Akamai report – India is 115th in the world in Broandband speeds. Seems like our ISPs need to be more “impatient” in upgrading their services.

According to the latest “State of the Internet Report” published by Akamai, India stands at the 115th position globally amongst 223 Countries. In other words, over 51% of the world has better internet speeds than India!

While it’s no surprise that countries like Sweden, Japan, Korea are waaaaaaaay advanced than us when it comes to both broadband speeds and broadband penetration, here’s a list of countries you may be surprised are technologically superior to us in this aspect.


Are you affected by airtel Fair Usage Policy?

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Have you been affected by Airtel DNS Hijacking?: Yes/No/No Idea

We have plans to use this data for an (hopefully!) effective media campaign. So, please contribute. Feel free to post anonymously.

Would need a sample size of at least 100-200 comments. 500 would be great. Help spread the word around!

airtel broadband now accused of fraud related to calculation of data consumption

We have long criticized airtel for their fair usage policy which is increasingly affected more of their customers leading to more protests.

We now have a case of a customer who discovered that the company does not even calculate your internet usage properly.

Check out the story of this man who is probably the last man airtel wants to hear about right now!

Airtel Broadband Switcher? Still deciding? Give your input!

Alright. I should have done this long time back. But here is a form that you can fill out if you are/were a customer of airtel Broadband.

The basic idea is to get some more feedback from the users. Users who have discarded airtel Broadband for some reason or the other. And feedback from users who are still contemplating it…

A spreadsheet format is easier to present than a messed up comment section. So, here you go…

You can skip any field that you do not want to fill in!

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We have been protesting for a long time against the airtel Fair Usage Policy.

Now that the company has launched their 3G services, there has been a need to criticize their crappy 3G plans which also feature a fair usage policy of its own.

The best plan on offer is worth Rs. 2000 that gives you 3G speeds for around 14.5GB after that your connection is dropped down to 2.5 KBps. Yes. 20kbps. This is even worse than that of their broadband plans where the lowest speed on offer is 256kbps.

Check here for more details on their crappy 3G plans.

Anyways. Another airtel customer has started a campaign aptly named SAY NO TO AIRTEL. They are specifically targeting 3G and we support them in that. FUP remains a common problem. Whether in broadband or in 3G.

Airtel Broadband FUPed Users: Would you be interested in a data based plan with high speed connectivity?

I am working on a document that I would try to deliver to senior representatives in airtel.

The basic idea is to present an alternative to fair usage policy that suits us and might interest them as well.

It has become pretty clear that the smallish broadband user base is not a major concern for them and they are not affected by this small group of so called power users who have been protesting against the Fair Usage Policy.

The basic idea is adopted from Hayai Broadband. Pay per GB plans. Not Pay per MB but Pay per GB and at reasonable prices.

From what I have read and heard, airtel should not be making loss if they sell bandwidth at a rate higher than 10 bucks per GB. So here are some of the speculative proposed plans that I would like to send them:

100GB for 1500 bucks
200GB for 2800 bucks
300GB for 3600 bucks
500GB for 5000 bucks

The basic idea is that we would like airtel to offer us alternative plans similar to these that are not based on speed but on data transfer.

These plans would feature no specific speed limits. We would however like to have a minimum expected quality of service (supposedly 1-2mbps minimum at any given time). It would also be very nice if these plans can be sold with an expandable validity… for example… the 500GB pack would add 3 months to your validity. A 100GB plan would add one month. And so on. We would be able to buy a new package whenever we need it. Think of it as prepaid broadband.

The question is… how many of you think that it is a logical alternative to what we have today. Packages based on speeds and restricted on data transfer. That seems to be working out for no one around here.

Airtel Broadband: We would never learn…

Two questions:
1. Where do we download movies from?
2. And for how long looking at the fair usage policies you have on your broadband packages?