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MTNL Broadband Plans and Reviews in your City


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#1 chromaniac



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  • Broadband: BSNL
  • City:Gurgaon

Posted 09 November 2007 - 02:03 PM

This thread is for individual reviews by users on this forum... Please use a format similar to the one below.

Cost per Month:
Positive Points:
Negative Points:

General View:

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#2 anu



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  • Broadband: mtnl triband

Posted 09 November 2007 - 02:18 PM


Package:849 nu

Cost per Month:849 + 80 (modem rent ) +taxes

Positive Points:
The best isp in india so far.You get a minimum of 90% of subscribed speed.

Toll free technical support on phone.Even though one can not hope to get their technical queries solved by cse who will keep you on hold for a long time you require a toll free number for atleast registering your complaint.

Negative Points:
Worst customer care.

If u get in to some technical problem which acn be solved only from server exchange (prabhadevi) then waiting time for getting it repaird is atleast 1 week.

If u get your pan changed say from plaan 199 to plan 849 nu sometimes they dont change speed accordingly.

General View:
Overall my experience has been quite good.

pl add a poll
"on a scale of 0 to 100 how will u rate your isp"
pathetic 0-40
ok 60-70
excellent 90-100

@ok shusubh take your own time buddy.Managing work and ibf forum is becoming too taxing naa.

@all posters
pl dont create multiple post in this thread.Make an every effort to Keep this thread clean so that it can be used as a firsthand reference.

#3 chromaniac



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  • 140,391 posts
  • Broadband: BSNL
  • City:Gurgaon

Posted 09 November 2007 - 02:23 PM

polls. :( too much work. would work on that. :D
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#4 krish_88



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  • Broadband: MTNL DSL 550 UL Combo
  • City:Mumbai

Posted 09 November 2007 - 02:44 PM

City: Mumbai

Package:- DSL 399

Speed: 256kbps- 2Mbps

Cost Per Month:- 399 + 80(Dsl Modem Charges) + Taxes

Positive Points:- The Speed provided by them almost remains constant. The other positive point is that though the line is dead. At times you get to access the Internet.
We receive Great Torrent Speeds.

Negative Points:- Pathetic Customer care.
Once I told them to adjust my Downstream Data rate. They took it almost 1 week to make the changes. The speed depends upon your exchange and the more clearer line you have.

They have no idea about what may be the problem you are facing when you call them. They keep you on a long hold. A customer care person will give a number of an executive who is in charge of a Broadband in your area. He in turn will transfer you to another executive and thus the process keeps on going. Thus You will be ending up paying Large Telephone Bills.

General View:-
I would give it 8/10 for better performance.
If you are waiting to choose an internet for yourself. Then this may be the best buy for you

#5 cyberwiz


    Senior Member

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  • Broadband: Airtel 2599 8 Mbps
  • City:Delhi

Posted 09 November 2007 - 03:12 PM

City: Delhi

Package:-TriB 599 ; 2048 Kbps down ; 512 Kbps up

Cost Per Month:- Rs. 599 + service tax etc (own modem so no modem charges) + min rs 99 landline rental

Positive Points:-
  • More reliable than any other ISP used, does have downtime ranging from 2-8 hours per month
  • Speeds promised are delivered but there can be slow downs during peak periods particularly during afternoons.

Negative Points:-
  • Poor customer care
  • Unstable after 2 mbps upgrade for lot of subscribers coz ADSL 2+ still not being utilised though connections are advertised as ADSL2+, sync rate may have to be reduced to provide stability which means losing out on 2 mbps speeds.
  • Some times billing problems can occur which require quite a lot of effort to get resolved
  • Technical problems are not diagnosed properly..on certain occasions lineman sent to investigate broadband complaint who has very limited ability to address the issue
  • Even an ordinary complaint sometimes is not attended..MTNL works typically like any other govt. Dept..if u have some push and pull then expect matter to be sorted out in a jiffy
  • International connectivity can be a problem as MTNL doesnt have its own intl network. Bandwidth is bought usually from reliance or VSNL which do not always accord priority to traffic from MTNL which sometimes results in high pings, packet loss, poor routing,port blocking...gamers beware !
General View:-
"Andhon main kaana raaja"..its not that MTNL is a world class ISP ..its just that considering the other crap out there its relatively better

#6 genexed



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  • Broadband: MTNL 512 combo unlm + TATA 1 Mbps UNLM

Posted 09 November 2007 - 05:45 PM

City: New Delhi

Package: 256 Unlm (949 Plan)

Cost per Month: 949+50 (Router Rent) + 12.2% Tax

Positive Points: Very Low downtime, They dont give you an impression that they r cheating you. Reasonably good (around 80-90%) speeds

Negative Points: Irresponsible & Technically not sound Customer Care Executives + Hard to get through helpline in peak times.

General View: Satisfied enough to recommend it to others. If you can resolve the issues at your end like router/pc then its good or else individual problems take lot of time to be solved.

#7 sanke1


    Advanced Member

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  • City::

Posted 09 November 2007 - 08:40 PM

City: Mumbai
Package: 399
Cost per Month: Rs. 399 + 80 (Router rent) + 12.2% (Tax)

Positive Points:
  • Most reliable ISP in entire India in terms of uptime.
  • Consistent and 87% of promised speeds (13 % lost due to DSL, which MTNL cant help)
  • No feeling of getting cheated

Negative Points:
  • Still no totally Unlimited plans for Mumbai
  • The CC aunties are totally unattractive
  • MTNL Mumbai has a tendancy to fall short of routers and ports so Getting new connection can be a hassle and time consuming. (The problem with ports has been taken care of as of now)

General View:
Definately better than Exatt/Sift/Hathway/(Put the name of your service provider here)

#8 coolbuddy_79


    The Coolest One!!!

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  • Broadband: TriB 749NU @ 2 mbps

Posted 10 November 2007 - 07:57 AM

City: New Delhi

Package: TriB 749NU, 2048 kbps down, 256 kbps up

Cost per Month: 749 + 50 (router rent) + 12.2% tax (of the complete bill amount, including phone)

Positive Points:

1. The most stable ISP I've experienced till now, in terms of uptime. Only a couple of hours of downtime in a span of 2-1/2 years.
2. Best speeds. In upto 2 mbps plans, I've touched speeds till 250 kBps.
3. Constant speeds throughout the day.
4. Plans to suit everyone's needs.

Negative Points:

1. Not upto the mark CC.
2. Complaints take lot of time to resolve.
3. When you change plan from one to another, it takes up to a week or more time to reflect the changes in the account as well as to get required speeds.
4. Due to being a govt. organisation, no professionalism, at least in the lower cadre.

General View: Very happy with my connection. Didn't have to deal with the negative points (CC and all) because of the stability of the connection and me getting what's been promised.

#9 sneezymelon



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  • Broadband: MTNL

Posted 10 November 2007 - 01:04 PM

City: New Delhi

Package: TriB 590NU, 256kBps down, 256 kBps up.

Cost per Month: Rs.590 + Rs.50 + Tax(@12.24%) = Rs. 718 (approx)

Positive Points:

1. Perfect Plan for heavy downloaders with limited budget.
2. Pretty stable compared to other ISP's.
3. No billing and registration hassles.

Negative Points-

1. BAD Customer Care.
2. Speeds become unstable through the night.

Overall: Pretty stable when compared to other ISP's, but can increase it's no. of customers by introducing new attractive packages. CC also needs to be improved.

#10 sankey



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  • Broadband: MTNL Triband 849NU

Posted 12 November 2007 - 10:42 AM

City: Mumbai
Package: 849NU Down 2048kbps Up 256kbps

Cost per Month: 849 + extra few (10-15)mb charges:P + Taxes
(Self owned Modem)
Positive Points:

1. Best plan in India by far, for heavy downloaders.
2. Excellent uptime : im 24 X 7 online. downtime very rare.
3. I use the same line for telephone and i experience no line troubles.
4. Excellent speeds on torrent in bridge mode.

Negative Points-

1. Indifferent and lazy Customer Care.
2. Cannot surf sites properly in bridgemode. I use bridgemode during NU period only for torrents.
3. Lack of 2Mbps unlimited plan. Im sure theres enough bandwidth available with MTNL.


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