and UNFair policies !!! If Airtel dont remove its policy its about to loose the completion from other broad band providers.

  167. Swing2Kill

    I have always been an Airtel fan, recommending Airtel over any other brand in the BB arena. The news of a ‘Fair Usage Policy’ hit me like a bolt, coz it was unheard of ! For itz brand-name, Airtel is obligated to at least proactively inform itz customers (leave alone their reactions to this!). Such a SAD DEMISE !

  168. Arundhati Shetty

    The Airtel's fair usage policy is a scam because
    (a) When the consumer bought the service , it was not indicated at all
    When speed is 50 % of Internet Service Experience cutting it down so drastically means that Airtel had reneged on it's commitment
    I too will withdraw my connection to Airtel if this continues , because it is not worth it ..Definitely google for other options

    Arundhati (Airtel broadband user)

  169. Suresh

    its completely stupid and airtel is on the verge of losing big customers ..if they are not going to look at this,they are out of this market for sure

  170. Manjeet

    Hopeless!!!As if you were doing us some kind of favour by providing us a broadband connection whichcan be comparable to only 3rd and 4th world countries….You see to have taken the growing Indian market for granted…what makes you feel that this will be taken lightly by indian consumers…when you fight for your business right..why not for this useless policy…If you feel demand is high…improve infrastructur…This is no way to approach the growing demand. God save your Business!

  171. Shiva Prasad MB

    Its like buying a connection which does not have the teeth to bite. I have been using Airtel for sometime and looking for an alternate provider who can at least ensure that the base speed is 1 MBPS.

  172. Leo

    Another scam in making under the disguise of “Fair Usage Policy”. Since telecom/ broadband companies wanted to garner more revenue out of existing infrastructure they lobbied with politicos to bring a new bill which would help them in delivering inferior services at the same price thereby the saved bandwidth would be sold to new customers at additional price.
    Old Unlimited Connection: Bandwidth of 512kbps: Cost INR 600.00
    New Unlimited Connection: Bandwidth of 512kbps: Cost of INR 600.00
    Case: By 15th of the month user exceeds 5GB download limit and speed reduced to 256kbps for next 15 days. Service provider is saving bandwidth of 256kbps for 15 days hence saving of approximately INR 300/user/ month.
    Fare Sharing of Scammed Profits with Politicos: UNIMAGINABLE

  173. sammy

    even if they have a fair use policy, what I was really pissed about was, when you cross the download limit your speed is reduced to stupid 256kbps!!!!!! from 2mbps … ….WHF …… you cant even voice chat on 256kbps………… it was atleast 1mbps even then I am ok with fair use policy ……… and the limit should be atleast 100GB for a 2mbps connection against the current 40GB which is absolute nothing …… too bad we have no option ……


    Fair Usage Policy is insne…
    one year back, after lots of request my parents upgraded my internet broadband from MTNL to Airtel..
    But now from last 3 months, my usage has increased repidly, but every mid of my month my speed start to reduce, that time i thought this could be some technical fault but when i verified from customer care they told me that my usage has extended to limt of 8gb,,,.. so i said so what I HAVE UNLIMTED PLAN!!!! then he said yes you have unlimited plan but with that Bullshitttt Fair Usage Policy.
    that made me heart, as i was like a big fan of airtel but with there this FUP move, has made me anti-Airtel….
    Mr. sunil bhatia mittal i want to give you free advise YOUR TIME IS OVER..
    either do what we(customers) want or sooner or later there will be a big TALA on you Companies Gate..
    MIND IT………….

  175. Kiran Rathode

    Lets pick up our phones and call all our friends and ask them to STOP using AIRTEL.

    I found there is no upper limit for MTNL/BSNL's unlimited plans. Now a days they are also providing better support. Their Unlimited Plan means 'UNLIMITED'.

    I am sure that very soon Mr. Sunil Bharti Mittal, Chairman & Managing Director of Bharti Airtel Ltd. will also start using MTNL/BSNL's unlimited plan.

  176. manish taneja

    this is just a new method of making more money by providing half the thing and fleecing the common man i feel that mr bharti mittal has already made crores of rs by implementing this policy

  177. Anujeet Ghatak

    Airtel FUP is a bullshit and is the biggest scam possible in the broadband industry.
    I have a 4mbps connection and this month the bastards say that I have reached the FUP limit in just 5 days when I travelled for three days among those 5.

  178. Escorts

    Airtel FUP is a bullshit and is the biggest scam possible in the broadband industry.
    I have a 1mbps connection and this month the bastards say that I have reached the FUP limit in just 5 days when I travelled for three days among those 5.

  179. perspex

    FUCK U AIRTEL…..I PAY 1899 per month for 256 FUCKING KBPS? FUCK U…..had enuf of you and ur nonsense crap!!!! DISCONTINUE IT…or i’ll terminate u all!

  180. Arun,chennai

    Hit by the FUP bus from Airtel. DOA to BSNL. Hope the funeral takes place well atleast! Bu-bye Airtel. Bu-bye cruel ISPs..

    Remove your FUP and give your consumers an after life….

  181. Crkdln

    Hey, I have been using Airtel for a long time now. And have recommended it to a lot of people. Those days are over now.
    Their billing system is screwed up and I have been struggling with them to reverse their mistake for months.
    And now this nonsense!!!

    Airtel you got a lot of thinking to do. You can sell this to the guys who don’t understand a thing about the internet and their usage and bill them anything you please, but don’t go pissing off the guys who understand it and who “sell” you to others.

    You continue with this and you will lose a lot of loyal customers who will take off when competition comes along.

    Hope someone is listening.

  182. Brianchhangte

    Hell..I was always happy with Airtel sevice and now i feel as if i have been robbed.Anyone knows a good internet provider that has a better service ?

  183. Moin Syed

    Hope Airtel mends its way. All the good service provided will go in vain with the patrons on the verge of leaving.

    Hope it does not go into oblivion like many ISPs in the past.

    Myself being an avid airtel supporter will leave if this sham continues!

  184. Rajesh

    I ve been a customer of airtel broadband, landline, airtel digital and airtel gsm for last 5 + years. I ve already stopped aitel digital as I could find a provider with much higher channels in the kitty at a lesser price at a comparable quality. I was also fed up of the disruptions and restarting the set top box.

    I just saw, for the first time, “the fair usage policy” message, and my immediate thought was that you are breaking the contract we had entered – the meaning of “unlimited” and the meaning of “a bandwidth that qualifies to be broadband”. I would hope Airtel will reconsider this and correct this “hubris” policy. My next steps – 1. Terminate the connection. 2. Discourage anybody whom I come across considering airtel.

  185. hemanth

    Guys , please advise to all your friends that never ever go to AIRTEL.AIRTEL is meant to harass people.. In my case i had disconnected my broadband connection in sep 2010, and airtel mailed me oct bill. i neglected it and suddenly this week they call me and tell me to attend lok adalath. They did not even serve me legal notice and just said in phone to attend a hearing. u know the notice period was As i could not attend , i sent my father with all the proofs related to disconnection of my broadband in Sep. My father(Ex service man) went to adalath and waited for 4 hours and finally came to know that there was no notice. This is how AIRTEL treats its customers. I had high hopes on AIRTEL initially , but now they are no better then cheats. And the people in Airtel legal department speak as though we are all cheats. I got frustrated with them explaining my case.

  186. Tariq9112003

    not fair airtel…just because you cant impose rules on cyber cafes doesn’t mean you make worse for us residential users.

  187. Chandradeep

    airtel’s fair usage policy….and i thought this company was different from others. Same Shit Different Name..nothing else this stupid airtel. Like this if you want to show airtel a BIG MIDDLE FINGER for their FUP. Thanks a lot for reducing my speed from 2mbps to 256 kpbs GAYTEL!

  188. Tanuj Lakhina

    Small questions for Airtel to answer for me please :

    – How is it unlimited connection when there is a cap to the usage in terms of download/upload?
    – When we pay for a 1mbps connection, the speed would maximum reach that of 512kbps. Where’s the rest?

    Please stop scamming the users into believing your “unlimited” and “high speed” plans.

  189. Vishy

    That was sweet my speed is reduced at the end of month to 256kbps? i will surely disconnect if its not fixed up. I bought the plan 6 years ago not any new subscriber :)

  190. Rohit Pillai

    Airtel lauched a 1mbps plan in our area (Thane, Maharashtra), and lauched an aggressive marketing campaign urging people to take up the plan with an offer that in case we keep using said plan for 3 months, they would upgrade it to 2mbps at no extra cost, and no change in rates.

    Said 2mbps lasted for a grand total of 5 months, after which they not only downgraded the plan to 1mbps, but now are wholly denying that they ever launched such a plan. This is further followed up by imposing an as yet undeclared fair usage policy which downgrades my speed to sub 128kbps levels. Upon further pusuit of this issue with their CC all we got was this plan is how its going to stay, we cant help you, so pretty much a “You’re screwed, thank you come again” type of message. This is really depressing that a company can stoop so low :/

    1. Arun Hooda

      Totally agree with you. I have been customer for long 6 years period but what am getting ? nothing but false and non-existing unlimited plan. I am disconnecting now :) calling 198

  191. Mailtokumar2011

    airtel really shame on you.this is a policy which loots the customers who in fame of good service,surrender to you and you in heaven.

  192. ajit


  193. ajit

    For now i am 100 % positive , that these private isp’s are also ditching people . This time its MTS company . I have been using this data card for a while. Problems – 1st , they don’t provide speed that they garintee ( 512 kbps instead of 3mb in my case) , 2nd , they say its unlimited for 999 rs per month but they don’t mention about ” FUP ” shit ( which i may case is 12 gb cap ) after that the speed is reduced to 126kbps , which is like some obsolete speed from Akbar time ( inadequate for bufferig videos) . 3dr, They all use the same software for connection weather that goes for Tata docomo for MTS blaze , which also has gadget to check your ur total KBPS usage from time to time ( which i keep on checking daily ) , and the fact is that the gadget is another fake thing which tells u the wrong figure , which is a long story i would’nt like to mention . BUT ONE THING IS FOR SURE , THAT THESE COMPANIES ARE RIPPING U ALL PEOPLE . THEY ARE FAGS , TRYING TO SHIT ON OUR HARD EARNED MONEY .

  194. Ahmed Choudhary


    Airtel Broadband 2005-2011

    You did a great work all these years (Except when you tried to pull your selfish and cunning trick disguised as FUP) , and you shall be forgotten instantly (except when it comes to giving a burning example of a successfully-failed service), you know that you brought this unto yourself , don’t you ? You had the chance and the opportunity to change, but you chose ignore to all those 100 thousand frustrated consumers voices, you son , you lost your ground while aiming for Heaven with your greed and fell into your own grave.


  195. Rashesh

    When i signed up for unlimited plan about 5 years ago … there was no FUP policy mentioned in the contract that i signed & and was also informed by the airtel guy that there would be no modification in the plan even if new plans emerge.

    Even airtel accepts this on on its website..though when i spoke to customer care they denied this ()
    if you look at the table under certain plans

    >>>>it shows FUP = N/A

    what airtel did was that they purposefully(without the costumer’s consent) upgraded the speed and then introduced this CRAP POLICY(FUP) later saying that it created a new plan.

    Believe me from a legal point of view this is a complete eyewash.. it has violated the terms of the Indian Contract Act..

    if somebody has such Documents(the contracts signed earlier) i think they should approach the consumer courts..and send a message to these cheapsters….

    Furthermore i would request people to come with a group on facebook (including broadband forum) to protest against this…

    moreover… for those who do not understand how this FUP affects you:

    ” well the conclusion is that the costumer pays 3-4 times the price of the product indirectly”

    In the end…I am Really greatful to “” for helping us share our voice….

    “Democracy= No Fair Usage Policy= You Cannot Define ‘UNLIMITED’ = FREEDOM does not have limitations”

  196. Ritrup

    Why drop to 256 kbps from 2 mbps, airtel could have reduced it to half i.e. 1 mbps. I don’t know what logic dose this FUP apply. I have also been harrased with there stupid Games on Demand crap. I never used it so changed my plane which didn’t have it, but I kept getting charged for it every month. When I asked them they told me it’s between you n the GoD provider Airtel can’t help(and they said it in a you take it or leave it attitude, we don’t care). I so F@#@ing hate them.

    About time I moved to another service. I ‘m not only going to change my Airtel broadband, I’ll change my Airtel landline and Airtel DTH service too. Enough with all these non-sence.

    I here by request all of you to discontinue with airtel rather than writing Petitions, as it is going fall into deaf ears. When they start lossing customers then they will think of doing something.

    PS: Airtel ” CUSTOMER IS THE KING” in case if you guys have forgoten it.

  197. airtel=scammers

    no cap was mentioned when i got my data plan 5 years ago and now i constantly get the ‘u r ****** sir’ message brought to me by the ‘airtel fucking fair usage policy’ ,gonna switch to bsnl or tata now,go **** yourself airtel

  198. Satish Saravanan

    I dont understand why most of you are against Bsnl Broadband, I have been using it for the past 4 years with no problems whatsoever, base download speed is 512 Kbps for ‘Unlimited’ users and no Fair usage policy. Most of the complaints about slow browsing experience may be due to the DNS servers used by Bsnl, why not use Google’s free Public DNS which is a whole lot faster. Do you know that Airtel charges extra for DNS service? If you ask me I would say its a fucking scam no doubr.
    My advice is, switch to Bsnl and ask your friends to do the same. Peace.

  199. Mandaa

    This airtel broadband sucks!!! Especially that FUP!! i am migrating to another service… 4 days 1mbps and 26 days 256kbps for 1100 plus tax(11% or smt)! bye airtel!

  200. Yasir Ahmad

    i solemly agree with everyone who believes this is a “freaking scam”
    i seriously cant digest 4 gb fair usuage for my 256 kbbs. plz give back us all what we deserve

  201. nb

    I signed in for airtel broadband like 7-8 years ago..have been using airtel connection since god knows when .. Although every other cellular company provides better options than airtel but i still choose to be with airtel cuz.. i kinda like it .. But is this what they do to their age old customers.. I mean .. Doing everything they can to piss them off ..again and again .. They don’t leave any room for anything we can say or do .. i mean .. i got the unlimited plan cuz i download a lot .. a lot means around 60-70 GB pm if FUP is happening so that means everybody who loved these bastards will have to switch .. and i pray to god ..either they fix this or they are screwed ..

  202. Sumanth

    Airtel is unwilling to spend on infrastructure and bandwith. They are trying to use FUP to churn out as much profits as possible with the current infra and bandwith. In the end it is the customers like you and me that are cheated and harassed. TRAI seems to be not acting on the issue. Another example of crony capitalism in our country. When the rest of the world is speeding up on the information superhighway, we in India are still stuck with broadband description as 256 Kbps. Airtel along with other telecom companies offering bandwith should abandon this FUP concept.

  203. Mobeen

    Unlimited – not limited, unconfined,boundless, infinite, vast, without any qualification or exception, unconditional.

    When someone says unlimited and then puts the fair usage policy clause, it just doesn’t sound write. I would be happy to learn the new definition of unlimited if it has changed and i missed it because my internet speeds just bombed.

    I analyzed a few plans from Airtel under the “Unlimited” tag and here are my findings.

    a) The plan/ speeds
    b) Fair usage policy limits (FUPed limits)
    c) The time (in hours) you can enjoy ur speeds according to ur plan
    d) the time (in days) you can enjoy ur speeds according to ur plan
    e) maximum u can download with the FUP capped speeds (in GB) in a month
    f) maximum u can download without FUP caps (in GB) in a month

    a b c d e f
    mbps limit(GB) time in hours time in days maximum download under FUP maximum dl without FUP
    0.5 20 91.02 3.79 127.60 163.47
    1 25 56.88 2.37 175.97 326.95
    2 30 34.13 1.42 185.97 653.90
    2 40 45.51 1.89 116.73 653.90
    4 50 28.44 1.18 128.61 1307.81

    Hope this helps in identifying the best plan or service provider for u. The Airtel highspeed unlimited plans are anything but unlimited or high-speed. correct me if i am wrong, i’ll ask my school to pay my money back for teaching me the wrong definition of unlimited.


  204. Ruru Koshy Varghese

    I was a happy customer of Airtel… I am really unhappy with Airtel… now…’cause of their FUP plan… 1 mbps…25GB… It will finish in 10 days…rest of the days… I gotta be with 512 Kbps..Are they gonna reduce the money for it… No… I need to pay entire amount…I would have been taken their 4 Mbps plan… but their is no use… after the FUP limit it will be 256 Kbps… Are we living in 20th Century… 25 GB & 50 GB and 256 Kbps are not enough for this 21st Century…

  205. Amityadav

    Its really really bad.. having to live with such things.. and not able to do anything about it.. shame on our government.. that companies can create such policies and take the country backward…

  206. Himadri Singh

    I have airtel FUP limit plan, every month they keep on saying that you have crossed the limit but there own software selfcare shows that the usage for whole month is not even near the limit. No. of calls to customer care/mails to 121/nodal/appellate but no-one seems to be working on it.

    FUP Sucxxxx!!!

  207. Black Ginger

    This cannot be tolerated. Airtel has to withdraw this or else at least I would switch over to another service.

    Neeraj Bhas

  208. Ex Airtel Customer

    The implementation of FUP is complete nonsense. It goes against everything that the internet was built upon. A move like this by Airtel does nothing but showcase the fact that the company is being run into the ground by a management team that is completely clueless on what it takes to build a long term success. It is only a matter of time until every existing Airtel customer migrates to a provider that is NOT implementing FUP. Goodbye Airtel. – Ex customer (of 5 years)

  209. H.Misao

    Imagine 81,000,000 people using the same unlimited plan (without FUP) wht would happen to the Service Provider Servers¿¿ We will end up without internet for days to fixed the errors. To make it very simple to understand we need Traffic Lights to avoid accidents and have better control over the speed.
    FYI : FUP is not only in india, but worldwide mostly known as FAP Fair Access Policy.

    1. operamaniac

      if you research, airtel has enough bandwidth accessible to them that can provide all their customers with 10mbps unlimited connectivity.


      they have shown no interest in a very reasonable proposal. let us pay for the bandwidth at saner pricing. pay as you go ensures that connectivity is not misused and they still make a tidy profit from everyone.

      1. Mobeen

        If there was a problem or limitation with their bandwidth then why would they introduce something like BroadBand TV?
        They have bandwidth… they want u to use it… just not on other websites but on their stupid Broadband tv, – I tried it… its awful quality and terrible channel choice… most importantly no live sports channel… i mean what is the meaning of GOLD pack if all u can see is a couple of channels????

        1. operamaniac

          it gave them lots of free press. tv on internet. a lot of articles confused it with internet tv. i imagine some confused it with iptv. the service is designed to be used on mobile phone screen sizes. heh.

        2. Mathew Carley

          Their TV is rebroadcast from local sources (by which I mean, they aggregate streams in their network and redistribute those streams to their customers in a “one to many” fashion), which doesn’t really create a bandwidth problem considering it never strays out of Airtel’s own network.

          Building a network with uber amounts of intra-network capacity is easy, building a network with uber amount of inter-network capacity, well, that’s a horse of a different colour and requires extreme amounts of planning. Honestly, it keeps me up at night.

    2. Mathew Carley

      Seconded, although there’s no reason that they can’t also make concessions for domestic bandwidth (disinclude Airtel local traffic) and improve caching for the most popular sites.

      In my country, somehow ISPs survive quite nicely with 1/30th as much bandwidth for 1/10 as many customers as Airtel. No unlimited plans, of course, but it’s always pretty fast compared to what I’ve experienced in India.

      As much as I hate making comparisons to the US market (it’s a bad example, but we’ll run with it for the sake of the argument) Airtel charges close enough to Rs2000 for a plan which has a FUP of 50GB before being reduced in speed, yet in the USA for about the same price I could pick up some 6mbit/s ADSL with a FUP of 150GB.

      So, at the end of the day I think what it comes down to is value for money – few Indian ISPs are providing it, even on their higher-end plans and they don’t even come close to matching their counterparts abroad, and I think a lot of consumers feel a bit ripped off by it.

  210. Ajit

    Every single telecom operator is trying their level best to screw people . FUP : ((((((we never had it , and we don’t want it .))))) Take the money and shove it in your ass but do provide us with “unlimited” internet speed . I don’t want 2mbps , i just want my 512 kbps speed back . Please don’t play with the a Swiss knife , cause it won’t only cut you but can do a lot more than you operat0rs can possibly think of . I am an India ,and I pay my tax regularly . Please don’t play with my patience , cause it can get a lot more worse . THIS MESSAGE GOES FOR ALL THOSE TELECOM MO#$ER FUC#@NG OPERATORS . “” DON’T BE A GLUTTON “” . GIVE WHAT WE NEED AND TAKE WHAT YOU WANT … (((((((JAI HIND)))))))

  211. Sucker Punch

    Fair use policy is fair. For all the categories mentioned, I feel the “limited” download is sufficient. Airtel currently uses DSL technology and giving unlimited bandwidth will really over load the system. Wait untill it comes up with Fiber Optic then you will see this limit going away (or increased to a very high value :p ).

    Check bandwidths in places like Australia where they still use DSL, what they offer is even more expensive than what you get here.

  212. Archit Mahendru

    Fuking disgusting man Airtel u better remove that policy shit or else a majority of customers will change their ISP!! i used a 2mbps plan n u airtel fags sent me a mail that i hav used 100% of my limit which was 8345MB r u kidding me? CRAPTEL

  213. Aviral Gupta

    dis is seriously a vry fucki** poilcy….!! i also oppose against this…!! u call this fair usage? huh? dats totally stupid…..i guess i ll switch to MTNL fr bttr speed nd also where such a policy doesn’t exist…! go to hell sunil mittal…!

  214. Anur00p

    What i understand of FUP: if airtel is giving double speeds from the start of month cycle, that means they have the capable infrastructure to keep up their network at high speeds. Although one should not, but yes, the policies compel me to state that this is INTERNET ANARCHY in making.

  215. OperaManiac

    Good to see that more people are realizing what a mess AFUP is turning out to be. Complaints on Twitter are increasing on a daily basis these days.

  216. amanvijh

    Airtel has shown the typical Indian company mindset of acquiring customers first.. then tossing them about with multiple options termed ‘tailored’ and ‘customized’ plans that are quite obviously intended to maximize their ARPU (avg revenue per user).

    The fact that we customers our still willing to shell out big bucks for these so-called ‘unlimited’ plans emboldens these corporate shenanigans.

    To add to that, I have the IPtv connection and a 512 kbps internet pack, the buggers do not support HDtv on the IPtv line + say that the max speed of the IPtv line is 4mbps – so CAN’T get a 4mbps ‘NET speed at ALL! Frickin’ ridiculous!

  217. jakeichan1986

    Been with Barathi, way before Airtel took over..

    I want a unlimited plan, not a plan that you call unlimited.

    Whats the point in having a broadband anymore?

    i am sure you guys cant hear your customer’s out.

    So Thanks for Screwing US.

  218. jakeichan1986

    There is also, a unlimited policy available. when you speak about the outer world.

    Let me also highlight.

    They get MBps speeds, yes they get for what they pay.

    But you get Mbps, thats 1/8 th of what you imagined to get.

    FAP is not there for people who want unlimited internet.

  219. airtelfucker

    i hav had enuf with yer fucked up FUP, Mr.Mittal….U better stop it coz i know its yer latest plan to gain more profits…i know each and every fuckin plan of yers…you sculpted and applied the FUP on unlimited DSL plans so that u can trap businessheads with yer fucked up 3g plans and that they also get better speeds…but guess what..u fucked up with 3g too…

    tell you what…stop tryin to mess with us consumers coz at the end of the day we are royally gonna kick yer sorry ass…iam literally gonna sue you and iam gonna stop appreciating abt airtel broadband from now on….trust me coz i hav already started doing it..maybe you hav already started seeing a teeny weeny bit of change in the number of customers u had before and the number of customers that have gone down…..more to go away from airtel….but guess what….iam gonna stay here for quite a long time….its coz i changed from mtnl to airtel a year back convincing my dad that airtel was the best….but since its gonna be difficult for me to get it changed again to somethin else, iam literally gonna screw yer case for sure…be ready to get some beating from the consumer court….and yer FUP is no trai regulation….u made it up and told TRAI to say as if they made it up….they readily accepted it (those corrupt bastards) and now yer workin on the game of “i didnt do it..he did.”

    dont you think we know what yer doing here ??? i’ll see to it that yer politics and diplomacy is taken care off royally by giving you a hot-rod treatment in yer screwed up ass…

  220. kanagadeepan

    First 100GB FUP and then 25GB FUP…. WTF then??? 500MB FUP for a 16Mbps plan??? AirHELL ji, please go and fcuk yourself…

  221. goldenarcher

    If it’s needed to manage network congestion, then why doesn’t it gets more bandwidth? It is surely available and AirTel, more than any other ISP can afford it easily. This is a way to bind the tail and is nothing but sheer profiteering.

  222. jordanwarez

    5gb is very less, there are so many other internet service providers that offer 25gb or more per month

    i regret taking airtel broadband

    if you watch a lot of videos online and listen to internet radio this will be finished in 2 days and u are stuck with 256kbps for the rest of the month and u dont feel like using the internet anymore

  223. jordanwarez

    @OperaManiac sorry man i cant watch the youtube video link you posted in fear of using up my valuable 5gb bandwidth :(

  224. impimp

    It gets better and better – FUP limits are now reduced – from 100GB to 10GB in stages, and the speed post FUP is 256kbps, there is not a single plan with them that has higher speed post FUP. So I’m shifting to MTNL which gives 1Mbps unlimited for 1100 (including taxes) as compared to my Airtel F**** Plan which costs 1200, gives me 2Mbps for 10GB and promptly reduces bandwidth by 7/8ths or 87.5%. The supreme irony is that Sunil Mittal gives public Gyaan on Internet penetration and how it will help India develop. Sunil Mittal – I can tell you what to do with Airtel Broadband (not very polite)……

  225. impimp

    Moronic conversations follow once you apply for disconnection from Airtel, they have the gall to suggest that they are doing this as per TRAI guidelines. I told them tell me the link where this information could be found, long pause after this.

    The funny thing is that their page – FAQ on FUP has totally different limits :

    Another unique feature of Airtel – The phone number to the Nodal officer connects to their 121 IVRS system; his mail bounces.

    They seem to have a bunch of over smart guys coming up with these plans – somebody rightly commented that the “Impatience Plans” are just that – you tear your hair out in Impatience post FUP, hahahhaa


    I stay at Bangalore…

    Airtel used to consider only downloads for FUP. Now they started calculating both Download+Upload for FUP. This is annoying… I am having a 4MBps this plan since 18 Months and they changed their FUP calculation from download to download+upload since 3 months…I came to know this, because i started tracking my usage using the freeware – NetWorx.

    Though we have a download speed of 4MBps, the upload speed is still 512KBps. If we ask “why upload speed is so slow…?”, Airtel says that they don’t support upload speed. If upload speed is not supported, i don’t understand why they started calculating upload+download for FUP.

    Airtel used to provide PC secure antivirus for free along with this plan… I never used though. Since 2 month, Airtel started charging us with Rs. 85+Tax per month even though we were not using their PC secure antivirus… we have to call up the customer care every month after bill generated and ask them to fix this.

    Earlier, Airtel used to send their representative to fix any disconnect/fault wire issues. Since 3 months, the complaints are updated as ‘RESOLVED’, even though no one even attends the complaint or call us to understand the issue…

    I have also read many complaints/frauds on many websites and consumer forums. Going in this direction, im sure Airtel broadband will definitely see the downfall soon.

    Just waiting for a good competitor to serve us better….

  227. ShriiRam

    Airtel is turning out to be pretty bad they got arrogant after having got many customers.mainly their fair usage policy sucks 999 2mbps till 10gb then 256kbps….what a low…….

  228. SidBhattacharya

    A lie is always a lie. Airtel tried to sugar coat it in the name of FUP (referred by many as F*** Users Policy) but public is not that stupid that it wont understand their hidden agenda. When people pay for unlimited plan they want unlimited data usage not your version of unlimited rationing of data. In the modern world of globalisation treat consumers as partners not as slaves, try to be honest with your customers or else you will run yourself out of business.

  229. SidBhattacharya

    A lie is always a lie. Airtel tried to sugar coat it in the name of FUP (referred by many as F*** Users Policy) but public is not that stupid that it wont understand their hidden agenda. When people pay for unlimited plan they want unlimited data usage not your version of unlimited rationing of data. In the modern world of globalisation treat consumers as partners not as slaves, try to be honest with your customers or else you will run yourself out of business.

  230. Vats

    One more thing I wanted to mention, after the usage quota is over according to terms of “FUP”, a red web page with airtel usage details and option to buy smart bits appears in a regular interval of time due to which when you click on a new link or reload the page you will be redirected to this page until you don’t select an option. THIS IS REALLY ANNOYING AND HIGHLY UNAPPRECIATED. I am self employed working form home (freelancer) type of person but while browsing on net or doing jobs i am forced to redirect to a their web usage quota page, I understand user must be made aware of their usages but EMAIL IDS ARE ENOUGH FOR THIS AND SERIOUS PERSONS DO READ MAILS. By which law or under which act AIRTEL IS FORCING ME OR REDIRECTING ME TO THEIR USAGE QUOTA WEBPAGE.??

  231. Goutam

    The regulations FUP are bollocks and totally unfair to the users. In a country where internet users are soaring by the day, A FUP only dampens the growth and interest level in the youth. Developed countries dont have this bullshit policy and offer some of the best broadband speeds on the planet. Shame that TRAI doesnt realize or doesnt want to realize the growing need of broadband in this country. SHame on these so called big giants to not listen to what the consumers want. SHAME and utter shame…boycotting them WILL teach them a lesson.

  232. Bhavay Aggarwal

    Airtel people are looters and cheaters
    They show wrong statistics and earn money the wrong way
    Thats why India is soo behind in internet speed


    bharti airtel should be subjected to a penalty of rupee 202180000000 for distributing mobile number of other telecom company throughout India to suspend that mobile number as soon as possible.

  234. SDCPL

    Airtel is going to lose my business for sure. Airtel shall incur the wrath of their customers – do not think that there are no repurcussions…. I encourage all readers to convince 10 airtel customers to cross over. I will soon fond out who is customer friendly and switchover.

  235. Arvind Lodaya

    I support the principle of net neutrality, and object to Airtel and any other telecom corporations trying to extract more revenue under the guise of ‘value packaging’. I join the petitioners in demanding that it withdraws its proposed differential pricing policy, failing which I will cancel all my subscriptions with the company.

  236. vinay

    not only airtel all telecom operators plans have fup…den why they call this as unlimited high speed plans…but truth is they are giving unlimited low speed with little high speed…all the operators are looting people…an average 3g or broadband provides 10gb at high speed for rs 1000 but 10 gb will over in one day if u download a game of 10 gb after that they will providing 144 kbps which very pathetic…i think india is a developing country but by seeing these telecom operators looting people…india will never be a developed country…

  237. Sudharsan

    FUP “Fair Usage Policy” is a daylight robbery naming it unlimited internet. Only Reliance Mobile provides “Truly Unlimited Data Plans”


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